La Colt Supernatural revolver per cosplay realizzato dal cacciatore Samuel Colt per i fratelli Winchester del telefilm Supernatural. Samuel Colt (19 Temmuz 1814; Hartford, Connecticut - 10 Ocak 1862; Hartford, Connecticut), Amerikalı kâşif ve sanayici.Tek dolumla çok sayıda kurşun atabilen altıpatlar cinsi tabancayı icat ederek silah sanayiinde çığır açmış ve silah kullanımını yaygınlaştırmıştır. Perché si, la Colt è stata fabbricata fisicamente da Samuel Colt, ma da chi gli è arrivato l'ordine o l'ispirazione (e qui vengono fuori i buchi nella sesta serie che non ha saputo sfruttare la figura di Colt). From the dying Meg Masters, the Winchesters learn the location of their father and launch a rescue mission. John Winchester had been searching for it for many years. That night, Jake uses the Colt to open the Devil's Gate despite the intervention of the Winchesters, Bobby Singer and Ellen Harvelle and releases hundreds of demons upon the world. However, Sam deflected the shot so the Colt simply fired into thin air. The Colt was made by Samuel Colt in 1835. Off-screen, Samuel collected the ashes himself, then used Sam's cell phone (which he had kept) to package them with information on when and where to send it to; in the future, the Winchesters received the package and used the ash to kill Eve.[3]. Later, during the Standoff at the Cabin, Azazel, possessing John, tries to trick Sam and Dean into handing over the gun, but Dean sees through the trick. John Winchester had been searching for it for many years. At the end of Sympathy for the Devil, Sam suggested that he and Dean should look for the Colt as a possible way of killing Lucifer. At the beginning of In My Time of Dying, Sam uses the Colt to threaten the Trucker demon after the Wrecking of the Impala. Ok, I’ve been thinking about the line in Supernatural where Lucifer says “There’s only 5 things (the colt) can’t kill, and I’m one of them” When that line was written, I think that line was meant to be literal; presumably the other 4 things being the other Archangels and God. High quality Samuel Colt gifts and merchandise. Though impressed that Sam had the Colt, the Alpha Vampire claimed to be one of the five things the gun couldn't kill. However, Bobby Singer and the demon Ruby managed to make more bullets for it. As Mary made the deal with Azazel, Dean arrived and took aim with the Colt, but Azazel vacated Samuel's body before Dean could fire. Dagon disarmed Dean and took the Colt, deciding to take it "off the board" by heating it up to the point that the barrel glowed red hot and melted off. Sam was shocked to see the legendary gun once again, forcing Mary to admit that she stole it from Ramiel. John Winchester erano state cercando per molti anni. In Galaxy Brain, God shows an image of alternate Dean trying to kill alternate Lucifer with the Colt to a RadioShed clerk on Earth 2. DIMENSIONI: 34 cm. He created the Colt along with the Devil's gate in Wyoming and the devil's trap guarding it. Samuel Colt. Colt ... که دین به گذشته رفت و برای کشتن ققنوس از کلت استفاده کرد کلت را به samuel colt داد و کلت به زمانه خودش بازگشت ( جان وینچستر مظنون به داشتن اسلحه توسط الکینز بوده . 2:36. After throwing off Mary's attack, the Alpha Vampire called Sam's bluff about the unloaded gun, only for Sam to reveal how he loaded it with Mick and Mary's help. From shop PropLifeStudio. Samuel Colt, Actor: Johnny Trouble. Supernatural 6. sezon 17. bölümde çok özel bir karakter ortaya çıkacak denilmişti. John eventually explains the legend of the Colt to them and his hope that it could be used to kill Azazel, the demon who had murdered their mother. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I know it is only 10:00 but I’ll be going to bed and and not really in the mood to do this but want to keep going with this blogathon. Login for Price. Before Azazel could fire, the ghost of John Winchester emerged from the Devil's Gate and pulled Azazel from his vessel, distracting him long enough for Dean to retrieve the Colt from the vessel's hand. The barrel of the gun acted as a key to unlock a Devil's Gate, as shown in the episode All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2. It could kill demons, monsters, and gods and also harm archangels. During the Skirmish at the Heavenly Portal, Dean shot at Dagon with the Colt but missed when she teleported out of the way. But after suffering a gun shot fired by Dean, Lucifer reveals that there are five things in all creation that the Colt can not kill and he is one of them. Şimdiyse onun kim olduğu belli oldu.Devamı için ”More” tıklayınız Sam saw through the bluff, stating the Alpha Vampire would've already attacked if that was true. Deceased Supernatural cosplay revolver made by the hunter Samuel Colt for the Winchester brothers of the Supernatural show.
