just spoke to you, what better way to earn a living than by sharing that passion with others? While not guaranteed, street performing musicians (aka busking) can bring in some good money! Duration : Bachelor’s Degree programs are 3 years long (each). Highly recommended! Hostels are one of the staples for travel work and are a phenomenal way to save money while travelling. If you have money that you can afford to lose (seriously, this shit carries risk) then day trading is one of the most exciting travel jobs out there right now. Travel writer 3. Wanderlust is a real thing. Many of the best travelling jobs for backpackers are super casual affairs such as seasonal work or temporary manual labour gigs. The downside is that you’ll have to work in close proximity to chefs and chefs are primadonnas. Really, truly, honestly — it’s not always a euphemism. While the first thought that typically comes to mind is commercial aircraft pilot positions, the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that 34% of pilots find work “dusting crops, spreading seed for reforestation, testing aircraft, flying passengers and cargo to areas not served by regular airlines, directing firefighting efforts, tracking criminals, monitoring traffic, and rescuing and evacuating injured persons.”. Expat jobs are only related to travel in that you’re working in a different country from your own. If you are already certified, get excited! Check out this list of 15 remote jobs that only require a bachelor’s degree. This is probably one of the best travel careers out there and there’s a pretty low barrier to entry – most native speakers can get a travel job teaching English. While you can make and sell anything, jewellery is certainly the backpacker artisans staple and I’ve met lots of people who make and sell jewellery whilst travelling. There are many areas of expertise to explore, but like any degree, they require hard work and dedication. The trick with these jobs is getting a car that’s going where you want to go at the right time. This industry is very competitive, but once you get your foot in the door you’ll be offered work left and right. Do you wish you could travel more but don’t have enough money? What’s the best part? © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Median annual wage: $78,830. Taking a TEFL course first will help you hit the ground running and hopefully will mean you won’t be a crap teacher; it’s a small investment that will help you get a better paying job in the long. Travel photographer 5. Covering your living costs is a fantastic start. Live on a chestnut farm in France. A quick glance at the web will tell you the possibilities are endless. Apply to Public Health Nurse, Trade Assistant, Locator and more! I’ve found paying work on goat farms, behind bars, in hostels, on construction sites, on beaches, and in many other places whilst backpacking the world. You know The Broke Backpacker – you know, the blog you’re reading right now – yeah, I’m The Broke Backpacker. It’s usually very easy to find some casual work as a backpacker. I’ve been traveling the world for nearly ten years now and have picked up lots of different travelling jobs on the road. Day trading is a really exciting – but  very nerve-wracking – way to make money while travelling. If you have experience or certification, getting tour guide work will be easy. or B.A. They may be ready to enter a higher education program, seeking to change careers at midlife, or planning for a future job change to meet new goals. Nope, the pay ain’t much. 7. Interview with an English Teacher in Japan. Prospective geoscientists should know that some states require them to earn a license. To make the most money though, you’ll have to frequently hit the road and stuff your backpack as well as have a good eye for stuff to take back home. Holiday representative 2. in psychology? We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! This is one of those travel jobs for someone with experience with or interest in marketing. Typically the pay won’t be very high (if at all) but you’ll get your experience up and get to sail the seven seas for free! You work in a bar and flirt with the customers. The Degree Program: And the education can be difficult, as landing a job in this field requires an advanced degree in Geology, Geophysics, or even Petroleum Engineering. Restaurant Manager. 12 Good-Paying Travel Jobs You Could Get Today. mobile app, LPNs/LVNs with 6 years of recent experience. As a newbie, you’ll have fewer options as far as your schedule, number of flight hours, and the destinations you visit. There will also be a security screening that includes physical and mental health exams, as well as extensive background checks. Via Facebook, I saw he had a pretty sweet little house on the beach with a pool and thought to myself “wow, he must have found a great teaching gig.”. 