So for those of you that love eating plantain and for those of you that never have, I’m about to share with you three different ways you can quickly serve this fave fruit of mine and millions of others. Es increíble como en cuestión de unos pocos minutos se prepara esta receta riquísima tan tradicional y sumamente sencilla. HAMBURGUESA CON TOSTONES DE PLÁTANO MADURO Uff las delicias que nos ofrecen nuestros paises hermanos como Venezuela y Colombia son una alternativa realmente deliciosa, el salor del plátano frito le va perfecto a estas hamburguesas Related Videos. Preparación de los tostones de plátano macho. You have no idea how I went to town on some tostones back in day. it looked like the frijoles estaban molidos  so they could be dip-like u should try it. Serve at once with ketchup or mojito. plátano macho cada 2 personas, ajo, Plátanos maduros o Guineo maduro por persona, plátano macho o Guineo verde, Mortero o similar para los tostones, mandolina o … With a paring knife, cut off ends of plantain, about 1/2″. FACEBOOK | 4 comensales 45m Entrante Dificultad baja. Transfer to a non-porous serving dish. They can be served plain, topped with mojito (garlic sauce) or topped with ketchup. You want to make sure you pick a very green plantain that is hard. I loove plantains but never knew how to pick them out at the grocery. Este ingrediente, muy popular en la cocina latina, es ideal para acompañar diversos platos, pero además se trata de una alternativa versátil que puedes elaborar de distintas maneras. Cut into 2.5″ pieces, boil (with peel on) and then peel… You can sprinkle nutmeg on this mildly sweet plátano or just eat as is. This question is at the heart of one of the oldest debates that has plagued Latino homes! Las bolitas de plátano maduro rellenas de langostinos y calamares son ideales para consumir como aperitivo. TWITTER | Plantains are accused, no less, of being partly responsible for our island’s rampant underdevelopment. They are also fried (but only once) and serve as the perfect partner for rice and beans or to provide a nice touch of sweetness to a dish. Again, b/c these require a bit more work, give yourself a about 10 additional minutes. UGH! Heat oil to 375 degrees or until a bread cube sizzles on contact. Aprende cómo hacer los famosos tostones de plátano verde y sorprende a todos son un aperitivo diferente y original. I’m gonna find you and get some of these! Sprinkle sea salt on the tostones, instead of sugar, and you can even do a really good garlic mojo to dip in or pour over. Tostones. Plátano maduro. Esta receta se prepara con mucha frecuencia en las zonas costeras de gran parte de América Latina, en especial en Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú y Brasil. Required fields are marked *. It can show some black speckles but it should be more yellow than anything. It’s that big giggle that, ✨5th Annual Bren + Friends Serve D.C.✨ Yummy! Remove tostones from oil and place on paper towels. Ben: Sour cream is a no-no for me, but I could see why it works. [NOTE: To mix in a blender or food processor: Add garlic, salt and cilantro and pulse to combine, taking care not to overblend. I actually have had the pleasure of Chef Bren’s Maduros and Tostones. Tostones. Ingredientes: 1 conejo; 50 gr de zanahoria; 50 gr de puerro ; 50 gr de apio; 50 gr de cebolla; 1 bouqué ganní; 4 plátanos maduros; 1 pimentón; 1 cebolla blanca; 2 tomates maduros; 1 diente de ajo; 100 gr páprika; 100 gr de huevos; Preparación: Pitar el conejo con las verduras y las hierbas aromáticas. A completely different taste and a bit more labor intensive, I think you’ll love these more, especially if you don’t a have a sweet tooth. You can eat plátanito frito with anything! When I lived in Va, I used to shop for super ripe and right at point plantains at this African market right across the street from my rinky-dink (in size) apartment. Consta de plátanos verdes sin madurar en combinación con aceite vegetal y sal. En un mesón agregamos un poco de harina y extendemos la masa (ya preparada o puedes ubicar la receta en internet) de forma pareja, cortamos tiras uniformes, y con ellas procedemo Sobre la rejilla del horno o una bandeja extender una lámina de papel para el horno. I’ve bookmarked this plantain encyclopedia. Oh yum! 8. Your blog is excellent!!! Add the oil in a thin stream and blend until emulsified. Los tostones de plátano son una preparación básica en la cocina latino americana, donde el plátano es un alimento de uso muy común. In medium skillet