or view our sample resources to see what they can do for you and your students, Ab Initio, Standard and Higher Level Spanish - Language B. Extra Games. This is an interactive PDF version of the Unfair Game based on episode 1 of Extr@ en español. PDF Libros electrónicos gratuitos en todos los formatos para Android Apple y Kindle. Four versions were made, each in a different language; English, French, German, and Spanish. If you feel lost at any time, check out the Help text at the bottom of any page. Acquista a buon mercato, scarica immediatamente e gioca! document.write('
'); "; phrase_text1[15] = "El poder de las palabras radica en quien sabe usarlas"; FOR ALL LEVELS Spanish S & SL Vocabulary - games. phrase_text1x[19] = "Truth will set you free and make you stronger since the worst thing is to live in ignorance"; Subscribe now! phrase_text1x[5] = "Smiling and happiness is the best medicine available without prescription"; If you are between five and seventy five, try out Spanish Games and make your learning a great way to spend some time! Home Agenda/Homework Practice Links Books More Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. var phrase_text1 = new Array (); Bienvenido al canal de ExtraGames, espero disfrutes los vídeos como yo disfruto tanto realizarlos para ustedes. A. Conte Com Esta FanPage Para Te Entreter E Informar Sobre Os Games. (more than normal) extra adj mf adjetivo de una sola terminación: Adjetivos de una sola terminación en singular ("amable", "constante") pero que sí varían en plural ("amables", "constantes"). "; Descargar ebooks gratis para llevar y leer en cualquier lugar. ", "Thank you for providing such great resources! Available anywhere, anytime.Already have a subscription? phrase_text1[24] = "Di lo que piensas, haz lo que quieras, da lo que tengas y no te arrepientas"; phrase_text1[27] = "La suerte buena o mala es el pretexto de los fracasados"; Click to Get an account and. phrase_text1[0] = "Si el día te sonríe, sonríele tú a él"; phrase_text1x[8] = "Love is like a ghost - everyone talks about it but few have seen it"; Descargar Extra Sunday Crossword Puzzle For Adults And Kids Larg Print Easy Games Words Crossword/ PDF Gratis español. Use the options in the box below to learn or revise any topic with any activity. Receive a one year premium membership for any $20+ donation with a years access to our password protected content. Spanish Games is for adults and kids (and the parents of adults, and the grandparents of kids!) phrase_text1[2] = "La sonrisa es el idioma universal de los hombres inteligentes"; español eXtra provides teachers and learners with online and printable resources covering the full range of topics, language, grammar and more from beginner's level to advanced level. phrase_text1[20] = "El mundo es como un libro abierto, quien no viaja sólo ha leído la primera página"; Find free online games. Brilliant! Write your name and last name before you click on send. Español extra: New games - Check the Samples tab. phrase_text1[25] = "La responsabilidad es un dolor de cabeza que te ayuda a ser mejor"; These will confirm that you have fully grasped and are able to reproduce the Spanish you have learned by doing the lesson and playing the games. ¿Cuál es el motivo por (=motive / reason for) la visita de Pablo? document.write(''); © 2004 new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write("- "+new Date().getFullYear()); español eXtra www.espanol-extra.co.uk   PRIVACY POLICY This is my students' favorite game and they love Extr@ so this is a perfect combination. samples >>, a range of resources for Spanish-language literary study. samples >>, a range of resources for studying Spanish-language films. If you have any comments or suggestions, get in touch on our Contact page. phrase_text1[5] = "La sonrisa y alegría es el mejor medicamento que existe sin receta médica"; Browse hand-picked discounts on popular titles. You know the resources will be effective in meeting your learning objectives because they have been tried and tested in the classroom! The 3 lesson activities are graded from easy to more difficult. phrase_text1x[4] = "It is a greater pleasure to give than to receive"; phrase_text1[6] = "La alegría es el sonido del alma"; document.write('

