Position one of the hides over the heating pad. Female tenrecs can be cohoused but males should be kept solitary. The tailless tenrec is a forest animal, but it is highly adaptable and will eat whatever it can find. What Do Lesser Tenrecs Eat? Once the babies are born, the female must be left alone or she may eat them. The species of tenrecs that people keep as pets, eat many different types of insects. Wilson loves mealworms, darkling beetles, and morio worms. While pet tenrecs can (and should) eat kibble, it's generally agreed upon that they should also have live insects as a large part of their diet (3-4 times a week at … The primary food of both the species the highland and lowland streaked Tenrecs are earthworms. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and they live only in Madagascar. Most tenrecs will prefer to eat live insects and other protein sources, but will graze on the kibble occasionally. The species has therefore not suffered from the deforestation that has occurred in Madagascar and elsewhere. Instead it has adapted to life alongside humans … What do Highland Streaked Tenrecs Eat? “They will eat young hissing cockroaches and Egyptian cockroaches. Greater Madagascar tenrecs are spiky, nocturnal, insect-eating small mammals. Streaked Tenrec survival traits: The quills present in them are longer and more numerous on the head, and nuchal area can detach predators. Tenrec diet is based on invertebrates. Tenrecs are insectivorous and their main diet is insects, worms, and bugs. Things that tenrecs eat Place on Earth where tenrecs live Length of time that they live in the wild What type of animal a tenrec is Skills Practiced. Items such as crickets, earthworms, locusts, mealworms, roaches, slugs, snails and waxworms. In the wild, lesser hedgehog tenrecs eat … I have worked with three lesser hedgehog tenrecs and all of them been very kind. They can also eat cooked meats and egg and also need a high-quality kitten kibble to help their teeth. In the wild, tenrecs are almost completely insectivorous, with the occasional fruit or meat if they come across it. Treats – Small amounts of fruits, vegetables, cooked eggs or meat, wet cat food, and baby foods can be offered occasionally as treats. Some commercial foods are available – labeled insectivore diet – but they will also take a few snacks. Tenrecs are insectivores and so this should form the majority of their diet. Despite this immediate threat during the first week after giving birth, Tenrec females make excellent mothers and will usually raise all 2-4 babies to the point of weaning with little or no trouble whatsoever. Provide at least one hide box for each animal. Tenrecs will use a sand spot reliably as a litterbox area. Diet Requirements. Whilst in this state they will eat very little and once out of brumation they will eat extra to offset this. The streaked tenrec is the only mammal species, practicing stridulation - this is when an animal rubs together parts of its body to give out sound. Though sometimes confused with hedgehogs, tenrecs are actually members of a different order. This technique is more common for insects and snakes. Insects and their larvae are the most commonly consumed prey items.