The fruit and its seeds are used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine, where they are believed to alleviate stress, and traditionally for anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory purposes and sedation, antispastic, antifertility/contraception, hypotensive and antinephritic, cardiotonic, antioxidant, immunostimulant, and wound healing properties. Jujube is able to benefit the immune system in many different ways, namely due to its high antioxidant content, including vitamin C, vitamin A, and various organic compounds and acids. As this particular fruit has lots of vitamin A, C and also potassium, it fortifies the defense mechanisms of the body. You can read more about the benefits of sawiq: All about Sawiq. Sore Throat: Use as a mouthwash and gargle for sore throat. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Furthermore, the scent is said to invigorate one’s brain while the dried fruit also contains various healing properties. These olives are very beneficial and their properties that cannot be fully incorporated into one article, so we have provided a summary of the benefit of this valuable fruit for you below. Image Unavailable. Article by Neha Gupta. 500gr, Afghani Senjed, Afghanistan’s Dry ... 130 AFN 149 AFN-9%. 13 Amazing Health Benefits of Senna Plant. A well balanced diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits are significant to physical well being. “It is part of marketing to promote some honey types over others,” says food nutritionist Mashael Al Ameri. You can eat this fruit as a whole or add its powder to different foods to benefit from it. To me, they taste better than apples. Its oil also heals gastric membrane and heals gastric ulcer. For people who regularly suffer from chronic stress or anxiety, snacking on some dried jujubes or seeking a jujube supplement can help ease the mind and protect the body from the side effects of extended exposure to stress hormones. Using the jujube oil extract or consuming the fruit itself can have an impact on your hormonal levels and induce a calm, relaxed sensation through your mind and body. A medium sized fruit weighs around 168 grams and offers just 31 grams of carbohydrates. Benefits of calamansi juice include bleaching the skin, detoxifying the body, aiding in weight loss & managing diabetes. These bite-size, fresh red jujubes are crunchy and sweet. Known in ancient texts as "the desert rose," historical references show that 15th century B.C. Ziziphus lotus tree is seen in multiple different regions of the world. List of Fruits Name in Persian Language The fruit Apricot is called as زردالو in Persian . 1. Basically, the fruit is nothing more than seeds and a pulpy coating as there is no fruit meat for this exotic tropical fruit. Anti-Cancer Properties: The juice of this fruit treats carcinogenic genetic abnormalities found in sperm and bone marrow. Now I was thinking how each corn kernal has it's own little silk thread and how tomatoes put out their scent to ward off an attack. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, mainly due to its compound curcumin, is responsible for weight loss. Starting from gifting you with a good digestive system to boosting your cardiovascular health to taking care of your bones, teeth, eyes, skin etc, the gifts that the various fruits and vegetables bestow on us certainly are innumerable. aka the fruit of the oleaster or Russian olive. You can freeze the juice and use it in yogurt or to make a tea. How to get oil out of clothes? Jujube has been proven to have certain anxiolytic and soothing effects on the body. It is an … Kid Influencers Promoting Junk Food On YouTube, Study Finds, Study Shows How Musical Training Improves Cognitive Function, Study Reveals Why Some People Show Severe COVID Symptoms, review study published by the National Institutes of Health,,,,,,,,,,,,, 12 Proven Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar, Calamansi Juice: Benefits, Recipe, and Side Effects, Hibiscus Tea: Benefits, How to Make, & Side Effects. This can help prevent constipation, cramping, bloating, and excess flatulence, as well as severe gastrointestinal conditions. The benefits of dry fruits go beyond increased energy. Jujube is also known as Chinese date. These naturally sweet treats ward off depression, boost immune function and support digestive health. Haft-sin is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter “س” pronounced as “seen” in the 15th letter in the Persian alphabet. Rich Source of Calcium: This fruit contains high amounts of calcium, which is very useful for people with osteoporosis and helps to strengthen the bones. Your immune system weakens due to stress. From a remedy for hangovers to a herb studied for cancer, the Babylonians, Romans, Arabs and ancient Greeks alike used this herbal extract for a variety of health concerns. With all the benefits that persimmons have to offer, adding these tasty fruits to your diet should be a no-brainer. Its oil also reduces heart damages due to its high antioxidant content. We source information from studies, clinical trial findings, and meta-analyses published in peer-reviewed journals. The fruit Blueberry is called as زغال اخته in Persian . “Essentially most have the same nutrients and [it] depends on how pure they are. Because of mucilaginous property of the fruit, it serves as herbal medication to deal with a sore throat. Helps You Sleep Better Share. Conclusion. We are all aware of the abundance of nutrition and vitamins found in the fruit. Elaeagnus angustifolia is commonly known as silver