'); phrase_text1x[2] = "Smiling is the international language of intelligent people"; phrase_text1[10] = "El amor es una condición en la que la felicidad de otra persona es condición imprescindible para su propia felicidad"; After the match, the Jabberwock players insult the players from Strky and all of Japanese basketball, claiming Strky's basketball was at the same level as monkeys and telling the players and crowds to quit playing b… Compete and win awards phrase_text1x[24] = "Say what you think, do what you wish, give what you have and you'll have no regrets"; There is always something for everyone! More info! There are 9 free games you can use to practice the Spanish topic you are learning at Spanish Games. William Hill sports bookmaker offers a large market when it comes to placing bets with William Hill. phrase_text1x[3] = "Never is a day more wasted than that during which we have not smiled once"; phrase_text1x[6] = "Happiness is the sound of the soul"; Instructions for the game are located on the last page of the PDF. Experienced in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced level students for 20 years, delivering courses for GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A2 and IB (SL & HL), español eXtra is based on the knowledge and expertise built up through 20 years of classroom experience! phrase_text1x[16] = "The truth, however painful it may be, is always the right way forward"; phrase_text1[29] = "No vivas de pensar en recuerdos, ni vivas pensando en qué pasará, sólo vive para vivir"; The games are free to use and work on both tablets (including iPads) and desktop computers. See below for current subscription rates, To keep things simple, we offer TWO types of subscription - the LEARNER for individuals for use at home or in the office, and the TEACHER for schools/colleges/academies and private tutors. Spanish Games is a free online resource for beginners learning Spanish, both "Castilian" Spanish as spoken in Spain and "Latino" Spanish spoken in South and Central America and Mexico. ", "Your site was particularly motivating for boys, as they loved the games and did not realise they were learning. Whatever game you are searching for, we've got it here. Experience the most realistic 3D stunt games, fantastic MMO titles, fighting , gun games , HTML adventure and puzzle games across a range of different platforms. All Sales are final. phrase_text1x[25] = "Responsibility is a headache that helps you to be better"; phrase_text1x[28] = "Luck is having all you seek"; The mobile site is easy to navigate, with new games popping up at the top, and a category bar to help you explore our vast games collection. Select and write the missing words where it corresponds. Adjetivos - Adjectives Adjetivos Demostrativos - Demonstratives (this, these, etc) Adjetivos Demostrativos 2. Get Started. Sanders. Shortly after the Inter-High of Kagami and Kuroko's second-year, a street basketball team from the USA called Team Jabberwock came to Japan to play a friendly match against a Japanese college-level street basketball team, Team Strky. Quiz for Extra en español – Episode 1 Any donation is appreciated and helps us keep providing lots of lovely free content! phrase_text1x[1] = "If you're feeling down, smile for even a sad smile is better than the sadness of not seeing you smile at all"; Start" button in the navigation sign at the top of the page. español eXtra offers users hundreds of Flash-based interactive games and exercises to enhance the learning process and make Spanish fun ! phrase_text1[11] = "Di siempre lo que piensas y piensa siempre lo que dices"; Ready to subscribe? phrase_text1x[0] = "If the day smiles upon you, smile back! samples >>, a range of fun games to test vocab and grammar. phrase_text1x[12] = "Speak when your words are sweeter than silence, otherwise what is the point in speaking? Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: extra adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." Why not join the hundreds of schools around the world already using the resources on español eXtra to enhance teaching and learning? This day in history. phrase_text1[28] = "La suerte es tener todo lo que se busca"; phrase_text1x[30] = "There are people in the world so poor that all they have is money"; Gamulator is the n.1 place to find and download all the retro roms, iso's and games for your arcade emulator. We offer a complete set of Spanish lessons, practice games and quick tests for over 100 Spanish topics, all free. Click to see an example of our HTML5 (NOT Flash!) español eXtra was founded on the key principles underpinning effective language teaching - variety, motivation, purpose, communication and reward. document.write(phrase_text1[i1]); The frog flies game - learn Spanish with the