4. An oldie but a goodie. Clearly, this one requires some advance planning. It's a very common story amongst travel bloggers. Close. There is pay involved, although you will be constantly working to raise more money for your projects. A few examples: There are a ton more. Consider taking a course at the Super Yacht School. Join the Peace Corps The Peace Corps is long-standing and one of the most popular jobs that require travel abroad. Marketing executive 5. The problem with that is, it … 1. I’ve met and befriended some phenomenal stick-and-poke artists who earn money working while they travel. You don't need a master's degree or a doctorate to make more than $100,000. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you could consider any of the 15 jobs below. If you don’t have any work experience at all or if you feel like your current experience is not enough, working an entry-level job in another country is like hitting two birds in one stone -- you’ll get to gain work experience while also getting the chance to live abroad. There are several career options that involve traveling for individuals who do not have a degree. You feed their egos. Want to support the site? Obviously, this is an independent gig; the only requirements are that you play well enough to win 51% of the time. Look for them on any of the leading online job portals. Outdoor activities/education managerRemember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Three square meals per day and unlimited booze. You feed their egos. Doesn’t matter how the economy’s doing; the military is always hiring. A great resource for budding (and experienced) freelancers is the Matador Creators Community where you can network with cohorts and editors, as well as find all sorts of opportunities for travel journalists. The point is to become location independent, and you don’t have to write about travel to do so. Want to significantly increase your chances of getting hired on a superyacht or boat? Really, truly, honestly — it’s not always a euphemism. PayScale ranks the highest-paying jobs for gradutes with a bachelor's degree. Jobs that require travel and pay well, such as being an airline pilot, will offer you a chance to save up mega-money and to hopefully see parts of the world during your downtime but, in my opinion, these travel careers don’t have the same kind of freedom as being a digital nomad. If you aren’t, you can do it at home, or take advantage of many programs that exist in countries like Thailand and the Philippines. There are tens of thousands of farms spanning the globe, so where ever you wish to travel, WWOOF’s got you! or South Korea, where they’ll even pay for your accommodation. Personally, kids ain’t for me but if you are bubbly, happy, smiley and don’t mind cleaning up the sick, then there’s plenty of little ones who need a lovely person like you to help take care of them. But unless you’re prone to seasickness, cruise ships offer dozens of on-the-water travel jobs with widely varying educational and experience requirements. The largest employers of geologists are the oil and gas industries, and you can find yourself hopping from one “exotic” location to the next seeking out more sources for fossil-fuel energy. Check out: This post on working your way around the world on yachts. When in exotic countries you will find awesome nicks and nacks that people back home will go crazy over! 7 travel jobs that pay over $100,000 — plus you get free trips Published Thu, Jul 26 2018 10:53 AM EDT Updated Tue, Aug 21 2018 10:49 AM EDT Jimmy Im @Realjimmyim Salaries for air cabin crew members vary enormously based on the airline and experience, but in most cases you can expect to start higher than minimum wage. Teach English Abroad with a Bachelor’s Degree There are a number of careers in International Business that inherently require travel and transportation to meet, deal with, and work with people in different countries. 1. Affiliate marketing is basically being a middle man and is one of the most popular, proven, and sustainable ways to create income online. It’s usually very easy to find some casual work as a backpacker. Restaurants, construction, hotels, cruise ships, ski resorts, mining, deep-sea Alaskan fishing gigs, the list goes on! It may be the most obvious travel-related job, but it's also one of the most accessible: You don't need a specialized degree to become a flight attendant, and most major airlines only require prior customer service experience and a certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. I’ve found paying work on goat farms, behind bars, in hostels, on construction sites, on beaches, and in many other places whilst backpacking the world. This is certainly one of the noblest travel jobs on this list and it deserves a mention! Such traveling jobs are generally advertised directly by the airlines that provide about six weeks of training. A travel career: a whole new adventure! The Adventure: Providing a different work and travel experience, the Peace Corp is no joke. Thanks to the power of the internet, the world of teaching English online has opened new doors