heat oil on high. For instance, El Salvadorans cut them thicker and pour a gallop of sour cream on top. Exdiputado de Venezuela es acusado de traficar toneladas de droga a EE.UU. The quarantine cooking is a real thing now. If you have any questions on how to prepare any one of these, please don’t hesitate to ask or email me! A plátano is used to make many Latino dishes and can be steamed, baked, or broiled, but to make tostones, the plantains are fried. Peel the plantains (this can be tricky; try scoring the skin in sections and peeling it by sections) and cut the plantain into 1-inch chunks. Normalmente, suele ser un acompañante de platos principales como pescado o carnes, junto con ensaladas y puré de patatas. My favourite way to eat plantains is either fried ripe plantain slices or pieces of very green plantain in salt fish stew! Tostones de plátano verde. I keep telling the people at my Publix that I eat them all the time and could they PLEASE leave some darker ones for me! Wow they look so perfect!! Return the smashed plantains to the oil and continue frying until golden brown and beginning to crisp up. I’m gonna have to go buy some platanos maduros en la guaguita de viandas. Man I wish I could find some decent plantains in SE Michigan/NW Ohio. I would love to help you take away some of the stress but also engage them in something they could learn an... Tostones, Maduros, Platano Y Other Things…. Clemencia Suarez "Platanos Maduros" en Pinterest. With a paring knife, cut off ends of plantain, about 1/2″. INSTAGRAM | I made some really flavorful plaintain fritters here: Aceptar. Great information and instruction Bren. Estas tiritas se fríen en pequeños grupitos. I hate that drive more than anything else… You gotta do what you gotta do! Eat well, love unapologetically, pray with true intention, and take care of yourself. SKU: 7702189045707 Categoría: Platanitos - Tostones. Si optas por uno maduro, en lugar de hacer los clásicos tostones acabaríamos elaborando más bien unas tajadas y este no es el plato que queremos. This process is the same way we make a number of other plantain dishes, including “fufu“ or those cheese balls I mentioned earlier. . The plátano is a large green, un-ripened plantain. Los Fritos Maduros, como les llamamos los dominicanos, para diferenciarlos de los Tostones, o Fritos Verdes, también son muy populares en otros países de Latinoamérica. Oh! The largest exporter of plantains to the United States is Colombia. Los tostones o patacones son una guarnición muy habitual en las cocinas de Centro y Sudamérica. Burger King’s crispy and spicy chicken sandwich at 9 am did really mean things to me 10 minutes later. Soñar con racimo de plátano. Many of you left comments wanting recipes for either tostones and maduros, both which are eaten ALL the time in my parents’ home, my apartment and every other Latino family in the world. Growing up and till this day I always try to make plantain with any Cuban or Latin dinner I cook. that’s what I’M talkin’ ’bout! Thank you Bren for dropping by my page…..this was a very good detailed article, and as Bee wrote, we re crazy about this …….we make savory dishes with the green plaintains and use ripe ones for sweet snacks & desserts and sometimes in savory preps too….I am happy to come across this article . I’ve had tostones when dining out, but not at home. Los tostones de plátano macho, ... La clave para que unos patacones o tostones de plátano macho sean deliciosos, es que elijamos siempre el plátano verde. Remove from skillet and place on cutting board. Bollo pelón con ensalada rallada y plátano sancochado . Toma nota de la receta y anímate a prepararlos. Doing off site cooking—ugh. But you can go forward with it anyway. Hay 1 personas apuntadas!!! Ask me anything! Información adicional Valoraciones (0) Información adicional. Se sirven como entrada o acompañante para una gran variedad de platos típicos en Latinoamérica. 