Is there a better combi for that? Hi Sobhan, Some source connect blue Labradorite with individuals in February and March. In case of eye contact: Wash out eye with plenty of water, holding eye open if necessary. Take protective gloves off before lighting the splint. I also want to feel less anxiety and overthinking. Just to go further, I’m including some tips with the crystals you mentioned based on your intentions and messages: Rose Quartz heart. Rose Quartz will set your soul at ease with providing self-love, softness and forgiveness. I am now feeling like a great father and a supportive partner for the first time EVER! Amethyst egg. So it’s always going to important to go with crystals based on your intention and intuition. Labradorite is a Feldspar mineral- found originally on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada in the year 1770. Qty. If you’re drawn to Turquoise then work with it. Free shipping . Tq. Can i wear the citrine bracelet with chakra bracelet when I need more happiness. Malachite: "stone of transformation" - stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning, allowing for change. One of the most exciting and ambitious home-chemistry educational projects. Clear quartz Hello Siobhan, can I wear green aventurin and rose quartz together on my body? I accidentally used too much hexamethylenetetramine. It isn’t traditionally used to calm an overactive Throat Chakra but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for that. If those are the stones you are drawn to for your intentions, then you can use them for those intentions. It's sheathed in a dark oxidized metal using a stained glass method called tiffany technique. Finally I have decided my favorite stones and want to wear them with intention and also want to wear a bracelet for 7 chakra. Hey Anamika!!! Just make sure they have an intention if you are using it for your healing journey. Amethyst inspires divine wisdom; Labradorite harnesses Intuition and awareness; and Lapis Lazuli encourages Inner truth and self-discovery Simply designed for a minimalist look, the necklace is made of sterling silver on a simple link chain. I have just started wearing Howlite as base 7 chakra bracelet. In case of inhalation: Remove person to fresh air. All these Q&A, I have received a box of crystals of colors that I have separated. If not, clear it and put it away for some time. I feel as if I’m just exsisting and constantly worry about the other family members. I wanted to get quartz crystal, citrine, and amethyst because of the intentions I have I am not sure if these are the correct stones though (I want to be more in tune with my spiritual feelings and intuition/psychic feelings and strengthen that, as well as have protection against negativity and bad nightmares. It is suppose to be a 7 chakra balancing bracelet. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You will feel off and that something isn’t right but you haven’t changed much. HI Yza, Should I start over? I am a beginner and I don’t know where to start. Dispose of solid waste along with household garbage. Amethyst is known as the queen of the crystals and will set your mind awakened with enhanced spiritual intuition. Is this good combination? Right so you’re interested in purchasing crystals – tell me what crystal is it that has intrigued you and made you want to look into purchasing crystals? Crystals can support you on your journey so they can help you tap into your power and facilitate meditative states to contact spirit guides. Pick 2 or 3 and work with those. i have an Amethyst, rose quartz, Labradorite and white quartz together. On my left pocket i also have a rutilated clear quartz, brown agate, blue apatite, smokey citrine, amethyst and a lava stone. Hi I have just finished collecting my crystals. If I use different stone bracelets for different purposes, because I can’t wear them all together always, how long and when should I wear them? You’re welcome after opening the package. If not, which should go with which and what hand? Try using a smaller stone. Is there something about your combination that you’re concerned about? Amethyst and Rose Quartz to have deeper love with yourself and others Although Rose Quartz is commonly used for love intentions, combining this stone with Amethyst allows you go even deeper. If you find that the crystals aren’t working for you, change hands. Unfortunately I’ve never heard of it so I’m unable to give any insight. Carnelian, All crystals can work well together, but as the article states, you need to use them with intention. Rose quartz for heart chakra Working with labradorite and amethyst together can bring a powerful blast of insight to your process. 3. Thanking you in advance for your time to reply. I’m a lady with low energy levels n easily distractable. 