to native English speakers wanting to work from anywhere where  you have a solid internet connection. Rental companies often find themselves with too many cars in one destination and want to move them to an area where rentals are more in demand. Other requirements include passing a fairly strict physical exam, having perfect vision (with or without corrective lenses) and strong hearing, and not having physical handicaps that might impair performance. Want to know how you can show your support – find out here! Eligibility : 10+2 passed in any stream (Science, Commerce or Arts) is the minimum educational qualification required. If you live within the EU, you can also find tour guide work within Europerelatively easy (free walking tours, etc.) The Best Jobs You Can Get With Your College Major. Yoga continues to grow in popularity around the world, and yoga instructors are in high demand. All Bachelor Degree Travel jobs in Prince Edward Island on Careerjet.ca, the search engine for jobs in Canada I'm pursuing my bachelors in information technology, and am curious what my options are for traveling or work-from-home? While house sitting may not pay all of your travel bills, it can take a huge bite out of accommodation costs. Starting a blog was the best decision I ever made and is, in my opinion, the best travel job out there. Ski resorts are notorious for hiring travellers and often under the table. A bachelor's degree prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in fields like business, engineering, and technology. Jobs That Require Travel And No Degree 4. Typically you pet-sit for an extended amount of time, and in return are given free-reign over an entire house. Who qualifies to be a travel nurse? HitTheRoad.ca is a well known Canadian company that offers mostly long-distance, one way, one trip driving contracts for cars, while AutoDriveAway has listings for the USA. Chances are you’ll be able to find something you’re qualified to do on a ship. Busking can be surprisingly lucrative depending on what you do – and you can do it in pretty much any area that gets a lot of foot traffic. While I mentioned resorts and seasonal gigs before, skiing deserves its own holler. HELLO EVERYONE!! More Travel Jobs. This book is the culmination of over 10 years of travel and living on a shoestring budget. You get them to spend money on drinks. But you do get health insurance, student loan deferrals, and a pretty sweet bonus at the end of your Peace Corps service. Find tourism/travel bachelor degree jobs, entry level Tourism/Travel jobs in USA, UK, London, Europe, UAE, Dubai, Middle East, India, Asia, Australia, Canada. Getting a yoga certification CERTAINLY helps you stand out from the crowd but it necessarily isn’t needed. Or head over to Yoga Travel Jobs Directory and see if there are any worthwhile postings. Ideally, tour guides are experts in their niche, but sometimes a bit more knowledge than the average Joe will suffice. There are some jobs that will pay you to travel the world. Another option is to work as a freelance guide, particularly if you have a niche or specialty area, such as local cuisine or outdoor activities. The job of a marine scientist is to scour the oceans, learning about and protecting everything under, in, and including, the waves. Rachel Gillett. You don’t even need a gun! Will has been on the road for thirteen years, travelling to far-flung lands on a budget. Depending on the company you work for, you can choose your own schedule and commitment level that aligns with your own needs. You’ll start by simply submitting a resume and cover letter; eventually, you might be tested on subjects like world events and languages. If you are a fun-loving party animal with some social media/writing/promoting skills then you could be a candidate to score a job as a brand ambassador for a tour business specializing in party-based tours. You can then choose to make this your permanent career, or to use it as a stepping stone while you study further. After pursuing the generalized courses also, one could find a job in the travel and tourism sector. What you study in college affects your salary more than where you go. Housesitting gigs rarely pay as but you can’t really complain as their still jobs that allow you to travel near-indefinitely. Becoming a professional traveling photographer can open a door to endless opportunities if you are ready to invest time and be disciplined. The best way to find a bar job is just to walk around and ask if the bars are looking for any help. This was offered as a bachelor’s degree option back when I was earning my bachelor’s in music, and if I could rewind time I might consider it more carefully. According to TravelNursing.com: The pay and benefits are great, assignments can be long or short-term, and in many cases, housing is provided. Other options include community organizations and hospitals, as well as any type of event which involves international competitors or attendees. One can find legitimate and