Kingfish refers to a single species while kingfishes refers to multiple species. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather or any other reason, all efforts to reschedule will be made and the event will count as a divisional sanctioned tournament. Conscientious spearo’s should limit themselves to one fish per day if it’s at least 1m or more in length. State regulation on total King Mackerel per boat, per day, will be applied to all SKA tournament vessels. 9. All members of a National Championship crew must be current SKA competition members and have fished in at least TWO SKA sanctioned tournaments during the current season. C. ROD: Rods must comply with sporting ethics and customs. Persons on charter boats on trips of more than 24 hours may possess up to but no more than 2 bag limits, provided: Such trip is aboard a vessel operating as a charter vessel or headboat; The vessel has two licensed operators aboard; Each passenger is issued and has in possession a receipt issued on behalf of the vessel that verifies the length of the trip. Vendor partners and sponsors are eligible to participate in sanctioned SKA tournaments. There is no length restriction on the leader or shock leader. Range: Northern kingfish are found in the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Yucatan. This includes but is not limited to verbal and written communications. The past National Champion Captain must notify SKA of this change and receive approval to transfer the qualifying position. Past Champions and Anglers of the Year must fish a minimum of two sanctioned events during the calendar year to be eligible for participation in the Championship. General Description Elongate, silvery-gray or tan, belly white; 7 – 8 faint dark bars on sides. If there are limits or minimum sizes, they are for the whole kingfish family. SOUTHERN KINGFISH (Whiting) Remarks: This species is not regulated in Florida state waters. Abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the organization at the discretion of SKA management. SKA officials assume no responsibility for any damage incurred while securing the vessel. They do not have to weigh a fish to be invited. NOTE: If you are in the process of selling your Small Boat Class boat and moving to Open Class, it is recommended that you declare Open Class at the beginning of the season. There will be three (3) Top Junior Anglers of the Year. If the team qualifies in multiple Divisions the invite will be sent to the next team. A Fishery Performance Report is available for this species -. The vessel cannot exceed 26.5 LOA. Beginning March 16, 2021, the temporary rule will expire and bag limits will return to: Florida (Georgia/Florida line to Miami-Dade/Monroe County line): 2 per person per day. Points garnered will remain with that boat/team within their declared division. SMALL BOAT CLASS: This class is for boats whose manufacturer lists the Length Overall (LOA) as 26.5 feet or less. Senior Anglers must be clearly and properly marked on the SKA Points Form to be eligible for points (must be done at each event they fish). For Example-. In a two-day, two-fish aggregate event, the tie will be broken on the basis of the team’s largest fish of the two weighed in. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AND / OR ILLEGAL DRUGS: The consumption of alcoholic beverages during tournaments is strongly discouraged by the management of the SKA. Renewing members please stop by the trailer for your decals and patch. Hand lining or using a hand line or rope attached in any manner to the angler’s line or leader for the purpose of holding or lifting a fish. In the event of a no-checkout tournament, the above shall apply at the tournament’s designated time for lines in the water. No SKA angler shall unnecessarily kill a King Mackerel during a tournament or while pre-fishing unless said fish is to be weighed or used as table fare. Ties are broken by the weight of the largest of the three fish counted for scoring. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The member further releases the Southern Kingfish Association, its officers, directors, employees, committee members, sponsors, and sanctioned tournament personnel, from any liability for libel, slander, loss, damage, negligence, injury and/or death suffered by any member, family, crew, boat and/or other person which may occur during the term of membership. In Mississippi, spawning occurs in the Mississippi Sound and south of the barrier islands. Senior Anglers must be a member of the team that drives the boat, angles, gaffs, or participates in catching the fish. No tournament fishing is allowed in foreign waters at any time. Competition membership runs on an annual basis, from January 1 to December 31. Remember that this is a team and machine contest. © Copyright 2020, Southern Kingfish Association 5043-B Mattie St. Morehead City, NC 28557 Tel. This must be done in a timely manner. Ties are broken by the weight of the largest of