0 thoughts on “ Tostones, Maduros, Platano Y Other Things… Ben on February 19, 2008 at 9:42 am said: I love platano macho (that’s how we call it in Mexico) One of the ways we eat the really ripe ones is fried then cut lengthwise and topped with strawberry jelly, cream, condensed milk and chocolate syrup. Este año no tengo mucho tiempo para preparar un gran festín Slimply Gluten-free: Uhm….not enough sleep yet. Again, they don’t have to be this ripened, but it’s what I had around tonight). Empanadas de plátano. ESPECIFICACIONES ORGANOLÉPTICAS. How to Make Platanos Maduros (Sweet Fried Plantains) Plantains have circled the globe - they've journeyed from Asia to Africa to the Americas. I am hungry now. I am a firm believer everything is better with garlic (and butter) and I do love a good platter of tostones topped with mojito. Estas Arepas de plátano maduro son sencillamente deliciosas. See more ideas about Caribbean recipes, Hispanic food, Cooking recipes. Not my cup of tea at all, but clearly it works for them. That’s gonna change! A plantain is a related to a banana, but cannot be eaten raw. I’ve since tried to imitate the style and grace it took her to make them so on point, and I failed at being able to replace or replicate her technique. Relleno de Platano Maduro. Whoa!!! En un bol añadir el plátano cortado, agregar el aceite, el ajo en polvo y la sal. Puerto Rican Dishes Puerto Rican Cuisine Puerto Rican Recipes Puerto Rico Food Spanish Food Spanish Recipes Good Food Yummy Food Island Food. La receta es muy sencilla y también le encantará a todos en la casa. As it continues to ripen, the skin starts turning black and the more black the skin is the sweeter the plantain. En Cuba, por ejemplo, se les conoce como Maduritos, y se les encuentra acompañando un rico almuerzo de Congrí, y en Puerto Rico les llaman Plátanos Maduros. Nota: Según la Asociación Americana para la Diabetes, el consumo de una porción de fruta fresca cad… El cocinero puertorriqueño Anónimo San Juan, 1859. 15-nov-2020 - Explora el tablero de Ma. Think great music, Grammy nominee, etc… . Pleasant food memories are powerful and plátanos maduros are filled with sweet memories for me. What are Maduros? I sure hope plantains are on the menu for tomorrow = ). In medium skillet, heat oil on high and fry on each side until golden brown. I’ll keep a look out though. If anyone want to know a good way to eat platano chips i went to this place that served a bowl of chips with a black bean dip!!yum!! But not plantain! Thank you so much! ¿Cómo? Entrar. Are we tired of being in the house yet? Soñar con racimos de plátano es una representación de la estabilidad financiera. Esperate…. Add the plantains to the oil and fry them, turning gently, until softened and golden brown-about 2 minutes. Bueno gracias por compartir y que dios la bendiga. Hamburguesa con plátano. Thanks for all the info, really helpful. Fry plantain for 2 minutes on each side. Las arepas son sin duda uno de los platos típicos de Colombia, Venezuela y otros países donde se disfrutan estas delicias; En mi país se comen de mil formas y esta versión de arepas de plátano maduro es adecuada a una que mi abuela solía hacer los fines de semana. 8. Using the palm of your hand, mash the plantain until it’s flattened out into a nice patty size. See more ideas about Plantains, Recipes, Food. Pueden servirse solos o rociados con jugo de limón, con queso blanco rallado, mojo de ajo y cilantro, y hasta cubiertos con ensaladas y algunas salsas. This other way of deep fried plantain is very popular. Cover the fried plantains with a piece of parchment and smash the plantains with the back of a pot until flattened to 1/4". Your email address will not be published. Colocar una a una las chips de plátano, cuidando bien que no se monte una sobre otra. La felicito por tan lindo trabajo y material pero no da las recetas, la del Mojo y naranja agria. I’ll send you some if you want! O “arañitas”, como las llaman en Puerto Rico, se preparan con plátano verde, pero a diferencia de los tostones o mariquitas, el plátano se ralla en tiritas finas. (Bueno, tal vez por que estamos en Marzo…). ¡Qué sabroso es el plátano macho! Croquetas de Plátano Maduro y Conejo Cocina Colombiana. With the same knife, peel plantain and sprinkle nutmeg or sugar on top. DESCRIPCIÓN: Tostones medianamente fritos, congelados y empacados, listos para refreír o calentar en freidora. A banana (guineo) is a fruit and eaten as such, while the plantain (plátano) must be cooked like a vegetable before consumption and can be served in both savory and sweet applications. El plátano es un ingrediente esencial de la cocina caribeña y el acompañamiento perfecto para cualquier plato. They were very black and soft on the outside but they didn’t taste as sweet as I was hoping. Yummy! Nunca puedo conseguir platanos en DC! Almost wanna make me start cooking……not really! Tenemos una gran variedad de plátanos para complacer a todos los gustos. De izquierda a derecha: 1. plátano muy maduro de color negro-amarillo 2. plátano maduro de color amarillo 3. plátano … Recetas de Ligero batido de