Easy to grow, loves wet sites that are prone to waterlogging. Unfortunately local laws prevent us from shipping this item to the following locations. How To Select The Best Fertilizer For Dogwood Tree. Pink Flowering Dogwood is an important source of food for songbirds. Flowering trees are an essential part of any beautiful garden and there are many to choose from, especially in warmer areas. The short & sweet answer is: "United States Department of Agriculture Restrictions." Dogwood Trees are among the most common trees that grow in almost every state. Three Year Guarantee Available. 5.5-Gallon Pink Pink Flowering Dogwood Flowering Tree in Pot (L3181) Item #98380 Model #562. Those grown for their leaves are some of the most beautiful foliage shrubs. Growth Rate: 2 ft per year Mature Height: 25′ Mature Width: 25′ Zones: 5-9 Flowering Blooms Available: White, Pink … You will find Dogwood trees for sale at Johnson Brothers Greenhouses. Dogwoods grown for the colour of their stems light up the winter garden. Right: Via BFS.biz Left: Via Eurodogwoods.com #2: Cornus k. Satomi: Cornus k. Satomi offers heavenly pink bracts in Spring and is an upright spreading cultivar that attracts butterflies. Dogwood trees are a natural soil improver, as their leaf litter decomposes at a faster rate than other species. This product is currently out of stock and unavailable. Shop Fall Color! Get Pricing and Availability. Mix plenty of organic material into the soil before planting. ... Cornus kousa 'Kristin Lipka's Variegated Weeper' PP 13384 Kristin Lipka's Variegated Weeping Kousa Dogwood. Each tree and plant is guaranteed to grow, or we’ll replace it within one year of shipment. adroll_pix_id = "T5DEBSDHVFG4FA3KSLHHKJ"; This variety of flowering dogwood was first noticed and recorded by plant hunter Marc Catesby in 1731. It does best in soil that is well drained but not dry, so sandy and loamy soils are best as long as they stay moist. With the option of ordering either standard or semi-dwarf trees and either bare-root or potted, be sure to consider the benefits of each option when deciding which is best for you. Growing Zones: 2-9 Up to 11% off. For pink flowers, 'Miss Satomi', 'Cherokee Sunset' and florida rubra are great choices. The pink dogwood is an important source of food for many small birds and mammals including robins, cardinals and waxwings. Plants grown from branch cuttings will not survive cold winters and although these plants may be offered by other nurseries, our plants have been produced the correct way to give hardy plants. Immediate Delivery. Your new Pink Flowering Dogwood tree offers great winter interest with red fruit and rust accents on smooth gray bark. But unlike other springtime bloomers, you get unbelievable color variation. Get all the details below!

Dogwood Trees belong to the genus Cornus and are a popular small to mid-sized specimen tree with masses of white, pink or red flowers in late spring followed by striking fall foliage on most varieties. This Elegant pink dogwood starts blooming when only 4-6' tall. A pink flowering variety of kousa dogwood which flowers in early summer. This tree will grow in partial shade so it is especially useful for bringing color to shady gardens with large trees and it is an easily grown tree in the right conditions. The bark is smooth and very dark grey in color. Read More. Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus, are graceful spring-flowering trees that produce an abundance of large, four-petal white, pink or red flowers at the ends of stems on twisting branches that have a unique, handsome grey bark.They make for a beautiful statement in partially shaded landscape and woodland borders. Unfortunately if you live above 2,000 feet in the eastern states Pink Dogwood will not do well due to its susceptibility to disease in those areas. Our native Pink Flowering dogwood is a wonderful small tree. Buy your plants and trees online for 33% less than big box stores and gardens centers. They often have blooms on them in the spring and summer, but you'll usually notice leaves on Dogwood … These appear in spring with the leaves and remain for weeks, gradually fading and dropping. You will receive email notifications along the way on the progress of your order, as well as tracking information to track your plants all the way to their new home! They are distinctive, with four petal-like bracts around the central flowers. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Once your order is placed online, our magic elves get right to work picking, staging, boxing and shipping your trees. Perfect for a smaller garden, or for the wooded areas of larger gardens, the Pink Dogwood is a special tree that can be grown easily in many areas. Trustpilot. Note: Don't Ship to CA. The Pink Dogwood prefers slightly acidic soil and a position in partial shade, such as the edge of a wooded area. As well as flowers, some plants have colored leaves and other show their colors in their stems. Free delivery on orders >£60. Pink Kousa Dogwood has a shrub like form and is a great idea for along … About the Dogwood Tree. This is the Chinese Dogwood, and features a mass of large white blossom, followed by attractive autumn leaf colours. Cornus mas. Please note, replacements must be the same root type as the original items ordered. If you want a parade of color outside your window, then this is the tree for you. Pink Flowering Dogwood is an important source of food for songbirds. Just as beautiful and versatile as our native American cultivar but with vibrant medium pink flowers instead. Has large bracts to 5" across, early , heavy every year. It does not tolerate foot traffic, and it needs cool soil in order to thrive. This tree is usually considered to be the most beautiful of America’s flowering trees and grows from Maine to west to Illinois and Kansas and south into Florida, Texas and into Mexico. They readily adapt to many soils and climates. Regarded as one of the best of the smaller spring flowering trees, it makes an excellent specimen tree and is well suited to smaller gardens. Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items. Saved by John Spencer. They need planted at the correct depth, watered and cared for in a way that is favorable to the plant’s health, and protected from the elements and animals. Dogwood Trees. Signaling the start of spring with a wave of bright blooms, the Pink Dogwood Tree is an iconic flowering variety. When the tree showcases its colors in the spring, you'll see white flowers that can sometimes appear light pink. Like other dogwoods, the pink varieties are very good landscape trees for the rest of the year, too, with green foliage that turns purplish in fall, and reddish berries that draw butterflies and birds. Apply thick mulch over the root zone after planting and again each spring. The actual flowers are small, green and insignificant and carried in small clusters, but they are surrounded by four modified leaves, called bracts, creating a ‘flower’ that is 3 to 4 inches across. PAPCOOL Pink Dogwood Tree- 2 Year Old, 10-18" Tall -Gorgeous Rose Pink Flowers Plant. When you order trees from The Arbor Day Foundation, your order is guaranteed to arrive in a good, healthy condition or we’ll replace them at no charge. A very hardy flowering tree that is an excellent additin to any landscape. Cherokee Brave Dogwood. 3.63-gallon. Browse & Buy at Nursery. A graceful, low-branched tree will add four-season beauty to your yard. Grow your fruit trees, berry plants, nut tree, and berry plants at home for savings at the grocery store. Stellar Pink® Dogwood is known for its huge and plentiful light pink blooms that cover it in early spring. Use Current Location. Anthracnose resistant and sending out its leaves before its blooms like the former, it also boasts the more rounded “petals” of the latter . Buy hardy palm … Deep pink flowers. Your trees will be shipped at a suitable time for planting. Native Area: Eastern Asia, Greenland, northern North America; USDA Growing Zones: 2–6; Height: 3–9 inches; Sun Exposure: Part shade; Pink Dogwood May Be America's Most Beloved Dogwood. Growing Zones: 5-9 Up to 16% off. All rights reserved. The Pink Dogwood is a natural form of the American Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida). Buy affordable Pink Dogwood trees at our online nursery. Holds color for 3 or 4 weeks. Green leaves follow these beautiful bracts, and it makes a very nice … Dig a hole three times wider than the pot and place your tree in the centre of the hole at the same depth that it is in the pot. Flowering Dogwood is one of the finest native flowering trees and is a good specimen tree. Free Shipping On All Orders Over $99. Seedling plants will usually produce only white flowers. $12.99 shipping. The Arbor Day Foundation unfortunately cannot fulfill any refund or replacement requests without the proper images or documentation that supports the claim. Stellar Pink is a hybrid of American Dogwood crossed with Japanese Dogwood which results in much stronger vigor and resistance to dogwood borer and disease. 99. This type of Dogwood tree for sale has vibrant red berries and a beautiful fall color. Contact Us. Their flowers are actually a deep pink with a white center and they are one of the smaller varieties of dogwood, growing to about 15 feet at their maximum height. Call us: (888 ) 329-0140 ... making an elegant beautiful tree for all seasons. Flowering dogwood. Nursery containers come in a variety of different sizes, and old-school nursery slang has stuck. Cornus florida 'Karen's Appalachian Blush' PP 13165 Karen's Appalachian Blush Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida 'Pink Flame' Pink Flame Flowering Dogwood Cornus florida 'Rutnut' Red Pygmy® PP 15219 Red Pygmy® Flowering Dogwood White Dogwood. It … Best in part-shade, but tolerates full sun. Guaranteed. Deciduous, flowering tree; Pink, biscuit-shaped blossoms from March to May Red berries in fall are a favorite of songbirds. Guaranteed. 