You can fry it, steamed it in a banana leaf or make a curry Tamarind, black pepper and coconut milk are common ingredients used For a true blue foodie, Kerala is a land of crisp banana chips , rich coconut payasam and fragrant fish curries. March 14, 2016 March 14, 2016 indhukrishnakumar. ... Full pomfret fish cooked with Kerala spices & wrapped in banana leaf FISH COOKED IN BANANA LEAF. Kerala fish curry, Karimeen Pollichathu wrapped baked in banana leaf, Indian fish fry. Stir till the color changes brownish. This is another version which is more easier than the previous... Moru Curry  and  Mambazha Puliserry  follows almost the same recipe. Now paste more than half of the masala over the fish(Keep the rest of masala aside). Don't cook completely). and the traditional rice as ?choru?. Previous. Play Video. The leaf would have become soft. Fry the marinated fish on both sides with coconut oil until half cooked or for 4 mins (per side) Do not over cook the fish. To make this Kerala Meen Pollichathu / Fried Fish in Banana Leaf Wrap, place the fish in a wilted Banana leaf, bedded on masala, and then wrap the entire thing in a banana leaf and tie it with banana leaf string. Keep it in a tissue paper. Fold the aluminium foil/banana leaf to wrap up the fish completely. When oil starts oozing out, turn to other side & fry … Pour coconut milk and mix well till it is reduced and thickened. Your Meen pollichathu is now ready. Welcome to Village Food Channel. Now take fried fish pieces, masala, banana leaf. Wash the fish thoroughly and then make shallow slits on both sides of the fish. Kerala cuisine is one of my favourites as a South Indian. King Fish Grill/Pollichathu is an awesome dish very popular in top restaurants and hotels. Turn off the flame and serve the kerala style pear lspot fish fry with meals Enjoy the taste.. Again spread more masala over the top. Take a non stick pan; add little coconut oil, when its hot, add chopped shallots/pearl onion and saute until its translucent. Meen pollichathu is a popular kerala dish. This is another variation with lady's finger. Preparing meal 'plates' from banana leaves. This is a yummy fish recipe which is filled with a lovely banana leaf aroma.This is SO SO good. Later wrapped in banana leaf and fried. Serves: 4. Take one banana leaf, place some masala and place one fried fish on top of that and put some more masala. The fish is rich in fatty acids that lower blood pressure and prevent heart strokes.3. And also your subscription help the POOR ON OLD AGE HOME, DISABLED TRUST and ORPHANAGES, Because a one part of this channel's … Add more masala on the fish. The traditional authentic Kerala meal, Sadhya is served with rice and 12-20 dishes in a fresh plantain leaf. The distinct smells of the fish and masala will have your mouth watering , Ingredients:Fish Steaks – 2 (Use any fish)For Marination:Ginger, garlic paste - 1 tspChilli Powder - 1/2 tspKashmiri chilli powder - 1/2 tspGaram Masala Powder - 1/2 tspCumin powder - 1/2 tspCoriander powder - 1/2 tspPepper powder - 1/2 tspTurmeric Powder - 1/2 tspKasurimethi - 1/2 tspSalt to tasteLemon Juice - 2 tspCoconut Oil - 1 tblspnFor Masala:Coconut oil - 2 tblspnOnion - 1 large chopped finelyGreen Chilli - 1Curry leaves - 1 sprigTomatoes - 1small chopped finelyGinger,garlic paste - 1/2 tspChilli Powder - 1/2 tspKashmiri chilli powder - 1/2 tspGaram Masala Powder - 1/2 tspCumin powder - 1/2 tspCoriander powder - 1/2 tspPepper powder - 1/2 tspTurmeric Powder - 1/2 tspSalt to tasteThick Coconut Milk - 1/2 cup. I already added  Puzha Meen Curry/Fresh Water Fish Curry   which was my mom's recipe. 7. The banana leaf flavor makes the dish very exotic :P The fish was cleaned and marinated for 4 hrs in fridge. Cuisine: Kerala, Indian. Welcome to Village Food Channel. Preparation Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time:50 minutes. Place 1 tbsp masala in the center of the leaf. (5) Now take a banana leaf. The leaf would have become soft. Now heat a tawa on medium heat. Let it steam cook. Kerala Fish Ingredients: In a nutshell, you need the fish and ingredients to make the flavorful Kerala Paste- where the important ingredients are curry leaves and tamarind paste.. 1 – 1 1/2 pounds white fish (black cod, sea bass, halibut, mahi-mahi, escolar, ono, wild cod, haddock, etc.) This has an absolute flavor, the masalas are deeply intense, the taste of this fish is undoubtedly the BEST ONE! Traditional Kerala food laid out on a banana leaf during the Onam festival in Kerala India. Sprinkle water over it. A destination for tried and tested recipe videos from kerala and around the world. You can find many variations of this dish with different measurements of the spices used, and here is my take with Silver Pomfret (Avoli). Stay tuned and receive updates. $11.99 . That looks really tasty. Kerala Meen Pollichathu / Fried Fish in […] Bachelor Cooking; Beginner's Cooking; Breakfast Recipes; Fish recipes; Kerala Dishes; Kulambu recipes; Rasam Recipes; Sweets/Beverages ; Tips and Tricks. The food you have to eat here is ‘Meen Porichathu,’ this is the Kerala-style Fish Curry. (6) Heat a pan and keep the wrapped fishes over it(i made a knot with an aluminium foil over the wrap). Spread some onion masala over it and keep the half cooked fish over it. Tie it with strings to ensure that it remains closed. this process is a must so that the leaf does not break when we fold and pack the fish. Let it cool. To avoid this problem, it needs to be wilted on fire. Switch off the flame. Great recipe for Meen Pollichathu- Kerala style fried fish steamed in banana leaf. Ingredients: Long green chillies-4 Besan (kadalamavu)-1cup Red chilly powder-2 tspoon Turmeric powder-1 tspoon Asafoe... Another recipe from my mom. Keep it for marination about half an hour. Some of the other fish recipes that you would be interested in: Fish curry Kerala style , Fish fry recipe , Fish … Place the parcel over the tawa and cook for 12 mins on each side. The entire lunch meal is wonderful, but when it comes to eating Kerala-style Fish Fry, they may have one of the single most tasty versions I’ve ever had in my life. Search for: Categories. Banana Leaf Fish Fry is a traditional dish with an unique flavor and aroma. Take a big piece of wilted banana leaf and add in two tablespoon of the prepared masala in the center. Let it marinate for 10 mins. Learn how to make Fish Fry In Banana Leaf with chef Sneha only on Get Curried. 13. Prep time: 15 mins. Fold the banana leaf … Just place the wrapped up fish in a hot cast iron skillet and place another heavy pan on top of it.