The company transitioned from packaged software to SaaS for Creative Suite 6, which Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premier and other content creation software. As a digital agency, Ethan’s company was focused on driving site traffic and lead generation. He is excited to have a hand in helping evolve Maxwell Health’s positive, mission-driven culture. Software companies have transitioned from their old business model of pricey, one-off … Get a FREE TRIAL and an amazing offer just for The Smart Agency Master Class listeners at He leverages his operational, finance, legal and business expertise to transform business outcomes and build shareholder value for start-up and growth companies, including as CFO at OLB Inc., FISC Solutions (acquired by WAUSAU Financial Systems), and Relevant Equity Systems (a Thomson Financial portfolio company). Lauren has a BA from Tufts University and M.I.A. Define KPI’s based on your preferences and filters in this cloud-based software. A former McKinsey consultant, Eleanor has an MBA from The Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Radcliffe College. Overall, Ethan is thrilled with the entire transition. We then assessed the internal company … In his various leadership roles, he has driven financial operational and business strategy, scaled organizational infrastructure, raised outside capital and arranged financing, implemented financial reporting, customer care and KPI driven process improvement, accelerated product innovation, and expanded operations into global markets. Prior leadership positions involving digital business development and start-ups include being SVP, Corporate Development at United Media (Scripps Howard), and VP, Information Services at Fairchild Publications (CapCities/ABC – Disney). He joined OPEXEngine for the opportunity to work with leading SaaS companies and to leverage his skills in helping to build out the OPEXEngine benchmarking product offering. SaaS has become the default software-delivery model—and at breakneck speed (Exhibit 1). When revenues from companies still transitioning to SaaS are counted, he said the total as-a-service share rose to 75% of all enterprise-software revenues or more than $380 billion in 2018, … Sherri began her career on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers and then became an equity research analyst with Adams, Harkness & Hill, a Boston based investment bank where she covered information technology services companies.  After leaving the capital markets, Sherri became a Managing Director at Internet Capital Group (ICG), an Internet venture capital organization with 80 business-to-business e-commerce companies in its portfolio.Â. Prior to joining OPEXEngine, Eleanor was part of management team of fast-growing digital start-up L2 Inc., which benchmarks the digital performance of brands for marketers. Other benefits are a shorter sales cycle and shorter engagement period with new clients. This figure also includes businesses founded before 1998 that have transitioned to provide SaaS. Cashing in your digital agency and replacing with a productized company is not for everyone. For Ethan’s agency it was cumbersome site redesigns that were keeping them from driving traffic and generating leads for their clients. My guest is Ethan Denney, founder and CEO of ConvertFlow. Richard is currently Chief Economist at Clayton Economics after 40 years at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics where he was Chief of the Division of Administrative Statistics and Labor Turnover, producing the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW), Job Openings and Labor Turnover (JOLTS), and Business Employment Dynamics (BED). Why join our email list? What solution can you create to will solve these issues for you or eliminate the obstacles? Klipfolio is a tool that is helping agencies continuously monitor and report analytics. As a result, the term “agility” has transitioned from a buzzword into an operational requirement for businesses hoping to emerge unscathed from these pandemic times. Or will you sell this tool as a stand alone product? © 2020 OPEXEngine. He also led a team to a Ford Foundation award “Innovations in American Government” and a Federal Technology Award. They discovered that charging $1,500 – $2,000, they were earning steady recurring revenue. 4- Strategically launch your solution. Ethan cautions us – it didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy. The new SaaS … For companies that had previously transitioned to cloud-based enterprise applications, however, it was simply business as usual.
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