The quality of school principals is of paramount importance for quality education. Submit the following documents to the Leadership Development Office in the LBUSD Admin Building between 9/3/19 and 9/20/19: current resume, letter of intent, school communication writing sample, and most recent evaluation. He strongly recommends that you obtain a copy of both as supplements to the … Tags: ASCDaspiring assistant principalaspiring principalBaruti K. Kafelecritical questionsreflectionStacey Knighton. In The Assistant Principal 50, award-winning, four-time principal Baruti Kafele presents reflective questions that encompass the breadth and depth of the assistant principalship—from finding your leadership “lane” to thriving and being an asset to your principal.Kafele infuses the book—which includes guidance and insights for principals and aspiring assistant principals… << /Type /ExtGState 0000010835 00000 n 0000013993 00000 n 0000031706 00000 n This book is written in what Kafele calls a “reflective format” that allows the reader to think about themselves in the position of instructional leader of the school. The Assistant Principal 50: Critical Questions for Meaningful Leadership and Professional Growth Baruti K. Kafele. States are developing new systems that aim to not only bett… 0000002405 00000 n �H5DL���9���) -Ѵ8 %PDF-1.3 /Widths [ 706 574 696 764 250 268 444 550 632 268 610 635 488 890 582 582 >> 0000013437 00000 n /Subtype /Type1 Closing the … (8% point increase). /Type /Font ��R�]�⮤|dB��e�,�^�Sh*���P4�g�wgU�GtT��a~)�ׅ&\��0p��:w�AZ�k� ���»�P?F t��`�_'a��)/�O�@�壼��D�/G�I�g Today’s principals face heavy workloads that require working at a rapid pace that is both hectic and taxing. 50 Principal November/December 2004 Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process Autumn Tooms and Alicia Crowe The small nuances of how you and your school are perceived in the interview process can make the difference in attracting high-quality teachers. 304 0 obj /N 16 Download Pdf. /SA true When reading this book, you should remove your teacher hat and put yourself in the mindset of being the leader of your school. /E 72904 50 (ii) a group of more than one LEA that submits a joint application; 51 (iii) a regional service center as described in Section 53G-4-410. The Secret Enemy.—The principal atom of evil in man that directs the Destructive atoms. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! /CharSet << 2. << “Hello, Mrs. Thomas. 50 (ii) a group of more than one LEA that submits a joint application; 51 (iii) a regional service center as described in Section 53G-4-410. 0000013623 00000 n endobj Informer Atoms.—Atoms that had worked for the Secret Enemy, but who have been liberated by the Aspiring atoms from bondage. These questions are not interview questions that will be asked at the actual interview, but are designed to push your thinking before you sit in the interview chair. 0000072759 00000 n 0000069307 00000 n Export Citation. Chapter 1: Principal Leadership Nonnegotiables Chapter 2: Principal Leadership Determines Outcomes Chapter 3: Principal Leadership Requires Making Tough Decisions Chapter 4: Principal Leadership Requires a Commitment of Self-Care Chapter 5: Thoughts to C… 0000022303 00000 n In addition to her classroom experience, she attends and presents at national and local conferences. If you are thinking about transitioning from a classroom teacher to assistant principal or principal, then The Aspiring Principal 50 is a must read. %���� 306 0 obj stream /XHeight 494 0000032494 00000 n trailer After reading The Aspiring Principal 50, you will feel empowered and more prepared to continue your transformation from teacher to instructional leader. /Linearized 1 /O 304 Paperback. Teacher evaluation systems have been criticized for failing to either identify ineffective teachers or help teachers improve their practice. Principal Pipeline Initiative “Pipeline of Highly Effective Leaders” PGCPS awarded, a five-year $12.5 million grant from the Wallace Foundation to build a Principal Pipeline Initiative (PPI). MN�M��2�i˰?��p�i��۟ z���^h��(`nd��O�_0+��S�Œ!A�O�?��XM�F"�XC,! 307 0 R /R12 311 0 R /R14 315 0 R /R19 319 0 R /R21 322 0 R /R24 327 0 R The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders by Baruti K. Kafele English | May 14th, 2019 | ISBN: 1416627642 | 128 pages | EPUB | 0.88 MB So, you want to be a principal? Learn how your comment data is processed. (New) The Principal 50. The Aspiring Principal 50 is divided into five chapters that focus on various aspects of principal leadership. The Making Time module takes the information that was learned in the National SAM Innovation Project and makes it available to anyone who is training aspiring principals and existing principals. >> 0000001384 00000 n I found myself re-reading sections, placing Post-it notes between its pages, and thinking about how I would respond to various questions. xref (ASCD, 2019 – Learn more). After listening to Principal Kafele’s YouTube video titled Thoughts to Consider for the Assistant Principal Job Interview, I was intrigued by his viewpoints and wanted to learn about other resources he could provide an aspiring assistant principal such as myself. 