decent-paying construction work in Australia or New Zealand. When I lived in Brazil, airport security kept a careful eye on foreigners coming in with electronics, especially Apple products, which are insanely expensive in the country and which visitors can sell for a cheaper price to locals and still make a killing. Check out: This Peace Corps volunteer’s blog all about her experiences volunteering in Vanuatu. The training is extensive, but the travel benefits are obvious. If a person wants a good job that pays well and involves extensive travel, they should be prepared to put in the work necessary to reach that kind of position. Drugs, booze, and nights of wanton debauchery – excellent! then that’s a good one. Learn how to travel the world for less than $10 per day with the Backpacker Bible! Many seasonal jobs in lodges or working the lifts are widely available. While not the highest paying travel career, finding work as a yoga instructor is one of the more assured ways to work and travel. Grab your copy of the Backpacker Bible for Free! You get them to spend money on drinks. Pay for this gig is typically minimum wage, but it comes with travel privileges. I could go into the nitty-gritties but, let’s be honest, this is another platform in much the same vein as the previous two. Come down under where you can travel and work for a year or maybe two! An au pair is essentially a nanny or babysitter that may also do light housework. Reservation agent 17. Some of these may be fairly obvious, but many are likely ones you haven’t thought of before. Being a flight attendant isn’t as glamorous as it once was, but if you are looking to work and travel, this is a fantastic travel career. Pretty soon, you’ll be making money while travelling; so much so that some of my friends will not even stay at their own place when they return to their hometown. It’s a great way to make 1,000% or more on your investments. 195 International Travel Required $60,000 jobs available on Indeed.com. Culinary tour guide 6. If you have some cooking abilities or some legitimate kitchen experience you can find a job by asking around at kitchens in hotels, cruise ships, boats, or retreats. It doesn’t have to mean sex or the type of “massage” in which quotations are required. Start looking now at potential agencies to work with – considering a job with VIPKID would be a good place to start. Common entry-level degree: Bachelor’s degree. The most obvious of the traveling jobs, people assume that travel writers are barely scraping by. After achieving a bachelors degree in international studies, if you go on to earn a masters degree or doctorate degree in a more specific field of that particular study or if you build up a few years of experience, you will qualify for … I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Jobs Local US Jobs Register Advertisers Online Edu TOEFL TEFL Visas Games. You’ll get free lodging and food, and likely some pocket change for the weekend if your volunteering in Europe. Whether you're still on a high from studying abroad or are simply looking for a new life experience, we can't blame you for wanting to travel after you graduate. There is a difference: An interpreter works with spoken languages, while translators deal with written languages. Do you love traveling so much you want to make a career out of it? It really does offer a path to a wide range of arts jobs and provides knowledge that will help you succeed. 8. Seriously, there are plenty of rich folks out there with boats that need a few good men or women. This is one of those travel jobs for someone with experience with or interest in marketing. Jobs directly related to your degree include: 1. Some airlines may prefer you have some sort of degree, but it’s rarely required. Japan, China, Thailand, and Vietnam are also popular options. It’s a career that cuts through complex intercultural issues—helping you make a lasting impact on global organizations all while positioning yourself for professional advancement. 2017-07-18T22:12:00Z The letter F. An envelope. You could be a travel writer or a diving instructor, a tour guide or a cruise ship entertainer. Next time you’re walking by a street performer, take a look at their tip jar. Take a look at some of the options available to those who want to travel, along with salary and job growth information. CRUISE SHIP CREW: For the love of the sea travel but bereft of the responsibility of the navy personnel . These items will be authentic and dirt cheap. As well as a bachelor’s degree, you may well require a … Head to a park or the beach and BOOM! One option for wannabe tour guides is to seek out a tour company in the area and apply for work. Every year Stoke Travel gives 100+ regular travellers the opportunity to work and travel for free by volunteering at events or doing internships in their Barcelona and Byron Bay Office. I’d say that over 75% of my personal income comes from affiliate marketing. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.