3. Something for her spirit – to uplift it – would be lovely, like Spirit Quartz, combined with something like Lepidolite to soothe her anxieties would be great. $5.49. More doesn’t always equal more powerful or more efficient. Hi Alistair, Hi there!! Turquoise Please reach out <3. Howlite is a great one for calm but if you need more suggestions look at Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony and even Blue Lace Agate. Is it the circles you hang around in that drain you? Rhodonite Oval. If you sleep with amethyst at night and carry labradorite during the day, pay attention to your dreams. I have been drawn to black obsidian and black tourmaline. I’ll read every one of the links ahahaha thank you so much <3, You are most, most welcome Bia! So you see, if your intention is it to work with (Nature) Spirits and to be shielded from the bad ones (…..), then this combination may very well be a great one in the future. What do you want to achieve with the Serpentine? Also wear the bracelet with ultimate intention of balancing all the chakras. Is Peridot and blue kyanite a good combination? 1 Selenite 3. For anxiety and fear: you can work with something grounding like Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline to keep you grounded. And if your interest doesn’t go into that direction at the moment, then their mentioned abilities, in that regarding, may become interesting to you in a few years. What do you want to achieve with them? Labradorite is a gemstone you want to turn to when you're feeling stuck in your life. All crystals can work well together. Help! Can I wear Amethyst and clear quartz pendants in a chain together? The set includes the six 10-20mm stones and a pouch, and comes as a set with information to explain each stone. Dispose of immediately. Blue Lace Agate does have a slower vibe to it so if you’re a super active person, it can be helpful for slowing down BUT this won’t be helpful if you need the energy so it’s always good to use your crystals with intentions so as to not experience something you don’t really want (less energy). My first suggestion is to get someone to help you with the clearing out. Blessed Be. I have Shanghai. Aug 4, 2019 - A set of crystals (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Charoite, Labradorite, Smoky Quartz and Obsidian), carefully to complement each other as touchstones for sleep disorders. Petalite and Prasiolite. I usually meditate and even sleep with both and haven’t really felt any negative effects from it or maybe I haven’t noticed but I still want to make sure I’m practicing correctly. I loved marrying these stones, and together they create a really unusual piece with an ancient talisman feel. . This gemstone pendant measures about 2.25 inches tall To complement crystal combinations, if you want to learn more about intentions and how to tailor that with crystals you want to combine, read this post: Crystal Combinations 2.0 and Our Intentions. So where are you located? Cooler colors like light blue, indigo and violet will be more calming, soothing and/or spacey. Amethyst can help you not take on energy from others, but then also to face what's coming up within you to not try to bury it, but to face it so you can transmute it into grounded and authentic spiritual power and light. BLUE CALCITE & STAR BURST JASPER Crystal Mandalas uploaded to the shop! Refer to this article here, Hi – will grounding/heavy stones slow or stop the vibration of other stones? Purple stones for the solar plexus like amethyst. Red stones for the heart chakra. As per post: Before you ask anyone if a combination is right for you, ponder upon this: what are you trying to achieve with your rocks. This is going to help you because the more you love and respect yourself, the more you will radiate that energy to others. Yes you can mix Amethyst and Clear Quartz BUT look at what you want to achieve with them. Hello, I recently have had this crazy transition which stems from a very long story but let me just let you know the sort of person I am, I’m a 27 years old.. and I’ve been a bit of a typical lad all my life, trouble with law and drink and drugs and stuff, lots of ups and downs along the way same as anybody else, hit a year or two where I suffered from some very severe mental issues that lead to suicide attempts and self harming, I later went back packing I guess you could call it, I came back home to my children and wife and I was such a positive person I did how ever make a switch from the alcohol to cannabis but I am not ashamed as I am such a happy person and a logical and realistic thinker now, everyday I’m surprising myself and I feel proud of myself even tho I have stripped myself back to basics. I don’t wear crystals but i have a small pouch that i carry everywhere and it has a