309 0 obj /ID [] Stacey Knighton has been a 7th grade math educator for the past seven years. They are a link between the Aspiring atoms and the atoms of the Secret Enemy and inform us … The previous issue of Policy Prioritiesfocused on the widespread and rapid changes occurring in teacher evaluation. principals increasingly being referred to as “instructional leaders” in a variety of educational contexts and in large swaths of the research literature. In /Length 2613 /MissingWidth 512 /Encoding 310 0 R In Chapter 5, Kafele provides aspiring principals 25 questions to think about when preparing for the job interview. 340 513 634 574 537 364 260 584 260 573 629 849 920 647 622 ] Others in operation over our sample period include programs such as “New Leaders for New Schools”, “Tomorrow’s Principals” and the “Bank Street Academy”. I would highly recommend this book as a great starting point in that transition. << 0000010285 00000 n stream "�@b)Jk�8�Ib���C$ˉ�D"��XL�'V1��x�x�`��7QKi��s�=Y��l�+�+��\-w�O�9�t��(&)�݊/���.j7u�:/�7wu5��I�{��p0N�u6N����|��#���w�;t��� This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 0000032164 00000 n 2. 0000006446 00000 n /Rotate 0 This 110-page book considers 50 critical questions; 25 reflective questions are within the first four chapters and 25 questions are in the last chapter. /L 794247 0000040428 00000 n MiddleWeb is all about the middle grades, with great 4-8 resources, book reviews, and guest posts by educators who support the success of young adolescents. Of, relating to, or being financial principal, or a principal in a financial... Principalship - definition of principalship by The Free Dictionary. The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders Baruti K. Kafele. The Aspiring Principals’ Institute: Turnaround Schools is focused on developing a level of competency around each of the Maryland Instructional Leadership Framework Outcomes in the context of Turnaround Schools. Message to a New & Aspiring Principal (43 vids) Principal Kafele Speaks to Educators (110 vids) Principal Kafele Books (ASCD) The ASSISTANT Principal 50 (Coming Summer, 2020) The ASPIRING Principal 50 (New) Is My School a Better School BECAUSE I Lead It? endobj 305 0 obj Published 07/18/2019, The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders  >> /ItalicAngle 0 << 302 0 obj /Flags 32 The YouTube comments below this first video show how many educators have secured job interviews and landed the job after listening to his advice and reflective questions. That evaluation found evidence that students who attended a school led … /Ascent 756 5th grade: target: 50% of students are meeting or exceeding expectations for reading. /Length 459 4.8 out of 5 stars 340. Aspiring Principals develops school leaders capable of nurturing life-changing learning in every classroom, every day. �0����l��yf�~�����N_�uݭ�G�n�Nz���6�(�Q\���E�Z��h��C�`��j�G�=f�ʓX����%�I�գ˵ �:��:�J؇��"��%��Of_�*��".���[ʶ�y9`R�k����#�����-|; ��hT���aw՗@ ɠ����o+��:{�ފ}N���V�����O�s�������� ˛ese types of investments in principal preparation programs, when done right, require a signi˜cant outlay of resources.11 Figures from 2010 show average program costs range from $20,000 to $42,000 per aspiring principal,12 and more current estimates from organizational insiders report costs of the most e˚ective programs This work focuses on developing the capacity of new and aspiring principals as the single biggest lever of change for student achievement at /Type /Catalog By Baruti K. Kafele /Type /FontDescriptor /Size 343 << 52 (d) "Internship" means an extended supervised experience for an aspiring principal to 53 engage in the work of a principal, designed to build and demonstrate the competencies required /ArtBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /Root 303 0 R endobj of the principal, the use of time tracking tools, regular reflection on time use, and other practices. 302 41 ... Fifty years of unlocking the child's hidden treasures. 