berry, oleaster, Persian olive, russian olive or wild olive, or commonly referred to as Senjid or Sinjid in Afghanistan and Senjed in Iran, is a species of Elaeagnus, native to western and central Asia, Afghanistan, from southern Russia and Kazakhstan to Turkey and Iran. The tree and its fruit are used in various industries such as food, health, pharmaceutical, and wood industries. Senjed quantity. List of Fruits Name in Persian Language The fruit Apricot is called as زردالو in Persian . Jujubes were traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat sleep troubles … Several species have edible seeds. Afghanistan Online Grocery Store and Online Supermarket. Sildenafil citrate tablets ip 100mg. Afghani Dried Fruit, Processed in Afghanistan. Treatment of Liver Diseases: This amazing olive is useful for patients with liver cirrhosis. The fruit Avocado (Butter fruit) is called as آوکادو in Persian . 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. This will help you maintain your diet and prevent any additional weight gain. Eating them is necessary to treat infections. This fruit is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, specially the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E which protect against illness and aging. The jujube fruit, the ziziphus jujuba, originated in China. Sekanjabin Benefits Get to familiar more with the unique benefits of Sekanjabin syrup. Its extract reduces the severity of liver cirrhosis by 30%. The specific tree line that produces large "Senjed" possessing its magical medicinal values grown only in Iran and its very specific climate. It is also a fairly good source of essential fatty acids, which is fairly unusual for a fruit. The benefits of passion fruit seeds are limitless. The perceived health benefits of the fruit are blood alcohol removal, pain alleviation, wound healing, cancer prevention, antimicrobial and expectorant etc. Senna plant may be able to improve the condition of the scalp by helping to treat dandruff, also being able to prevent hair loss. Weight Loss: Because of its high fiber content, Senjed causes a feeling of satiety in the body, which can reduce the appetite and help in weight loss. Anti-Stress: In recent experiments, the researchers have found that the extract of the leaves of this fruit produces free radicals and inhibits stress. It is a very powerful food that packs a healthy punch for the millions of people who know its true value. © 2020 Organic Information Services Pvt Ltd. All the information on this website is for education purpose only. $10.43. Description Reviews (0) Description Weird stuff this, but it is much loved by Afghans and used as part of the Iranian haft-sin for Nowrooz. For the best results, add a variety of fruits to the diet. Ayurvedic Health benefits of Senega. These antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, which are responsible for many chronic diseases and illnesses within the body. The jujube fruit is a rich source of both iron and phosphorous, which are key … Senjed is a fruit which is highly recommended in Islamic sources. “It is part of marketing to promote some honey types over others,” says food nutritionist Mashael Al Ameri. It also acts as an antioxidant and is essential for the body. Recommended fruit amounts range from 1-1/2 to 2 cups -- or 2 to 4 servings -- per day for most adults. Other health benefits of Jujube fruit The unripe fruit raises thirst, reduces expectoration and also biliousness. The fruit is readily eaten and the seeds disseminated by many species of birds. These naturally sweet treats ward off depression, boost immune function and support digestive health. Description Reviews (0) Description Weird stuff this, but it is much loved by Afghans and used as part of the Iranian haft-sin for Nowrooz. Its juice also reduces the reproduction of cancer cells in the body. You can consume the jujube fruit to get the same effects. If you have Type 2 diabetes, talk to a certified diabetes educator for personalized guidelines on how much fruit you should eat each day . How it captures it's food. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that our bodies cannot digest but that is still important for our health. Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients in Autumn Olive. 2. Rich Source Of Phytochemicals. Fruits come in all shapes and sizes, and different fruits have different health benefits. Senjed has historically been used to alleviate many liver ailments, nausea, vomiting & diarrhe The fruit, which resembles small apples, grows on a tree that is drought-resistant. The perceived health benefits of the fruit are blood alcohol removal, pain alleviation, wound healing, cancer prevention, antimicrobial and expectorant etc. Its extract help in preventing inflammation of the heart and mouth as well. The same 2013 study suggests that sour jujube fruits may also be a potential breast cancer chemotherapy agent. 