3.25-gallon. The tree has simple, oval-shaped leaves that may be up to 6 inches long and are a dark green color. The fruit provides an excellent source of winter food for birds. Flowering Dogwood trees (Cornus florida and Cornus kousa) have large flower bracts in late spring to early summer that come in shades of white to rich pink. Cornus x ‘Rutgan’ Stellar Pink. adroll_products = [{"product_id":"3751","price":"0.00","category":"dogwood trees"}]. Shop our selection of Dogwoods for sale online with free shipping over $99. Significant changes since opening. Buy your plants and trees online for 33% less than big box stores and gardens centers. Pink Flowering Dogwood: Cornus florida var. View Details. In fact, millions of seedlings and budded trees are produced every year for commercial nurseries around the country. 2.25-gallon. Pink Flowering Dogwood Trees for Sale Online. Some are small trees smothered in spring with large white flowers and others have brightly colored twigs in red, yellow and ac… adroll_language = "en_US"; Known as dogwood or cornels there are around 60 species of cornus, ranging from low, creeping, sub shrubs to large trees. 6.08-gallon. Buy Pink Chinese Dogwood Tree - FREE SHIPPING - Cornus kousa 'Satomi' For Sale Online From Wilson Bros Gardens. Flowering Trees. 2.25-gallon. A brilliant small ornamental tree, Cornus florida ‘Rubra’ is commonly called the “Pink Flowering Dogwood”. Leaves are bronze-green to yellow-green when unfolding, usually a good dark green in summer, fall color is a consistent red to reddish purple.Forms a small low-branched tree with horizontally spreading lines, layered effect, usually with a flat topped crown and often wider than high at maturity. You can choose to become a member during checkout. White Flowering Dogwood- Pink Dogwood- Kousa Dogwood- Dogwood … In Summer bright red berries follow on and Autumn the foliage takes on hues of purple and red. However it will also grow in clay soil that does not stay constantly wet. PAPCOOL Pink Dogwood Tree- 2 Year Old, 10-18" Tall -Gorgeous Rose Pink Flowers Plant. This is a good tree for planting near utility lines, next to buildings, or near patios. 2.25-Gallon Pink Pink Flowering Dogwood Flowering Tree in Pot (L3181) Item #94340 Model #NURSERY. We measure from the top of the soil to the top of the tree; the height of the container or the root system is never included in our measurements. Grow your fruit trees, berry plants, nut tree, and berry plants at home for savings at the grocery store. The Pink Dogwood is an amazing special form of the white native dogwood tree, that has not white, but gorgeous deep-pink flowers smothering the tree every spring. Copyright © 2020 Arbor Day Foundation. Home. This is one of a number of … … Buy hardy palm trees and bamboo plants at low prices for fast tropical savings. There are many cultivars of cornus florida, ours are seed grown for hardiness. Shop Dogwood Trees Online and select home delivery or pick up at a local garden center, every quality Dogwood Tree ships direct from the grower to you. Bunchberry is best suited for naturalized woodland settings. adroll_version = "2.0"; Flowering dogwood. adroll_current_page = "product_page"; A hybrid between the Japanese dogwood (Cornus kousa) and the native species (Cornus florida), ‘Stellar Pink’ possesses the most stellar qualities of both. Buy your plants and trees online for 33% less than big box stores and gardens centers. Note: Don't Ship to CA Dogwood Trees belong to the genus Cornus and are a popular small to mid-sized specimen tree with masses of white, pink or red flowers in late spring followed by striking fall foliage on most varieties. Buy 5 - 10 and get 10% off Buy 11 - 25 and get 15% off ... Dogwood Trees are among the most common trees that grow in almost every state. (What's This?) The Arbor Day Foundation is happy to provide a one-time refund or replacement per order under the following term and conditions: Our trees and shrubs are living things. Starting at $119.95 92. Container Measurement. Pink Dogwood grows at a medium rate, reaching around 15 feet in 18 years, but even when small it will flower and bring beauty to the garden. Best … Milky Way Kousa Dogwood Trees. It is also an excellent contrast tree for larger evergreen backgrounds. Available at the Nursery (PDF's) Plant Library; ... Cornus florida 'Pink Flame' Pink Flame Flowering Dogwood. Shipping dates are subject to change. Rest assured, when you buy native, Chinese or hybrid dogwood … and brilliant winter bark. A small size, pink flowering dogwood tree at 15-25′, ideal for a good summer display in a front yard. rosea – occurs rarely and it has been collected to produce the beautiful Pink Dogwood we grow in our gardens. Arrive Alive Guarantee. Whether your looking for a pink dogwood tree or the classic white dogwood, we've got you covered. Because it is a little slower to grow than more common trees it has great status among gardeners and is an investment in the future beauty and prestige of a mature garden. Ultimately, your membership