Indiana Jones may be the most famous fictional archaeologist, but actual professionals in the field have a much less stressful job. It's free! Last on the list of most stressful jobs are the Dental Lab Techs. If you are interested, you can join professional organizations like the Institution of Engineering and Technology, which focuses on education and public policy. Additionally, high-pressure deadlines are rare, and you can often plan your work without a lot of interruptions or changes. Ranked as the least stressful job of 2012 by leading employment market authority CareerCast, it boasts a modest annual remuneration of $32,350 … The workflow is relatively predictable, and you … Ranked at 67, computer hardware engineers experience minimal stress due to the nature of their job duties. Find the right school and build a personalized Education Plan with help from an independent advisor. Many instructors also have flexible hours. A lot of post-secondary instructors only work part-time, and overtime is uncommon. The survey, which started in 2012, just released its 2015 report, and found that of 78% of the IT workers surveyed consider their job stressful. I realize this may change the tone of my post for some, as the tech job market has changed somewhat since then. They are responsible for making and repairing dentures, crowns, and orthodontic devices. 1. No matter the type of work and setting, you can expect to spend your time analyzing numerical data, devising models, uncovering patterns, and solving complex problems. Computer Hardware Engineer. It's also why earning a doctoral degree may be required. I graduated in 2006. Other settings, such as doctors' offices, are only open during weekdays. Hair stylist/assistant Diagnostic medical sonographers enjoy a mostly quiet, calm work environment. I worked the litigation side in a big firm for awhile. Since scans are private events, there also aren't a lot of interruptions. 1. Sterile Processing Techs One Of the Least Stressful Jobs in America 2020 May 15, 2020 by David Givot 35 Comments To get a better idea of which careers are the most stressful, CareerCast examined 200 professions to compile its latest Jobs Rated report. 5. Working on different projects at the same time is not unusual. You may also be responsible for setting up and maintaining the diagnostic imaging equipment. To get into the field, you will likely need to earn a bachelor's degree related to information technology or computer science. Image: IStock/tdub303 via AFP Relaxnews. As a dietitian or nutritionist, you can help people improve their overall lifestyles or achieve specific goals. Being a full-time university professor is the least stressful career for 2013, according to jobs site Audiologist ($69,720) 2. Massage therapists mostly work in clinic and spa facilities that are about as quiet, calm, and peaceful as work settings can get. Sterile Processing Techs One Of the Least Stressful Jobs in America 2020 May 15, 2020 by David Givot 35 Comments To get a better idea of which careers are the most stressful, CareerCast examined 200 professions to compile its latest Jobs Rated report. Tenth most stressful job in finance: Technology. Web Developer: The most stressful tech job on CareerCast's list was for web developers. Opportunities may also be available in commercial settings. Web. Those people are usually highly creative and passionate about visual design. If you are interested in creating technical infrastructures, you could consider working as a database architect. As you’re well aware of now, there’s no such thing as stress-free or easy nursing jobs. In fact, CNN Money ranked mobile app developer as America's best job thanks to high pay, high career satisfaction, ongoing growth of opportunities, and low stress. As you can see, a lot of low-stress jobs exist for people with different backgrounds and interests. Here are the 10 least stressful jobs, according to CareerCast: 10. In terms of what they do, you've probably guessed that mathematicians solve math problems. You will need to complete a bachelor's degree in a discipline like computer science or software engineering to work as an applications software developer. It may help to begin writing out a list of factors that are essential in order for you to experience a low-stress workday. Get an overview of the program types,... Students in electrical technology certificate and associate degree programs learn to rewire, program, and otherwise fix... An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about: Get Started with Southern New Hampshire University, Get Started with Colorado Christian University, Get Started with Purdue University Global. You can often just "get into the zone" and do your work without a lot of interruptions. The median income is $71,410 and the projected growth rate of … Connect with This year, Medical Records Technicians claimed the top spot for Least Stressful Jobs of 2012, but this top ranking may be short-lived. Carpentry is one of the skilled trades that can be considered low-stress. You will likely spend your time assessing your clients' needs, developing plans for them, counseling them as they go, evaluating and modifying their plans, and preparing progress reports. If you want to help people, and you don't mind investing in several years of postgraduate education, audiologist might be the perfect job for you. For starters, information security analysts typically work regular weekday hours, and overtime is uncommon (i.e., it usually only happens during emergencies). Applications software developers get to work on creating a variety of technical equipment, including entertainment games, word processors, and specific programs for a business's internal use. These jobs, too, proved popular for people who prefer to work alone. Some biomedical engineers also train other workers who will be using biomedical equipment. Post-secondary instructors usually teach one specific field of study that pertains to their own education and experience. The salary information reflects OES program data collected in 2019. University professor tops the Jobs Rated report for least stressful jobs of 2013. Like risk and compliance, tech pros get yelled at – a lot. And, depending on your work setting, you may be able to have a regular weekday work schedule. Jeweler ($35,350) 4. “It’s false to say that our job isn’t stressful. Learn about online bachelor's degree programs with information technology courses. Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 1. It is likely that a lot of your time will be spent collecting and analyzing data, writing research papers, presenting your findings, and developing computer programs that assist with space exploration and analysis. In this occupation, the only physical demands are potentially spending time on your feet. (Like many astronomers, maybe you'll specialize in the specific area that most interests you.). Scored at 69 for stress tolerance, database architects will need strong communication and project management skills to oversee everything from database development to system maintenance. Dietitians and nutritionists rarely work overtime, and they often have a lot of flexibility with their schedules. In my personal experience, it’s not the job itself that causes stress in IT, it’s the environment. We looked at jobs that offered some combination of the following aspects: Stress is subjective, but so is the concept of good pay. And there are not a lot of high-pressure deadlines as long as you manage your course schedule well. If you’re a university professor, you’re at the top of your field. Since we undergo so much stress with college courses, it is better to have a less stressful part-time job. The field of information technology offers many low-stress career options, including being an applications software developer.