lot. Often the circles we mingle in, the things we watch, social media we are exposed to; they all can make you tried. The less you do it, the more people walk over you and thus expect you to look after things. I have been wearing 2 wraped pendants lately one with emerald and zirxonia, the other with moonstone garnit and a quartz crystal. Right hand? While you want to do A LOT with your crystals, I’d recommend to start with ONE area and then move into the other area, especially since all your crystals are in ONE room. Never ever forget that you are not a doormat and that you don’t need to accept that kind of behaviour from others! Perfect for day or night wear, pair this beauty... See More. It’s not a bad combination but as the article outlines – what is your intention for each of those crystals? Prices start at about $35.00 to $85.00, (that depends how many are purchased). carnelian to boost creative energy and blue lace agate to promote better communication. It raises the vibration of everything around it and will cleanse you of bad, dirty energy, like EMF. I have 3 bracelets on my left wrist (blue tigers eye with citrine, rutilated quartz with sunstone, and black onyx with brown tigers eye and a gold piece) at my right wrist there is a dark red garnet. Wanted to know what quartz would be best My intentions are for good support from Superiors, Peers & Subordinates for my career. Thank you for your help! There are too many to list and show. Light blue stones (blue lace agate, blue calcite, blue kyanite) for the throat chakra. Hi, If things do continue and you begin to feel uncomfortable using that stone, take a look at whether you are really attracted to it. She's set with an enormous labradorite, alive with purple fire. 1 Black Tourmaline. I also feel that pink stones like rose quartz will calm the energy. Beads: All beads are made out of real crystals except the silver,gold, and opalite. Lastly, you don’t need to use, carry or wear a numerous amount of crystals for it to be a good, powerful combination. When i take it off it gradually subsided, i wear smokey quartz and citrine as well.. do u think it just doesnt fit me (black tourmaline).. thank you for your response.. Hi Alex, Is it ok to wear the 2 bracelets together? Hello.. Can i wear rose quartz, citrine, green aventurine together in left hand and lapis in right hand? History Comments (1) Share. God bless you and give you all the strength for all your future endeavors. Sold per 11 lb /5 kg bag . They won’t negatively impact anyone because crystals work for the highest good of all. God bless you so much 4. The main stone is a recycled raw amethist piece; with the side beads in deep blue lapis lazuli and a rotating labradorite. Can i wear them all together? Thank you for your help! Can these 12 be paired with each other? Free shipping . I have 2 bracelets I wear all the time: citrine and golden rutilated quartz. This sterling silver necklace is formed by joining delicate links together to create this radiant accessory. Hi! Hope you can assist me. 7. Smokey quartz and black tourmaline : For root chakra AND calming, relaxing, grounding, absorb negative energy, positivity, stress and anger control effects. LOL! Together they activate the crown chakra, your intuition and psychic gifts. In terms of what crystals won’t go together for you, I cannot say as you’ll have to discover that for yourself on your journey. This experimental set is for use only by children over 12 years. As with all my pieces the stones have been charged with the sun & … Also like their beauty. Hi Alexis, …I think I spelled the first one rite but anyways,I just purchased that one today,an wearing all three do three,is it ok to? I used to keep her on a Rose Quartz plate beside a Selentine tower and a flower agate on my bedside table as I felt they all gelled well and looked amazing together. Yellow for the crown chakra like citrine.”. I’d love to see! Hi there Dinu, Agate is more calming, but neither of them are associated with focus. Yes if that’s what you’re most attracted to for protection but also no because there are other crystals which are powerful in their own right. That is up to you. I will follow it. I share more about that in my companion blogpost here, I hope this helps and if you have any questions, let me know! Jul 28, 2018 - This long gemstone necklace features mint green amethyst gemstone nuggets and blue flash labradorite rondelles, which are linked together with vermeil wire. Brianna, that sounds like a fantastic combination of crystals. Thank you and blessed be. 4. Hello. $2.99 0 bids. All while Labradorite ties these crystals together as the master protection and shaman stone. Hi Rachel, Your intentions for the stones: what do you want to achieve with your crystals? Take the chemical and its container with