Polyester pigment paste in an opaque finish for addition to our polyester resins or gel coats.. A range of over 80 colours to choose from ; Please select a colour from the drop down list to see an image; These colours are also available in a 5kg size; Note: The colours shown above should be used as a guide only due to varying degrees in monitor colour management. Resin Pigment Canada Online Store For Pastes, Powders & Tints are outstanding in quality and colour range. 5 Tips for Beginning Resin ArtistsWe’ve all been there. Plus visit our sale collection for further savings... By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. Epoxy Resin Moulds, Glitter and Resin Pigments in the UK. Polyester opaque colour paste, usually added to the initial (gelcoat) or final (flowcoat) resin, can be added at a rate of up to 10% by weight. ... AU$3.00 Out of stock. Smalt Blue Epoxy Pigment (EPX8980) £4.00 - £10.00 White Epoxy Pigment (EPX001) £4.00 - £10.00 Yacht Green Epoxy Pigment (EPX4555) £4.00 - £10.00 Pearl Ex metallic-effect powder pigments can be used to add shimmering, metallic colour effects and are compatible with all resin types. +44 (0)161 724 7131 #Please Note: Please do not use website colour images for colour-matching, as colours can vary widely on different monitors. Wtrcsv Mica Powder White, 2.1oz/60g Epoxy Resin Pigment Natural Soap Colouring Powder Dye for Epoxy Resin, Soap Making, Slime, Bath Bombs, Makeup, Nail Art etc. Resin8 Opaque Pigment in Powder Puff. 99. Use 6% addition by weight for strong dark colours but never more than 10%. Wako Ox Glue Calculate the amount of resin needed by determining length x width x thickness = cubic volume; Add the MAX COLOR PASTE to the PART A or the resin component only. They can be used to colour most polyester resinbased systems used within the composites or related industry. Our range consists of epoxy resin, pigment pastes, mica, metal powders, inks, glitters, & much more 100g. CLICK FOR UP TO DATE DELIVERY INFORMATION. Because pigments tend to detract from the mechanical properties of the resin no more pigment should be added than is necessary. ET'S RESIN 10 Basic Colors Epoxy Pigment Paste, High Pigmented Epoxy Resin Color Pigment Dye, Vibrant Resin Colorant LetsResin. A one stop shop for unique resin art supplies. The key component of a pigment concentrate is the pigment; the pigment content should be as high as possible.In addition, a grinding resin is required in most cases in order to obtain a storable paste and to ensure that the paste can be easily incorporated in the finalizing binder without any shock phenomena. For the inner Artist in YOU! We recommend doing this before adding the catalyst/hardener as it means you have as much time as you need to get a good even colour mixture without having to worry about reduced pot life. Acrylic Resin-Based Pigment Pastes. VAT Display ... For solid pigmentation of epoxy, polyester/vinylester and polyurethane resins and gelcoats we offer resin-specific pigments pastes from West & Senior. © Copyright 2020 Resin8 Craft Supplies Ltd All rights reserved, The Whole Kit & Caboodle - Opaque Pigment. Melbourne Based Online Store shipping Resin Art Products all across the Globe Browse our store where you will find the perfect products for your creative projects! Adding just a few grams of these potent powders to your resin will create eye-catching shimmering colour effects which move and react in the light. Pigment is added to resin at a ratio of between 5% and 10% normally giving sufficient opacity for most applications. With their highly concentrated pigment formula, only a small amount is needed to ensure your artwork will be alive with vivid, rich, deep colours. 99 This will make dispersion more efficient. Composition of pigment concentrates . sales@westsenior.co.uk. Highly concentrated, these epoxy colourants are lightfast and inter-mixable: start with red, yellow, blue, black and white and make any colour in the spectrum. Pour all of the resin in an appropriate size container. Only a small amount is needed to ensure your resin artwork will be alive with vivid, rich, deep colours. High quality metallic-effect powder pigments for use with GlassCast® clear epoxy casting and coating resins. Designed as a colouring medium for polyester compression moulding, polyester extrusion and injection moulding, polyester flat sheeting production, polyester casting, and general composite construction involving styrenated polyester resins. Pigments are used to colour the resin and gelcoat. Olivers Woodturning, Little Singleton Oast, Goldwell Lane, Great Chart, Kent, TN26 1JS. We’re your go-to supplier of crystal clear epoxy resin, colour pigments, mica powders, silicone moulds, tools and accessories. TEAL BLUE Epoxy Pigment Paste 50g NEW! Smalt (PCP8980) Llewellyn Ryland Pigment for Resins / Gelcoats (Polyester colour paste) Intended Use . Get it as soon as Sat, Dec 5. Strong, long-lasting pigment paste for colouring epoxy and polyester resins. Metallic Colour Pigments (0.5kg) Metallic polyester pigment pastes for adding to polyester gel coats. FREE DELIVERY TO UK MAINLAND This range is designed to be added to MasterCast 1-2-1, totalCAST, Ultra-Cast xt as well as our General Purpose and Deep Cast CER slow set clear casting resin. resi-TINT MAX PEARL Resin Art Pigment 50g A high quality pre-polymer paste with a pearlescen.. £8.40 Including VAT Use sparingly (maximum