the three fish counted for scoring. The Lonnie Broadwell Senior Angler of the Year award will be awarded to the divisional winner (Male or Female) in the Senior Angler category with the highest three fish aggregate point total. The southern kingfish, also known as the southern kingcroaker, is the most common of the three. Captains can fish with their original team or may pick their crew from the general competition member rank and file of the SKA. The flotation device must not in any way hamper the fighting ability of the fish. The markings on Southern kingfish and Gulf kingfish are not nearly as prominent and do not form the V-shaped pattern. In the event a Senior Angler is indicated but does not fish, it is the responsibility of the team captain to notify the SKA representative prior to the last fished weighed, so the SKA Points Form can be corrected. Captains and crew members are responsible for following and adhering to all local, state, and federal fishing and boating laws. There will be (3) Top NEXTGEN Anglers of the Year. Using a size or type of bait that is illegal to possess. Anglers can catch up to 100 pounds with a recreational fishing license. Intentionally foul hooking a fish. Ties are broken by the weight of the largest of the three fish counted for scoring. Ties are broken by the weight of the largest of the three fish counted for scoring. Any King Mackerel caught and presented at a tournament scale for tournament participation must be iced and fit for human consumption. The NEXTGEN Angler cannot get points on multiple boats throughout a single division but may switch to a different boat in a different division. Primary membership for new members includes limited-edition membership T-Shirt (while supplies last), SKA Member Only TWT’s, two SKA decals, and one SKA embroidered full-color patch (while supplies last). the SKA reserves the right to take the information and make their reach their own decision. Flying or detachable head gaffs are not allowed. all gear is authorized except for drift gillnets and long gillnets. You will also receive a personalized membership card with your name and membership number and access to member discounts provided by SKA industry partners. Based upon the circumstances and severity of the disqualification, SKA management may, at their discretion, choose to disqualify that team for that season, or may even choose to revoke that team’s membership in the organization for a time period of their choice. Subversive or damaging comments directed at the SKA and/or its Sponsors and members is strongly discouraged. 19. All SKA members participating in a sanctioned event understand that the SKA does not get involved in tournament disputes except for the National Championship. 580 Taylor Ave., Annapolis MD 21401. The weighmaster, Tournament Director, or SKA management may disqualify any fish kept improperly after capture. Annual Catch Limit (ACL) – This species is managed under an ACL. Take only fish that you intend to weigh and release the rest unharmed to grow and reproduce. However, a citation from any law enforcement official during tournament hours will cause that team to be disqualified from that day of fishing. The SKA staff reserves the right to inspect fish prior to being weighed. Check with a SKA director for ruling on your vessel if you have questions. The MSO of the boat must be in the dealer’s name and the name given the boat at the start of the season must remain the same. Anyone violating the honor system will not be awarded points for that event. You may not substitute a boat for one that is already declared as a SKA tournament boat; furthermore, you may not substitute a boat in order to allow your SKA declared vessel to fish in a non-SKA tournament. Teeth villiform, set in broad bands on jaws, upper jaw with a distinctly larger, widely spaced outer row teeth. Substitution vessels will be allowed in the event of breakdowns or if the manufacture of a new vessel is not complete at the time of the tournament. This is primarily in the case of Junior Anglers who may tire more easily. This must be done for each event they fish. Captains and crew members must abide by State and Local laws. lat.) No altering of a fish’s weight, in any way, is allowed i.e. Veteran Anglers must remain with one team in a division in order to garner points throughout the season. Each hook may be of a single, double or treble design. The SKA may physically measure any boat to determine its length and will assist any member in determining the length. Registration and local rules apply. 6. Lady Anglers must be at least 16 years of age. Southern kingfish live to four to six years of age, though few survive beyond three years. Artificial lures, skirts and trailing materials may be used in the capture of bait or Kingfish providing such skirt, lure or trailer is attached to a qualified rod, reel and line. Migration: Seasonal. H. ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MAY DISQUALIFY A CATCH:  Failure to comply with any local, state, federal, tournament or Tournament/SKA angling regulations. 1. LEADER: The use of a leader is not required, but if one is used it must meet the following specifications: Single strand, multi-strand, and/or braided wire leaders are acceptable. The Senior Angler cannot get points on multiple boats throughout a single division but may switch to a different boat in a different division. Anyone violating the honor system will not be awarded points for that event. Floats are prohibited with the exception of any flotation device attached to the line or leader for the sole purpose of regulating the depth of the bait. Attaching the angler’s line or leader to any part of the boat or other objects for the purpose of holding or lifting the fish. There are no requirements on the strength of the leader or shock leader. Regarding the standings or awards of SKA points, prizes, etc. Like their relatives the southern kingfish, Gulf kingfish feed on bottom-dwelling animals such as worms, clams and other shellfish. 14. This disciplinary action is subject to the discretion of the management of SKA. SKA TOURNAMENT TRAIL & DIVISION RULES:  There are 10 divisions in the SKA. Spawning takes place from April to October. King Mackerel Regulation 4 VAC 20-540-10 et seq. If members are found to be dishonest and you do not have 100% membership (and you claimed you did) you will be banned from the program. SKA recommends designating a co-captain at the beginning of the season in case the captain cannot be onboard for an event. Release Citation: 16 IN. RESPONSIBILITY OF MEMBERS: By registering as a member of the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA), and fishing a SKA Sanctioned Tournament or a SKA produced tournament, the member consents to the use, without payment or restrictions, of any photographs, and his or her name, in which the member, their crew and/or boat appears for any purpose whatsoever. will be delivered in a timely fashion and announced on media platforms. UNDERSTANDING THE RULES: It is the responsibility of all SKA members to familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations of the association and sanctioned tournaments and to abide by the rules and regulations. Any angler, who uses illegal methods to capture fish, including baitfish, may be subject to disqualification and/or expulsion by the tournament committee and/or the SKA. Members are also subject to expulsion depending upon the severity of the violation. Abuse can result in disqualification from a sanctioned tournament and/or expulsion from the organization, at the discretion of the SKA management. Further, each registered and non-registered participant on behalf of other family members and/or executors agrees to release and hold harmless Southern Kingfish Association LLC, its officers, directors, owners, members, representatives, agents, employees, independent contractors, volunteers, promoters, advertisers, sponsors, partners, joint ventures, affiliates, assigns, polygraph examiner, the city and county where the events are held and all other persons connected directly or indirectly with the operation of any event in the Southern Kingfish Association LLC (collectively, “Released and Indemnified Parties”) from any and all claims, losses, damages, demands, causes of action, suits and liabilities of every kind arising out of, related to, or resulting from the tournament, activity or event, including but not limited to all events in the Southern Kingfish Association LLC, including without limitation, any claim for loss, damage or destruction of property, or injury (including death), regardless of whether such loss arises in whole or in part from the negligence of any Released and Indemnified Party. In the event that the largest fish tie in weight, the winner will be determined by the first of the largest fish weighed in. The boat with the larger fish will break the tie. In the Southern Zone, which extends from the North Carolina/South Carolina state line to the Miami-Dade/Monroe Florida county line, the trip limit begins at 3,500 pounds. They are most … 4055 Faber Place drive, Suite 201. This does not apply to overflow tanks or tanks that are designed by the manufacturer. Hooks/Tackle and any items used to stop blood loss must be removed prior to bringing a fish to the scales. Reels designed to be cranked with both hands at the same time are prohibited. Boat switching for Lady Angler in a division is not allowed unless falling under approved breakdown substitution rules. Boat Sales: If you sell your boat, you will be allowed to transfer points to the new boat, provided that you remain within the same boat class., i.e. No more than one black drum over 52 inches may be retained per person per day and counts as part of the daily bag limit and possession limit. Tournament protests must be made as soon a feasibly possible after the last fish is weighed in, and must be accompanied by a $500 cash deposit.