How Are Glaciers & Icebergs formed? Types of Glaciers Valley (Alpine): rivers of ice that flow through valleys to lower elevations Continental: large ice masses that cover significant portions of continents and are a mile or more thick Currently only 2 continental glaciers exist: the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets Glaciers and Other Landform Masses. It is about 1-mile wide, with an ice face that is about 250 feet high above the waterline, but … Free Presentations in PowerPoint format. Glacier ice covers about 11 percent of the world’s land area and would cause a world sea-level rise of about 90 metres (300 feet) if all existing ice melted. Pleistocene megafauna [PPT] II. What Is a Glacier? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. DEPOSITION - ICE •Glacial flows of ice –become slower when the ice begins melting –Deposits left by glaciers: –look similar to normal river deposits and are called outwashes. Definition and types • Definition of glacier: perennial ice that has moved • Major distinctions among glaciers are based on form and thermal state o Morphologic [PPT: Cirque, valley, ice sheet] Confined by topography: valley glacier, cirque glacier –Moraines are large chunks of broken rock left at the base and sides of the glacier as it melts and recedes. The glaciers also brought in large boulders of igneous and metamorphic rock that geologists call erratics. Glaciers are then described in a red slide (critical notes), as well as the two types of glaciers (continental, and alpine) Pictures are shown of each. Define Section 15.3 Moraine Till Striations Glacial valley Cirque Outwash Erratics Drumlins Eskers Kames Draw and label the diagram on page 326-327 Chapter 15 Glaciers Glacier Large mass of compacted snow and ice 2 types of glaciers….. Glaciers occur in all parts of … Types of Ice on Earth Glaciers & Icebergs. Start studying GEOL 111 PowerPoint 12 (Glaciers). Creating Glaciers & Icebergs with Film Canisters. GLACIERS POWERPOINT.pptx - Glaciers \u2022 \u2022 \u2022 \u2022 \u2022 What is a glacier How does it move How does it affect the topography How can we identify Often, these erratics can be seen along country fence rows where farmers have cleared them from their fields. –Finer material is carried in the rivers that form when the glacial ice Global Warming and Glaciers & Icebergs. Glacier ice today stores about three-fourths of all the fresh water in the world. (.ppt) Glacial Environments Lesson 1 Types of Glaciers (.pdf) Glacial Environments Lesson 1 Ice Ages (.pdf) Glacial Environments Lesson 2 Teachers' Notes (.pdf) Glacial Environments Lesson 2 Teachers' Notes (.doc) Glacial Environments Lesson 2 Iceman Image (.ppt) Glacial Environments Lesson 2 Iceman Murder Mystery (.pdf) A link to really wild video that shows a glacier breaking apart into the water is provided. These large erratic boulders were plucked from bedrock in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Canada and now are scattered throughout Illinois. Crevasses are shown and described. Margerie Glacier is an icy highlight of any visit to Glacier Bay National Park, and a primary destination for visitors on sailboats, kayaks, tourboats, and cruise ships. Glaciers & Icebergs: How They Form.