means you are part of a special group of people who share a commitment to make our world greener and healthier through planting trees. Size depends on variety, but 15-30ft is common. From shop blockpartypress. Get Pricing and Availability. All rights reserved The Tree Center 2020. thetreecenter.com adroll_adv_id = "RK545AVNKVEJFFRYPAE7DC"; Dogwood, scientifically known as Cornus, are graceful spring-flowering trees that produce an abundance of large, four-petal white, pink or red flowers at the ends of stems on twisting branches that have a unique, handsome grey bark. Buy Pink Dogwood Online. The fruit … Pink Dogwood must be grown by grafting branches of selected trees onto hardy roots of seedling trees. Cornus florida is somewhat more disease prone than other dogwood with a few fungus and leaf spot. Buy Stellar Pink® Dogwood online. Check Other Stores closed. 5.98-gallon. For the same excellent drought tolerance with colorful blooms, check out our Pink Dogwood trees. Orders typically ship out within 2 business days. Acidic, Clay, Loamy, Moist, Rich, Sandy, Well Drained. Dogwoods are great plants for both flowers and colored stems. Growing Zones: 5-8 Pink Dogwood. Free 1-year guarantee on all plants. Because the roots are packed in soil, the trees don’t need to be dormant for shipping. 13.66-gallon . As a note to its popularity, North Carolina and Virginia have it as their state flower while Missouri has it as their state tree. The spread is almost as much as the height, making an elegant beautiful tree for all seasons. The First Bright Pink Blooms of Spring Why Pink Dogwood Trees? In autumn, it offers spectacular bright red color. Kousa Dogwood. Tennessee is the number one producer of dogwood trees, and here at Stanley’s we grow a number of disease-resistant tree and bush varieties. We want to provide you with as many resources as possible to achieve successful planting and growth of your trees and shrubs. Color, color, color—Firebird™ Flowering Dogwood has it! The bark of this tree is thin and easily damaged so be careful with mowers and string trimmers. So a tree that not only tolerates but actually prefers shade is a valuable plant and one that present a gorgeous picture every spring is every more worthy of a place in any garden. In summer, its intriguing canopy of layered branches provides shade and beauty. It is prized for its vigorous growth, large 3 to 5 inch diameter flowers, profuse bloom and disease and borer resistance. adroll_currency = "USD"; As if its perfect pink flowers were not enough, the Pink Dogwood will delight you every fall with a spectacular display of rich red leaves that rival the most beautiful fall display of larger trees. Good resistance to powdery mildew. Will be delivered at a height of 2'–3' for bare-root; a height of 1'-3' for 4" pot or 1-gallon pot, Can be planted farther from compatible pollinator, Roots re-establish quickly once planted, meaning growth will begin quickly, Higher survival rates in poor planting conditions. Since it is a form of an American native species this tree cannot develop into an alien pest species, so for many gardeners that is an additional plus for the Pink Dogwood. At only 15-25 feet tall and wide at maturity the Pink Dogwood is a good fit for many locations in your yard. Although it will grow in sun and even flower profusely there, it will be stunted in growth, dense and bushy and only grow to about half its natural height. You can grow dogwood trees easily in most states. While we wish we could serve everyone, it's for the safety of native species and helps prevent the spread of invasive disease & pests. All tree, and nothin' but the tree! Buy Pink Dogwood online. They are followed by clusters of red berries which are inedible but are quickly taken by birds. Dogwood trees are widely known for their delicate beauty, and the kousa variety adds a toughness that makes this species an excellent choice for home landscapes and urban areas. Starting at $69.95 … We’re here to help, if you ever have any questions, please feel free to call or email us. Red, White, and Pink Dogwood Trees are a very beneficial food source for many wildlife … Golden Glory. $99.95 - $109.95. Use Current Location. Cornus (Dogwood) make excellent ornamental plants for either their beautiful large clusters of spring blooms in shades of white, pink, or yellow, or for their attractive foliage (some are evergreen!) Flowering Dogwoods are best planted in full sun and cool, moist, acidic soils. Dogwood Trees have been considered both tree and flower. Free items not included. However, to initiate your one-time free replacement or refund, please contact us toll free at 888-448-7337, or email [email protected]. Kousa Dogwoods. It will grow in sun or shade but prefers some shade, especially from the afternoon sun. Starting at $69.95 117. Up to 23% off. EARTH DAY SALE. Choose a place for your Pink Dogwood that receives filtered light from deciduous trees or is in the shade of a house.

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