frog! extr@ is a language education television program franchise that was scripted in the format of a Friends-esque sitcom.It was in production from 2002 to 2004, and is mainly marketed to the instructional television market for middle school and high school language classes. phrase_text1[13] = "Hay veces que es mejor callarse, y esperar a que el silencio lo diga todo"; español eXtra was created and is maintained by a UK-based teacher of Spanish with 20 years' teaching experience of all levels of learner, from beginners to advanced learners, GCSE, International GCSE, AS Level, A Level and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 4 Expressions!Great for Need more information? phrase_text1[30] = "Hay gente tan pobre en el mundo que lo único que tienen es dinero"; Answer these questions in complete sentences in SPANISH. phrase_text1x[26] = "The path to success begins with our own efforts"; samples >>, our resources add variety and stimulation to teaching and learning! Like everyone else, we're saying ADIÓS to Flash-based resources! Complete your topic learning session by taking our 2 tests - a multiple choice test and a writing test. Every time I go on it I spot something else fantastic I've not yet seen and used. Title: Empire of Sin-CODEX Genre: RPG, Strategy Developer: Romero Games Publisher: Paradox Interactive Release Date: 1 Dec, 2020 Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Etc … File Size: 4.94 GB / Single Link Compressed Mirrors: Dropapk, Google Drive, Mega, Mediafire, Uptobox, Torrent. phrase_text1[21] = "Un viaje que no ha dejado huella en tu corazón no fue un viaje"; Try a variety of games for the best results! It is such an indispensable site for resources for teachers and learners. Most Influential People — See the 2020 TIME 100 Covers! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *. By the time you have completed the lesson, you should be able to recall and repeat the vocabulary for each of the topic items without prompting. ¿Quién es Juan? phrase_text1x[15] = "The power of words rests with the person who knows how to use them"; Spanish topics   |   Spanish lessons   |   Spanish games   |   Spanish tests   |   Spanish vocabulary, Spanish Games home   |   About Spanish Games   |   FAQ   |   Contact, Select your interface language:English     |     español     |     Deutsch, Select your view:Desktop     |     Mobile, Copyright 2020 ic language ltd - all rights reserved, See our YouTube channel for Spanish learners with lots of video tutorials. You might be starting to learn Spanish for the first time, or you may need to reinforce what you are learning at night class or at school or with your tutor with additional lessons and tests. We cannot guarantee the quality of all ROM games, we are selling an emulator console product, the games are added for free. La clase de español - Sra. Dr. Fauci, The Weeknd and Megan Thee Stallion are just some of the big names covering the TIME 100 List this year! It is fantastic. Extra: Play free online games includes funny, girl, boy, racing, shooting games and much more. Save your favorite games. phrase_text1[22] = "¿Lloro porque sueño o porque soñaba y he dejado de soñar? Spanish Games is a free online resource for beginners learning Spanish, both "Castilian" Spanish as spoken in Spain and "Latino" Spanish spoken in South and Central America and Mexico. Already a subscriber? phrase_text1x[11] = "Always say what you believe and believe what you say"; Comprehension and Grammar Worksheet to accompany the viewing of the BBC Extra series, developed for Language Learning by the BBC, used worldwide.Spanish edition available on YouTube and elsewhere.Episode, 13. Play Massive Multiplayer Online Games! samples >>, topic-based resources for knowledge, skills and understanding. phrase_text1x[22] = "Do I cry because I dream or because I used to dream and do so no longer? 2nd grade: Unit 8 Quiz. All units are tested for quality assurance prior to shipping, please allow 2 extra days for custom graphics printing. Ready to subscribe? The questions include comprehension questions from the events in the episode plus personal questions related to the show to … phrase_text1[26] = "El camino al éxito comienza con el recorrido de nuestros esfuerzos"; The effectiveness of the resources available to subscribers is based on this essential experience and expertise. 