4.7 out of 5 stars 164. The Aspiring Principal 50 is divided into five chapters that focus on various aspects of principal leadership. His newest book, The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New and Future School Leaders, was released in May of 2019. First or highest in rank or importance. /Info 300 0 R << Required fields are marked *. endobj His inspiration for writing the book was the outpouring of support from educators who viewed his YouTube videos. In this Message to a New & Aspiring Principal, Principal Kafele provides strategies for preparing and interviewing for an assistant principal position. /R26 331 0 R >> /XObject << /X0 336 0 R /X1 337 0 R /X2 338 0 R /X3 339 0 R 0000028968 00000 n /Pages 299 0 R So the best examples I have for aspiring principals are the thirty questions I will share below. these is the Aspiring Principals Program (APP), a 14-month intensive training program designed to prepare educators for principal positions. Teach Your Students to ‘Explode’ Complex Text, Basing STEM Lessons on Real Life Disasters, Helping Kids Design Personal Reading Goals, Combing Out the Fluff in Covid-Era Lessons, English Learners: Four Principles for Principals, Slowing Math Down for Stickier 2020 Learning, It's Not Easy Being Tween / Pandemic Teaching, A Hybrid Companion for Middle Level Teaching, Project-based Learning / Reading for the 21st Century, PBL Gold: Deciding What’s Appropriate AND Important, Exploring the Human Impact of Climate Change, Effective Questioning During Virtual Learning, Practical Wisdom for Scholar-Practitioners, Offering Student Choice Using a Menu Strategy, A Vision of Schoolwide Technology Integration, Tools to Grow Students’ Science Understanding, How-to Social Studies: A Book for Right Now, Keeping Assessment in Social Studies Real, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. >> programming for a minimum of fifty (50) participants per Grand Division in the Aspiring Assistant Principal Network. The initial contract term will run from March 2020 through May 2021 with an estimated maximum liability of $300,000 (no more than $100,000 reimbursed before July 1, 2020) per Grand Division to … Your email address will not be published. Even though the spine of the book is small, the amount of valuable information it contains is vast. This is Kim Jones. << /BleedBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] >> Residency, Year 3 - Principal Induction), called our Aspiring Principals Program (APP). Add to favorites. Her most recent speaking event was at the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) conference. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 0000029557 00000 n Additionally, SEED funding will support our program evaluation and dissemination of our results and research to inform the field and support policies that create the conditions for effective school The Teacher 50. /TrimBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] (You can read the introduction here.) %%EOF 0000000017 00000 n 0000022078 00000 n Furthermore, among Canadian principals, instructional leadership has been identified as the third most prominent change affecting the Canadian principal’s workplace (CAP-ATA, … /FontDescriptor 308 0 R /FontFile3 309 0 R /OPM 1 0000014243 00000 n The Aspiring Principal. Principal e stablish es a Professional Development Schedule that correlates to The Next Step in Guided … << Action Steps List the activities the administrator will engage in to drive the anticipated growth or change. When I interviewed for my first assistant principal position in 2004, it was for a high … 0000002458 00000 n >> 0000028885 00000 n /S 462 (/A/B/C/D/F/M/O/R/S/Y/a/b/c/comma/d/e/g/h/i/l/m/n/o/period/r/s/space/t/u/x/y) Learning everything you possibly can about the school that you are applying for is essential to standing out to the interview team. >> /LastChar 63 308 0 obj $22.95. “On average, elementary school principals work fifty-one hours a week… [and] high school principals average about fifty-three hours a week.” (Lunenburg, 2010). Track Citation. 307 0 obj The Challenge No formula exists that guarantees effective school leadership practices or leadership development. 0000029234 00000 n 303 0 obj Stacey earned her Master’s degree in Administration through Concordia University Chicago’s Principal Preparation Program in 2018. 0000069452 00000 n 3. >> /X4 340 0 R /X5 341 0 R >> >> Kafele states that reading The Aspiring Principal 50 should “help you determine whether or not you really want to enter the ranks of school leadership in general and ultimately one day become a principal of your own school.” Along with the 50 critical questions posed throughout the book, there are also many follow-up questions and points to ponder following each question. /CapHeight 726 aspiring assistant principals workbook pdf Favorite eBook Reading ... needs of aspiring principals and practicing aps i wrote the aspiring principal 50 criti cal questions for ... aspiring principals transition to the principalship the book was also intended for assistant principals /Subtype /Type1C 0000011170 00000 n /Prev 788067 /FontName /ABKOAB+AvenirNextLTPro-Demi 0000035193 00000 n Keywords administration, Black education, descriptive ... EDR-article-ppv for $37.50 Article available in: Vol 48, … /MediaBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] Principal Kafele also mentions in his book that “at least 500 people have contacted me to inform me that they got hired as a result of the information presented in the video.”,, Thoughts to Consider for the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Job Interview (PART I),, MORE Thoughts to Consider for the ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Job Interview (PART II),, Thoughts to Consider for the PRINCIPAL Job Interview (PART I),, MORE Thoughts to Consider for the PRINCIPAL Job Interview (PART II), /CropBox [ 0 0 612 792 ] /StemV 126 x�}U{TW�$d2b�.�A�%3�6�Xd-*>Z���@B�&���V�6:��۸Ul�+~��1#�Ͷ�/��)��h����A���c�R�+�N>1��j��G�����'B"V�q�r���y��:��!^�1�6��U��2�d��B��m��}Ș��62�YY��D'ñN��g-Ff���d�v�t���&�e�M��ǘY�]�䥱�&�a����;�͙��p���1.�dw����6�Ց�b\V�arp'��l.kgL9�T�)�q��*6&����r6��m��cm6��r,��ryi��M�4�͎�E?�{�e�9m�lV!�eKc�"&��s�eX�W��2�l�U���bE�6;��r.�f�q6�Ŗ�9��߅秛�X�kg�c&��v�0���Lvf)�粉�&ћl��Y�0� aspiring principals for their future roles and responsibilities. See Synonyms at chief. In The Principal 50: Critical Leadership Questions for Inspiring Schoolwide Excellence, Kafele, a veteran school administrator, guides motivated school leaders through 50 selfreflection exercises designed to yield a deeper understanding of the meaning behind the work that they do. Award-winning principal and ASCD best-selling author Principal Kafele answers 50 vital questions all principals should ask themselves. endstream /H [ 1384 550 ] 0000002821 00000 n As Principal Kafele states, “If you are going to be an effective principal, part of the process is to begin to think like one as soon as you are committed to becoming one.”, Attached are a few links to Principal Kafele’s YouTube videos for aspiring school leaders. 0000031874 00000 n • Fully fund Title II, Part A, of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) at its authorized level of $2.295 billion per year, which districts and schools rely on to invest in principal residencies, job-embedded and cohort-based professional learning, and mentorship opportunities for aspiring principals. 0000005883 00000 n endobj ?f �u?��UP@=Qs��K�d��)�W���&]���jn�v2h���ѣ�$��?�Í\��dk8��HDx�7���%7�h,^N#9V�&��LT5��5�kZd �����0 �'�T02�A�97DFE�D���\��WyTEwî�:�z\�ZԻ@h�h� ��\�Ɔ9X�"Zӈ�ADApWG����e�� H�(�{_n���9ǘ. Your principal/supervisor(s) will be contacted to complete a … /Filter /FlateDecode /Contents 335 0 R /FirstChar 33 The goal is to reach as The 25 questions are divided into five sub-categories that are related to your preparedness for the interview, student achievement, overall school environment, parent and community engagement, and how to finish the interview strong. All sessions coincide with Principal Kafele's newest books, The Assistant Principal 50: Critical Questions for Meaningful Leadership & Professional Growth and The Aspiring Principal 50: Critical Questions for New & Future School Leaders. 0 /BaseFont /ABKOAB+AvenirNextLTPro-Demi /Resources << /ExtGState << /R9 305 0 R /R16 306 0 R >> /Font << /R10 Aspiring Principals’ Program). /Descent -240 Author: Baruti K. Kafele Publisher: ISBN: 1416629467 Size: 68.44 MB Format: PDF, ePub, Docs Category : Education Languages : en Pages : 128 View: 1777 Book Description: You're an Assistant Principal.Whatever your status--the sole AP in your school, one of two or more APs in your school, a career AP, an AP aspiring to the … (You can read the introduction here. All Aspiring Principal Institute Fellows must complete a Turnaround Leadership Project as part of their … 0000002513 00000 n 0000006087 00000 n 0000006852 00000 n 0000003168 00000 n /Parent 299 0 R /Type /ExtGState 52 (d) "Internship" means an extended supervised experience for an aspiring principal to 53 engage in the work of a principal, designed to build and demonstrate the competencies required imately 400 New Leaders principals who completed the Aspiring Principals program between 2002 and 2011 and had been placed as principals prior to school year (SY) 2012–2013 in ten current or former partner districts (Gates et al., 2014a, 2014b). Along with many other insights, this book … The challenges facing principals and school leaders are dynamic, so the task for systems is to develop leaders who can manage school improvement … 0000001934 00000 n The heart of the Aspiring Principals program is a yearlong residency, including active participation on … Three of those resulted in offers I filled–two as assistant principal (two different sites) and one as principal (current position). Thank you for your comment! >> 0000010559 00000 n /PageLabels << /Nums 301 0 R >>