Read Also: General Specifications are also known as Brief Specifications. To specify a construction activity or product is normally done by the engineers and architects designing the project. Simply put, a performance specification tells the contractor what the final installed product must be capable of doing. They are used to show aspect, standard, and type of constructional work. To show the ratio of concrete or mortar ingredients. What is Technical Specification of a Civil Construction Project? Small and complete sentences must be used in Specifications. Any change in specification changes the tendered rate. Evaluating the cost likely to be expended over the constructional work. It includes protection of digging, ruling, masonry, concrete work, and plastering, etc. To define the quality required, material workmanship, its properties, types and strength of construction material is known as specifications. To show the clauses of contracts. In this article, You are going to learn in details about the Construction Specifications, Types of Specification, its importance, Purpose, Principles, etc. 7. Listing the conditions of the contract. Purpose of Specification: The cost of a unit quantity of work is governed by its specification. Purpose of giving Specifications The cost of an unit quantity of work is governed by its specifications. It is a common early part of engineering design and product development processes, in … Specifications are made to explain the formation, type, building methodology and strength of the constructional work to represent its quality, i.e., constructional work. A performance specification permits flexibility and change. Technical specifications may specify a performance goal (a performance specification) or procedures used to meet the performance goal (design specification). This … These specifications are known as Special Specifications. A performance specification is a document that specifies the operational requirements of a component or installation. Despite, the ratio of each component in concrete or mortar and methodology of mixing must also be described minutely. Detailed Specifications have two major types as follow. They would describe the general classifications of the construction work of the project. Technical specifications are written requirements and instruction which is used with construction drawings to complete heavy civil construction projects. That is why, it is necessary to show the type of wood. A complete description of the constructional material must be included. Its Types, Parts Used in Construction. Similarly, the ratio of each component of the concrete and characteristics of each component are explained by Specifications because concrete cannot be expressed symbolically. (Related to civil construction) 2. types of fine aggregate used and its characteristics, quantity of the Water, type of the cement and its characteristics, etc. specifications and principles to be followed during construction. Thanks for Reading this Article. Protection of new work must also be described during writing Specifications. Construction Drawings can be defined as the architectural drawings assigned by the architect to convey his concept, ideas, construction details and other specifications required on the site y the contractor to execute the design as per the defined specifications. Free Hand Sketching; Its Methods, Instruments, Principles. An open specification is when an architect does not name a specific supplier or product and allows for substitutions to be made by the contractor. Standard Specifications subject to change as changes and evolution occurs in science and engineering with the passage of time. Formwork (Shuttering) for Concrete [Its Types, Design]. The purpose of these Standard Constru ction Specifications is to provide certain minimum standards of materials and methods of construction, repair or alteration of improvements located within public right-of-way, or easements and other improvements for which the Engineering Division is responsible for plan checking … - Performance specifications - Closed specifications