01. Contact us! With me you will learn Spanish through my education platform and online classes by playing. As you work your way through them, you will find that your grasp and retention of the target language gradually improves. Online shopping for Apps en Español from a great selection at Apps & Games Store. phrase_text1[4] = "Es mayor la alegría de dar que la de recibir"; ", "I really admire the work that you are doing, and I think that español eXtra is absolutely fantastic! ", "We all absolutely love español eXtra. ", "We find this site extremely useful and congratulate you for the work you have put into it over the years. phrase_text1[14] = "Más vale una palabra con sentido que un centenar de palabras sin sentido"; view our sample resources to see what they can do for you and your students, Everything you need for success with Spanish. phrase_text1[8] = "El amor es como los fantasmas, todo el mundo habla de él pero pocos lo han visto"; Interact with other gamers. Each of our 100+ Spanish lessons consists of an introduction to the topic language and 3 lesson activities - a yes/no activity, an either/or activity and a multiple choice activity. samples >>, Culturally relevant resources covering the Hispanic World. phrase_text1x[29] = "Don't live in the past, nor live in the 'what could be' - just live life in the here and now"; On the Start page you choose the topic you want to learn. Our students make such good progress with your resources at all levels. exercises. who need or want to learn Spanish as a second language. phrase_text1[3] = "No hay día más perdido que aquél en el que no hemos reído"; phrase_text1[7] = "La alegría es como un amor incondicional que sólo lo apreciamos cuando no lo tenemos"; Ottieni il miglior prezzo sui giochi per PC, sia nuovi che classici. phrase_text1x[23] = "Life is simply a mirror - smile, and it smiles back at you"; 03. ", "We have been subscribing for over 10 years now. Click on finish. worksheets and grammar notes to print and keep. var i2 = i1; Click to or click below for a selection of free resources. phrase_text1[12] = "Habla cuando tus palabras sean más dulces que el silencio; sino ¿de qué sirve hablar? We provide online and printable resources for all levels from Beginners to Advanced, Year 7-13, KS3, KS4, KS5, IB and equivalent levels. Spanish Games to learn Spanish. During the introduction to the topic lesson, it is important that you repeat the audio after you hear it, and write down the texts to help your memory absorb both the sound and look of that language. ", "We are still delighted with the resources you provide and we use them on a regular basis to enhance our teaching and learning in the classroom. var phrase_text1x = new Array (); You have access to insider knowledge and solid experience! To start using Spanish Games click here or on the "1. español eXtra was launched in 2004 by a UK-based Spanish teacher and is run and developed by the same person even now. phrase_text1x[10] = "Love is a state in which someone else's happiness is essential for our own"; Start your visit to Spanish Games with the lesson for your chosen topic. phrase_text1x[18] = "You are a real man when the happiness in your heart is reflected in your smile"; And you can do that for free with over 100 different topics! IB Spanish, Our resources are used by hundreds of schools around the globe and are suited to UK and International exam systems. Vedi gli ultimi aggiornamenti! Mar 16, 2018 - This is a compilation of 70 questions and answers based on episode 1 of Extr@ en español set up for the activity Quiz, quiz, trade. Once you have chosen a topic you can get straight on with the lessons. Already a subscriber? About español eXtra. Episodio 13 "Boda en el aire"Learn 13 new words! I am a Mexican Spanish teacher with a master in education with 10 years of experience with kids, teenagers and adults at all levels. Despite their best efforts, Strky is brutally crushed by Jabberwock. Innovative and constantly updated. Check out all of our playable games, videos, and toys. 261 likes. The writing test is harder than the multiple choice but is important if you wish to be able to write Spanish as well as speaking it! "; As you can see from the screenshot, there is a Help button if you get stuck... (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Spanish Games is so easy to use! Extra en Español. Here are some interactive Games to help you improve your Spanish Grammar: BASIC Spanish Grammar Games. The games are quick and simple to play and improve language retention by excercising different areas of the brain. GamePlays There are activities for teaching and practising English grammar, vocabulary, sentences, listening