pomelo y plátanos maduros en robot ClickChef de Moulinex y muchas más recetas de postres con plátano maduro I will get into the fancy way of having plantain, though you just might have to wait for the book! Do you have any insight as to these sauces that can be served with tostones? Cook tostones per steps above. Además de galletas y bizcochos, el plátano maduro se puede aprovechar para hacer todo tipo de tartas, más dulces, ideales para disfrutar en familia o llevar a casas de amigos. Hay dos tipos diferentes de plátanos fritos, uno es tostones, que es un plátano verde que es dos veces frito y crujiente. Su maduración influye en sus actitudes y en su producción, garantizando prestigio entre los empleados. If you them to have a garlicky taste, chop 1 clove and saute until garlic is browned. Ver más ideas sobre recetas con platano, recetas, recetas para cocinar. Really ripe, sweet, and the fastest way of preparing. It might not form all that great and start to break apart. Thanks for the very informative post. A favorite steak sauce I created years ago and have modified several times makes it on this Father's Day segment with my good friends at Good Day Atlanta. I loved plantain recipes but I have never seen this one, it is so elegant, and unique way to cook plantain! El plátano maduro tiene un IG de 51, mientras que la CG aproximada es de 10 (retomando la porción de 1 banano mediano). Pon montoncitos de pimiento en el plato y coloca encima el lomo de merluza. 3. Deep fry for about 2-3 minutes, or until golden. Peel the plantains and cut into 1-inch pieces. I love tostones with my rice and sour cream, that is the best! . GALLETAS DE FRUTOS … I am forever in your debt for these recipes!!! Then theres the platanos fritos that are just about the best dessert ever. Man, talk about work. I LOVE plantains! This is pure plantain heaven! TOSTONES PRE-FRITOS Y CONGELADOS. Okay I’m out friends. Of course, if I was looking for green plantains (which wasn’t as often), I could always find that. But I have to try your way they look almost just like the tostones I fell in love with once, hopefully we could reunite lol. Peso: 0.045 kg: Valoraciones No hay valoraciones aún. Using same knife, slice into the plantain diagonally, making your pieces about 1″ thick. pues al ver las fotos tan bien tomadas, se antoja uno y le provoca pues tan delicioso plato pero no tenemos la receta, deberia poner las receta asi tendra gente satisfecha y contenta y mucho mas seguidores en su blog. Úsalo en cualquiera de tus deliciosas recetas latinas. The problem lies in not always being able to find ripe ones, last minute. Details at: let me know! Arepas de Plátano Maduro. I love it with the mojo when I add a bit of orange zest. Really. I decided to DRIVE home to DC for a much needed break and lots of cookin’ in mi madre’s kitchen. Pour canola oil into a heavy bottomed pan to a depth of 2-inches. Acompaña con las chips de plátano frito, espolvorea con perejil picado y sirve. plátano macho cada 2 personas • ajo • Plátanos maduros o Guineo maduro por persona • plátano macho o Guineo verde • Mortero o similar para los tostones • mandolina o similar para las mariquitas Instead, I made a bee line for the cocina and had carne ripiada or ropa vieja with black beans and rice. They are a labor of love and I will make them upon request for my family, however, between the two variations of plantains my absolute favorite is the maduro version. These 3 are just really easy and basic. September 2, 2010 at 12:31 am. Y Digame, donde se encuentra esa tienda africana en VA? plantain chips are the signature food of kerala. Great blog! GOOGLE+ |YOUTUBE. Se trata de sustituir el pan por pan de plátano de Canarias. Puedes hacerlo frito, al horno, cocinarlo maduro o verde y mezclarlo con otros ingredientes que destaquen su sabor como el queso o la mantequilla. Ver más ideas sobre recetas con platano, recetas de comida, plátano. This recipe is … Plantains are a staple food in the tropical regions of the world, treated in much the same way as potatoes and with a similar neutral flavour and texture when unripe. Now you know me being from barbados i need some plantains in my life. Tostones and maduros both start with a plantain. I used to love to go to my God moms house and get those nice perfectly fried green plantains. Según la American Diabetes Association, un plátano de 6 pulgadas o más corto tiene alrededor de 18,5 gramos de hidratos de carbono, un plátano de 7 a 8 pulgadas puede contener entre 27 y 31 gramos de