addition rate is 10% by volume of pigment to clear resin mix) - these colours are concentrated and The amount of pigment paste required will generally be between 5 -10%, but with some colours 2 - 3%, calculated on the weight of the resin will be found to be sufficient. Surfactant-based pigment preparations are not always the ideal solution for the colouration of some aqueous media. Resin Art Supplies retailer Just Resin, is a Melbourne Based Online Store shipping Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Pigment Pastes, Art Boards & Pigments required for Resin Art & Castings Australia Wide. Warm the resin component or PART A and pigment concentrate to 100°F. The resin used with the Polyester Colour Paste is a specially developed solvent-free reactive polyester resin which chemically cross links with the moulding resin so that the colour is "locked in" once the system has cured. Our pastes perform perfectly with our range of Epoxy Resins  and with a formula designed to ensure the highest possible quality and results, they have been proven to create cells and lacing. Use code SUPPORTISKEY for 40% off everything in our store! From shop LetsResin ... Resin8 Opaque Pigment 30g - White (ships from UK) Resin8CraftSupplies. Our Pigment Pastes have been formulated to disperse easily into resin for ease of use. UV Resistant. Epoxy Resin Colour | Pigment Pastes for a vivid, rich Resin Tint Colour for Art. 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,370. 18 colours available,.. £13.60 Ex Vat: £11.33 2,400JPY - 2,800JPY. If you need us urgently, please send an email. 01233 613992; sales@oliverswoodturning.co.uk Tag us in your creations @just4youonlineuk. Be the first to hear about exclusive promos, get resin tips, and more directly to your inbox (10% off for new subscribers). Resin Pigment Canada imported from Australia (705)431-7694 sales@resinpigmentcanada.com To provide the products that make your project sparkle. The pigments are typically opaque, but when applied in smaller concentrations they produce varying degrees of transparency. UK Supplier and Worldwide Shipping. Contact. 58 NB. Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sold out Super Coat Epoxy Resin by Platinum 3 litres Order/Delivery queries - orders@resin8.co.uk Epoxy Resin Pigment - 15 Color Liquid Epoxy Resin Dye - Highly Concentrated Epoxy Resin Colorant for Resin Coloring Art, DIY Jewelry Making Supplies - AB Resin Coloring for Paint, Crafts - 10ml Each. $14.99 $ 14. UK Pound. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £8.58 £ 8 . 3602 and 3929 black accelerated resin mix should be used in less than 24 hours to avoid cobalt absorption. When using a pigment paste, it is best practice to mix the paste into the resin part of the mixture. The heavy body paste consistency provides a rich colour effect with rapid and uniform dispersion into clear polymer resins. Milltown St, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1WE, UK. We don't answer the phone most of the time as we are in the warehouse! 5 out of 5 … With everything that you could possibly want for your #resin art and craft projects, you have now entered the wonderful world of #Resin8. AU$14.95 Buy Now. 01242 603624 We don't answer the phone most of the time as we are in the warehouse! FREE UK DELIVERY ORDERS £60 OR MORE. NB. Create your own unique Cream Epoxy colour pigment. If you need us urgently, please send an email. WA4 9TL United Kingdom. The discount code will be emailed to you an hour or so after you have signed up. Starting something new can be difficult. Jul 17th 2020 5 Tips for Beginning Resin Artists. Epoxy Resin UK. Colours can be mixed to create a wide range of shades, UV resistant for long lasting vivid, colours, PO Box 1332 Paste colors are very concentrated and may be blended with one another in any proportion, keeping in mind to add a maximum of approximately 10% pigment paste by volume of combined resin and hardener. Ends Midnight 30th November! Epoxy Pigment Pastes Colour Obsession Epoxy Pigment Pastes are highly concentrated colourants especially formulated for use in epoxy resin. General queries - info@resin8.co.uk. So do we! Mix the pigments together first to make your desired colour (a palette knife works really well for this) and then add the resulting colour paste to clear resin. Polyester pigment can also be added to epoxy resin at no more than 5% by weight. A Pale pastel colour with tones of purple, blue and grey. From shop Resin8CraftSupplies. LET'S RESIN 10 Colors Resin Dye -High Concentrated Epoxy Resin Color Pigment Paste LET'S RESIN Brand: LET'S RESINFeatures: VIBRANT & PURE COLORS:10 colors available, these epoxy resin dye are the basic colors you need and they blend well... View full details $14.99. Resin Art Supplier of clear 2 part Epoxy Resin Kits for Artists and Starter Kits for beginners. Highly concentrated and proven to create cells in Epoxy Resin. Excited about your finished project and want to celebrate? Mlife Epoxy Resin Pigment - 20 Colors Liquid Epoxy Resin Dye,Highly Concentrated Epoxy Resin Colourant for DIY Jewelry Making, AB Resin Coloring for Paint, Craft (0.35oz/10 ml Each) £13.99 £ 13 . Warrington "Balloons and lollypops " Mixed Media Resin, Acrylic, Paper Mache on Timber AU$350.00 Buy Now. TEAL BLUE Epoxy Pigment Paste 50g NEW! Less colour paste will be required to be used in the lay up resin. Kozogami Sarashi with Dosa Sizing.