you. Remember that if you are combining all these stones for abundance, how is each one going to support abundance? help! Like if I have labradorite on a bracelet with black tourmaline or onyx, will the black stones weigh down and decrease the labradorites vibes? Generally if you charge a crystal with another crystal it should be larger than the crystal you’re charging, but experiment with what you have and see if that works for you. When not in use, you can keep them in a room. I just took them out of storage and will have their proper names upon request. End of story! I know you are going to love it as much as I do. (Radiation). I have 3 of each stones in chakra bracelet. Amazonite Oval. Green Jasper, garnet, rhodochrosite, and hematite. Then clean it up. You’ve got this . I usually hold in my hands before getting ready for the day. I can’t tell you if you’ve made the right choice selecting the bracelets because each of us is different. Good day! Never thought I’d say that. That is my question. I also know a lot of them are good for it. Citrine Discounts available for volume purchasing of Spectrolite. You can wear additional stones or jewelry based on what you feel you need at the time. protecting you from harmful entities. The colors are just magical, & continuously change depending on the Here’s some suggestions for family crystals, You already have the right idea with what you said here “I feel like the energetic and creative combo should be in the studies desk, and the rest should be distributed between the bed side and the TV desk.” and it seems like you just need someone to say that what you think is correct so here I am saying YES YES YES GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they working toward one main goal of your pouch and does each one add its own flavour to that goal? I feel crystals usually work well together but be cautious of crystals that might have an opposing effect like Carnelian for energy, versus Blue Lace Agate or other calming stones. protecting you from harmful entities. Instead of using one large piece, is this effective as well? Lapis Lazuli for Third eye Also remember, perhaps you don’t feel a difference but you can see, hear, taste, feel, sense. What is the best side of the body to wear this? Fortnightly "What Do You Need To Hear" Guidance Readings . Pearl . Any crystal or combination that makes you feel strange, off or uneasy is a combination or crystal not suited for you right now at that current point of time. If you want to feel more productive and creative, place a crystal in a space where you are productive (your studies desk). (insight meditation has nothing to do with crystals). Essential crystals will be any crystals you are drawn to RIGHT NOW so maybe take out all the crystals in the pouch, give them a good clearing and then take a look at them with fresh eyes. Crystals work great together but less is more when it comes to crystals and they work well together when they each have an intention (aka job to do) that either works independently (their own intention) or for the main intention adding to it. For health, great ones to work with are Serpentine to boost the immune system and Bloodstone which is just in general really healing for the body on a physical level. If swallowed: Wash out mouth with water, drink some fresh water. In pain in my back constantly from bulging discs. Clasp: Gold plated toggle clasp Charm: Gold elephant and gem dangles Total length: Adjustable 6-3/4" to 7-1/4" wrist. If you are wearing too many for your energetic body, you will know. Another good negativity tip is to clear your energy daily and protect it when you head out to do your daily work/chores/tasks. 3x Entries into the Personal Reading Comp! Hello! Look at photos of them and then take a few days to mull it over and see which stick in your brain. Here’s some suggestions based upon Feng Shui –, I hope this all helps and remember I’m here cheering you on saying “YES YES YES GO FOR IT!” , THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I do not want to connect with spirits. I have a rose quartz and rhodonite under my pillow. I want to make a bracelet for abundance wealth and luck. Some days if I want to focus on a particular chakra, I only wear those bracelets. I have a question about my Sunstone. Add to Wishlist + Crystal Meanings . Then visualise lower vibrations as smoke or arrows hitting your bubble and bouncing off. I also wear labradorite on a pendant for a few years now but recently am being drawn to lizardite, can i combine this with labradorite. My intention would be the following. guidance is appreciated. I ordered a chakra bracelet with 7 stones I am very interested in healing with crystals in combinations. While Rose Quartz connects to your heart and opens you up to heart-based love, Amethyst