carbohidratos y un plátano grande de más de 9 pulgadas puede tener hasta 35 o más gramos de hidratos de carbono. By the way love your blog. ✨LAUGH MUÑECA✨ They’re all pretty nasty around these parts this time of year. Hopefully I can try some of these dishes out soon enough!! Gracias Chef for the lovely recipe share with your fine self:), Your email address will not be published. Since most of us are still practicing social or physical distancing, staying in this weekend allo... Who knew coming up with recipes for kids to make would be such a fun task?! Thanks. Season immediately with salt. Heck, I can’t even find a good-looking tomatillo! along with her. Saved by Jisela Barros. Si optas por uno maduro, en lugar de hacer los clásicos tostones acabaríamos elaborando más … Oh, and congrats on the award! I had no idea, really, what I was getting into when I decided to offer free cooking classes for the kids  (no matter where in the world!) Tp make tostones, the platáno is peeled, cut on a diagonal angle into ovals, and fried, not once but twice, in canola oil. Donald: Encyclopedia? That was a big loss altogether and it also took some of my favorite foods to eat with her with recipes going to D.R. No uso de alérgenos. I will spare you. You see the local making tostones on the side of the street with big wooden paddles. Recetas para patacones o tostones de plátano de canarias en motores de búsqueda - por lo menos 1 y recetas perfectas para patacones o tostones de plátano de canarias. When the plátano is ripened it turns yellow, like a banana, and becomes sweet to the taste. Los rellenos son riquísimos, los puedes hacer con pollo, carne molida, bacalao; la receta de hoy será con “Corned Beef” y plátano maduro. También conocido como canoas de plátano. Se trata del equivalente a las tajadas en el plátano maduro, pero el sabor es más salado, y su textura es firme y seca. Se puede acompañar con un poco de zumo de limón para potenciar el sabor si así se desea. I urge you to try both and let me know what you think—we’ll post a poll to see who will win this debate! Many of you left comments wanting recipes for either tostones and maduros, both which are eaten ALL the time in my parents’ home, my apartment and every other Latino family in the world. Why don’t I think of them more often? plátanos verdes, plátano maduro, huevos, peq vainilla, sal, canela en polvo, bicarbonato, Miel Mary Chaurio. Merluza con tostones de plátano. Recetas de Plátano maduro frito con la freidora de aire y muchas más recetas de platano frito. I have made it about 5 other different ways, including plantain cheese balls–YUM! ¡Qué sabroso es el plátano macho! En la segunda foto puedes ver plátanos en sus tres diferentes fases. Aquí se presenta la versión gruesa de los tostones. The problem lies in not always being able to find ripe ones, last minute. If I was really pressed, I’d run instead of drive. Fry again for about 3 minutes or until golden. Though you will want to get a really dark looking plantain, with little to not yellow and definitely NO green, you may hit or miss depending on the internal ripening. My mom buys those often and in fact, has some at home now…this is why I love coming home! To make plátanos sancochados (the way Cubans say it) you want to get an “in between” plantain that is more ripe than green. Twice fried plantains are also the base of the ‘Jibarito’ sandwich made famous in Chicago, but that’s will have to wait for another recipe story! plátanos maduros, Queso Carne molida (relleno de su preferencia), Afrecho o harina o maizina (opcional), huevo (opcional) samael mata. How To Make Smoked & Spicy Oxtails in the Pressure Cooker, FREE Online Kids’ Cooking Class with Bren,,, Sexy Shoe Sunday: Brian Atwood 'Fontanne', Spring Into a Healthier, More Beautiful You {SMT}, Finding French Inspiration in Riviera Maya, Mexico: A Convo con el Chef & Video, "Viva Vegan!" Plátano Hawaiano, producto pre procesado. Lys: Let me know how it goes for you. Nidos de plátano. As I mentioned earlier, there are about 10 or so different ways of cooking plantain that I know of and have had. El tostón es el preparado de plátano verde que tiene mayor demanda. Place 12 plantain slices in the oil and fry, flipping occasionally,  until just starting to to turn brown (2-3 minutes). Peeled and sliced diagonally into 1″pieces, they are deep fried until golden brown. Pour oil to a depth of 1/2 inch into a heavy bottomed skillet. La clave en este caso, como con muchas otras frutas, es la moderación, ya que su consumo excesivo sí puede ser contraproducente y elevar los niveles de glucosa en sangre. I'm cooking wa... Hey, friends! When will you be back in the area? The plátano is an essential ingredient in many Latino households,-in the same way a potato is a kitchen staple in other cultures. I figured with all the deep frying I was getting ready to do, running to and fro would probably be a good idea. Remove from boiling water. I’m in plantain heaven…, Hey Bren, your blog has been chosen for an Excellent blog award An example are the ones I cooked a few hours ago. Ayer pudimos probar en clase una especialidad del Caribe y otros países hispanos: tostones de plátano. 