He was played by Sam Hennings. With the help of the angel Castiel, Sam and Dean Winchester went back to Samuel's time to kill a phoenix (Samuel's journal claimed that he had killed one at the time) and retrieve its ash in order to kill Eve in their time. In Dead Man's Blood, Daniel Elkins, the current owner of the gun was killed by Luther's nest, who stole the Colt which Elkins attempted to use to defend himself without luck. If you missed the episode, you can read our recap and review here. With its supernatural bullets, the Colt is definitely a powerful weapon that can take out … In The Raid, after learning that the Alpha Vampire was personally leading an attack on the British Men of Letters compound, Sam asked if the British Men of Letters had anything stronger than the AVD. A special gun. Samuel Colt is a hunter and the creator of the Colt - a gun that can kill nearly any supernatural being. Even John Winchester initially believed the Colt to be a mere legend. Seemingly enraged by Sam's offer, Mick appeared to attack Sam; in reality, Mick slipped one of the bullets to Sam while Mary distracted the Alpha Vampire long enough for Sam to load the gun. It then no longer worked. Lucifer says that there are only five things in all of creation that can't be killed by the Colt and that he is one of them, whether he meant himself personally or archangels in general was never specified. Variations of the legend existed about what the Colt could kill; the most commonly known version said that the Colt could kill anything, while the version told by Samuel Campbell contained the truth: the Colt could kill all but five beings in existence. Despite this, Dean tracked the Colt down at Daniel Elkins' place and convinced him to part with the gun. Samuel Colt According to legend, anything shot by this gun, using one of its thirteen original bullets, will die, including supernatural creatures normally immune to any and all weapons. Samuel Colt. In Dream A Little Dream Of Me, while the Winchesters were Dream Walking to deal with Jeremy Frost, Bela Talbot stole the Colt from their safe, prompting a hunt for her. Secondo la leggenda questa pistola può uccidere qualunque cosa, incluse creature normalmente immuni a ogni tipo di arma, e può aprire una delle porte dell’Inferno. Although his fighting abilities are never revealed, they are clearly extraordinary to the point that even to the modern day, many Hunters still look up to Colt's skills and considered him the greatest Hunter ever. Samuel Colt appears briefly in Rose, Joel (2007). Ruby helped Bobby create new bullets for the gun, which Sam used to kill the demons Casey and Father Gil. Samuel Colt is a hunter and the creator of the Colt - a gun that can kill nearly any supernatural being. In Time Is On My Side, Dean finally catches up with Bela with the help of Rufus Turner, but she claimed to have already sold the Colt. According to John, the gun was made in 1835, making the mystery of the gun a whole lot more interesting. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Malleus Maleficarum, Dean attempted to kill Ruby with the Colt when suddenly appears in the road in front of the Impala. Species The Colt is a revolver made by the hunter Samuel Colt.John Winchester had been searching for it for many years. In Sam's nightmare in Proverbs 17:3, Dean shot a Lucifer-possessed Sam through the head with the Colt, apparently killing him. Human Author: Christopher Klein. In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, Azazel turns the Colt over to Jake Talley as the key to opening the Devil's Gate. Later, after Dean was hexed, Sam took the Colt to confront the Book Club in order to force the demon hexing Dean to stop. The Colt's original thirteen bullets could kill almost anything; there were only five things in all of creation (including Lucifer) that couldn't be killed by the revolver.After using all the bullets, Ruby helped Bobby make other bullets that can kill supernatural monsters. The brothers have discovered and found success with plenty of other cool weapons over the span of the show, though, including the famous Colt, a gun created by Samuel Colt in 1835. In Frontierland, while looking for information on how to kill Eve, Dean discovered from Samuel Colt's Journal that he killed a phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming in 1861. Series Creator Eric Kripke Explains", In Jus In Bello, the Winchesters apparently catch up to Bela who in reality lured them into a trap with the FBI so that she could escape with the Colt.