aligns with your mind to facilitate spiritual love. Question is there anything I should know about if I were to combine jade and shungite? Many people find that clear quartz boosts their energy and makes them happy even if they are feeling low. The … So I am based in South Africa and here’s a blog post about stores I support $19.99. I am not planning to actively start new carrier or business but I want security of my current job and current wealth and some wealth luck because I need financial security to continue meditation with peace of mind. And the other intentions for other bracelets. They don’t give you magical abilities, extra terrestrial power or contact and command over divine and demon spirits overall. They are motivating colors. This variety of Amethyst is only found in Namibia, Africa. I’m wanting to put together a pouch of crystals for a friend who has found out she has brain cancer that is beginning to travel through out her body. Qty. Hi Barry!!! Also don’t think you need to go through anything alone, reach out to someone you trust when you feel like things are too much and you’re carrying too much. For a tailored Crystal Reading from me, shop here, I am wearing the following bracelets : And also want to know the powerful gemstone for Divine enlightenment. Crystal Combinations. Will the Quartz amplify the Amethyst in a positive way? Brandberg Amethyst is a special mixture of Amethyst, Clear and Smoky Quartz together in a single crystal. Check in with yourself regularly to determine if you’re carrying too many crystals and if there is a crystal that is not working with you right now. Labradorite has 4 blue eyes,with light brown and long dreadlocks with blue tons, she wears an blue apron-like outift, and she has a beige belt around her waist. ... Chakras And Labradorite. Blue quartz – great for the mind and mental game. Using this stone when you are down or your energy has drained will help you to revive and restore it back. Green aventurine and rose quartz : for heart chakra and also for unconditional love and a good relationships (rose quartz) and love, luck, abundance, success (green aventurine) Please read this article for more about using different crystals for different or the same intention. If you don’t know what you want to achieve with your stones, there’s really no point to use them for healing. 4.Rose quartz It can get a little tricky, but there is a general guideline that you can follow when it comes to the colors: General Guidelines to Energize or Balance the Chakras: Colors can also complement your chakras. I guess I have to learn the name of the crystals because I do have all the positive crystals I don’t have any Light blues at all I want to have my crystals to represent different intention and I’m just a beginner starting today but thank you for this group. 7. Chevron Amethyst Gemstone Point . With regards to light blue stones such as Blue Lace Agate, I would experience a decrease in energy levels. and fear. Labradorite Crystal... Want To Awaken Your Magical Powers? Citrine & Pyrite for Solar plexus chakra Being more familiar with energising or calming energy, could help you form your intention and work on combinations for your chakras if desired. My new house has a very grim feeling to it out of nowhere and I know family members practice magick with ill intentions. The same can be said for malachite and many other stones! And.. This lovely wire wrapped double stone crystal pendant consists of high quality natural labradorite and amethyst cabochons. UNDERWORLD GODDESS is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. Labradorite is associated with the third eye chakra, which is connected to the intellect, insight, and intuition. We've sent you a confirmation email. Same time want fully alert mind and energy to meditation. I purchased a Amethyst bracelet, Green Jade bracelet and a Citrine pendant. Hi Katherine. AC. Celestite does have a calming vibration to it, but it can also be quite high vibrational when you use it for meditation. Hi Sonja! Is it good to use the sunlight to cleanse these two types of bead bracelets? Or is it different when it’s make into a chakra bracelet vs having a separate Carnelian and a separate Blue Lace Agate bracelet? I believe that with the right intention all crystals can work together. I have intentions set for each of the bracelets. In case of skin contact and burns: Wash affected area with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes. Next week, I’ll be talking about assessing your chakras to know whether it is balanced, has deficient energy or excess energy. I do not have any disease conditions body or mind. 2. Oftentimes we want newness in our lives but we hoard onto the old so the Universe is sitting there trying to come through the door, but it can’t as it’s shut.