1,98 € Agotado. Toni: Ooh baby platanos are sooo good. Thanks, Bren!! Tostones de plátano verde. Peel the plantains and cut them in half length-wise. Not hardly but I will take the compliment! Damn, this vanilla chai tea is NOT doing it for me right now…(now 2 am). Preparación: Calienta el aceite a 375 °F en una sartén de 12 pulgadas a fuego medio-alto o en una freidora profunda. Cut skin vertically, deep enough to see the yellowish meat. or even better go over to mamma halls house and eat some. It was a bit of work, and trial and error, but damn they were good. Growing up and even now, I am often asked to explain the difference between a plantain and a banana. I believe my moms Jamaican influence in my way of cooking is big part of why my results would differ from hers. Will put on my “must try” list! i’m from kerala in the southernmost tip of india, where we are crazy as the latinos are about plantains. Don’t know if I’ve had the boiled variety though, I’ll have to try! Sprinkle salt over top and serve. Cuanto más maduro esté el plátano, mejor para congelarlo porque resulta más cremoso. Place into preheated oil and fry for 5 minutes or until … LunaPier Cook:That sucks!! [: Reply. No importa cómo los llames: maduritos, platanitos fritos o amarillos, son una delicia. If you have brown paper bag, place the plantain in between paper. Los tostones son un aperitivo caribeño favorito que se sumerge en una salsa de ketchup de mayonesa o mojo. I love tostones. Maduros. 24-ene-2020 - Explora el tablero de terelopez1325 "Tostones de platano" en Pinterest. (These are waaaay too ugly but they were pretty good. When I’m done with them, I’m heading for the platanos! Me encanta tu manera incorporar la comida en tus anecdotas cotidianas! Un polo de plátano. Private Chef, Luxe Lifestylist & World Traveler. Este ingrediente, muy popular en la cocina latina, es ideal para acompañar diversos platos, pero además se trata de una alternativa versátil que puedes elaborar de distintas maneras. Maduros or plátano maduro are simply ripened plantains. This is also very simple and takes the longest of the three. We are mostly working from home now and you probably are trying to figure out how to keep the kids entertained and fed at the same time. Here’s a bonus recipe (just for reading): Put all ingredients (except cilantro) into a mortar and crush into a rough paste with pestle. I love platano macho (that’s how we call it in Mexico) One of the ways we eat the really ripe ones is fried then cut lengthwise and topped with strawberry jelly, cream, condensed milk and chocolate syrup. Something about the sweet taste of the plantains reminds me of sitting at a dinner table in Old San Juan or at the dining room table surrounded by family. Anyway, the Ghanaian owned bootleg shop was the only one near me that always had plantains I could cook that night. thanks for the PICS B!! Pull apart and peel. And mofongo of course! Cookbook Review & Two Recipes: Chimichurri Baked Tofu & Pickled Onion, 7 Tips To Find Inner Peace In The Midst of Chaos, Theme developed by TouchSize - Premium WordPress Themes and Websites. Great info on how to pick out the perfect plantain according to your culinary intentions! Cut plantain into 2-3″ chunks. Sazona los lomos del pescado y cocínalos a la plancha. I preferred the sweeter Maduros because I have a raging sweet tooth but the Tostones worked well with the recipe from the previous post as well. Remove from heat and with a brown paper bag, flatten them using the pressure of your palm (yeah the old traditional and practical way of doing it before “plantaneras” became available, if at all). Looks so yummy! Oh yeah, and a week long photo shoot for the book! !, but I’ll save those for some other time. De las recetas super fáciles de la gastronomía cubana, los chatinos o tostones de plátano verde, es una de ellas.