3.3. It also acts as an antioxidant and is essential for the body. Photo Credit: Shutterstock, Nutrition FactsJujube, rawServing Size : 100 gNutrientValueWater [g]77.86Energy [kcal]79Energy [kJ]331Protein [g]1.2Total lipid (fat) [g]0.2Ash [g]0.51Carbohydrate, by difference [g]20.23Calcium, Ca [mg]21Iron, Fe [mg]0.48Magnesium, Mg [mg]10Phosphorus, P [mg]23Potassium, K [mg]250Sodium, Na [mg]3Zinc, Zn [mg]0.05Copper, Cu [mg]0.07Manganese, Mn [mg]0.08Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid [mg]69Thiamin [mg]0.02Riboflavin [mg]0.04Niacin [mg]0.9Vitamin B-6 [mg]0.08Vitamin A, RAE [µg]2Vitamin A, IU [IU]40 Sources include : USDA. Composition The fruits of Elaeagnus angustifolia have been traditionally consumed fresh or dried as a rich source of vitamins such as tocopherol, carotene, vitamin C, thiamine B1, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese [10]. Helps Diabetics: Senjed reduces the high blood pressure caused by sugary diets. Hadith quotes that the skin of senjed grows fresh skin , its flesh grows flesh and its seed strengthens the bones. It is best to eat this fruit at stressful times. Consult a medical practitioner for health problems. The fruit of many members of this genus is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins A, C and E, flavanoids and other bio-active compounds. Compare. Enter Senjed, a small dried fruit which, despite its wrinkled external texture, gives way to a shockingly fluffy interior; the closest comparison I can make is to some kind of prank jellybean filled with old-fashioned couch stuffing. benefits which can be used for treating a number of distresses [6]. ---Constituents---The fruit contains tartaric acid before, citric and malic acids after ripening; two sugars, sorbin and sorbit, the latter after fermentation; parasorbic acid, which is aromatic and is converted into isomeric sorbic acid by heating under pressure with potassa; bitter, acrid and colouring matters. In this sense, many individuals choose a vegetarian eating pattern. The fruit has a solid core inside itself; the color of the skin is orange-red and the color of inside which is a powdery and soft state, is white. Health Benefits Of Persimmon Fruit. It is a crop recommended for arid and semi-arid areas. By increasing your iron and phosphorous intake with jujube fruit, you can increase blood flow, thereby oxygenating your organ systems more effectively. If yes, please share your email to subscribe. Senjed is one of the fruits used in traditional Chinese medicine. This juice also helps in soothing acidity. This spicy root is also good for mitigating obesity and relief from menstrual pain. Persian Foods – Top “20” Most Delicious Persian Food It has been said that under a blooming Senjed tree one may fall in love and become oblivious to all else. Our articles are evidence-based and contain scientific references, fact-checked by experts. Persian olive is also used in making jam because of its sweet taste. Ziziphus jujuba (from Greek ζίζυφον, zízyphon), commonly called jujube (; sometimes jujuba), red date, Chinese date, Korean date, or Indian date is a species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae). As we age, we tend to suffer from osteoporosis and other bone degrading conditions, so adding jujube fruit to your diet can slow or reverse this trend. Add to cart. aka the fruit of the oleaster or Russian olive. Jujube is typically a small shrub or tree with small yellowish-green petals and drupe fruits that are about the size of a date and range from brown to purplish-black. by John Staughton (BASc, BFA) A study carried out by the…. The most interesting health benefits of jujube include its ability to likely slow the progression of cancer, improve skin health, aid in weight loss, cleanse the blood, relieve stress, stimulate restful sleep, boost immunity, protect the liver, increase bone mineral density, and detoxify the body. However, it has now been introduced to the rest of the world, primarily Europe, and is available in many exotic fruit import stores. Strengthening and Stomach Health: Wild olive pulp oil is very effective against stomach ulcers. Add to cart. The fruit Apple is called as سیب in Persian . "The Benefits of Being Vegetarian" Today, modern society has placed an emphasis on "healthy living". Nutritional Information Of Passion Fruit Seeds. There is one more species of the fruit called ziziphus nummularia, which is a small shrub and grows up to 3 metres, and grows mostly in dry areas. Dried Oleaster / Senjed. Appearance: Red to purplish-black wrinkles dried fruit, looking like a big raisin. As per modern research, the health benefits of various fruits and vegetables are undeniable. He co-founded the literary journal, Sheriff Nottingham, and now serves as the Content Director for Stain’d Arts, a non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. Eating fruits and vegetables is a common suggestion for people attempting to lose weight, and jujube is another food that can easily be added to the list. This item: Dried Senjed, 0.5oz (Pack of 3) $10.42 ($5.21 / 1 Ounce) Only 16 left in stock - order soon. This fantastic fruit helps in cancer prevention and treatment of diabetes. Your email address will not be published. The jujube fruit, the ziziphus jujuba, originated in China. Senjed (silverberry) is a sweet dried fruit that symbolises Love. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Russian olive can resist inflammation and reduce arthritis. A preliminary study conducted in 2008 to evaluate the anti-cancer ability of jujube found that this fruit can help in killing the harmful tumor cells. Skin Health and Care: Using Russian olive oil is effective in increasing skin thickness and can also be beneficial in treating cuts. Also the venus fly trap. A few days ago I asked what animal defense you wondered about. Conclusion. Attach YouTube/Vimeo clip putting the URL in brackets: []. There have been rare instances when certain rice noodle brands may contain gluten. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that our bodies cannot digest but that is still important for our health. Sawiq of senjed is the mixture of all parts of senjed which is roasted and it is brilliant for joint and bone pains such as arthritis, etc .