and pronunciation skills. Gamefroot's html5 LevelEditor, where you can make cool games inside your browser. It is a great website. Click for our Christmas menu or open our Christmas Card! ESL Games Plus offers interactive online games for learning and teaching English as a Second Language. samples >>, topic-based audio exercises with self-marking. español eXtra was launched in 2004 by a UK-based Spanish teacher and is run and developed by the same person even now. phrase_text1[23] = "La vida es como un espejo: te sonríe si la miras sonriendo"; ", "Your website offers such a great range of activities and all my students enjoy using the site both in class and independently. You choose a topic, complete a set of simple lessons to learn that topic, play a series of Spanish games to reinforce that learning and then take the two Spanish tests to see how well you have learned your topic. phrase_text1x[21] = "A journey that has not left its mark on your heart was not a journey"; phrase_text1x[13] = "There are times when it is better to be silent and hope that the silence will say it all"; See the latest updates! "; There is also an FAQ page with more information about using Spanish Games, and about other languages you can learn free with ic language. Click on the picture. We've collected and ranked them from all around the web, so no need for you to get bored! With me you will learn Spanish through my education platform and online classes by playing. phrase_text1[16] = "La verdad, por muy dolorosa que sea, siempre es el camino adecuado"; Theme by GraphBerry. phrase_text1x[20] = "The world is like an open book - he who has not travelled has read nothing but the first page"; World Cup 2022 - Qatar More doodle details Search for 'Qatar 2022' Featured. Our learning games are mostly suitable for teaching ESL Kids and Teenagers. phrase_text1[9] = "ámame cuando menos lo merezca, ya que es cuando más lo necesito"; phrase_text1x[14] = "A word of sense is much better than a hundred meaningless ones"; "; Adjetivos Posesivos - Possessive Adjectives (my, your, his, etc) Adjetivos Posesivos 2 - Possessive Adjectives in longer sentences. samples >>, exercises to assist with vocab and grammar acquisition and consolidation. phrase_text1[18] = "Eres un verdadero hombre cuando la felicidad en tu corazón la reflejas con una sonrisa"; phrase_text1x[27] = "Good or bad luck is the excuse offered by those who have failed"; document.write(''); Games test vocabulary in a fun and exciting way using tried and tested gameplay. We ship air express to your door with signature required to accept package. Sports available on the William Hill sports betting site include football with a focus on UK national leagues, horse, cricket, rugby, among others. phrase_text1x[9] = "Love me when I least deserve it for it is when I most need it"; Commandos 2, Informacion, Descargas por MEGA, Full Collection Games Start by choosing from our 100+ beginner and intermediate topics, Learn your topic with our free and easy to use Spanish lessons, Choose from 9 free games to play and learn with any topic. Experienced in teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced level students for 20 years, delivering courses for GCSE, IGCSE, AS, A2 and IB (SL & HL), español eXtra is based on the knowledge and expertise built up through 20 years of classroom experience! Test your reaction times with our fast moving Rock fall game - click or tap on the rocks to save the road and win the game - fastest times leaderboard. ", "The site is such an integral part of my lessons I could not do without it. phrase_text1x[17] = "Truth is an adaptation of reality"; ", "As a native speaker I feel you offer the best site on the market combining fun & learning activities all in one. phrase_text1[1] = "Si estás triste sonríe, porque más vale una sonrisa triste, que la tristeza de no verte sonreir"; ¿Cómo se llama el vecino de Lola y Ana? Look out for our HTML5 updates to Flash resources. Get the best price on PC games, both new and classic. Buy cheap, download instantly and play! phrase_text1x[7] = "Happiness is like unconditional love - we only appreciate it when we don't have it"; The sports bookmaker covers nearly 60,000 football matches per year with a variety of other sports available on its site. In the third episode of Extra (en español), our friends from Barcelona decide to find love through the internet, and Sam decides to help out with some jobs around the flat.
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