DynaPanel stone. Prices from £30.00 + vat . In August 2018, murogeopietra® on EPS cladding easily passed the new LEPIR II test. Some of our stone is so lightweight that it … It’s also an excellent way to create a stand out feature wall that offers both a visual and textural effect. Via della Ferrovia, 74/E 25085 Gavardo (Bs) ITALY We work with determination and passion to provide a reference point for designers who want to restore and recreate the charm of traditional stone walls. Z Stone is quick and easy to install Extremely cost-effective compared to traditional stone masonry We use a process that replicates existing colours and textures of traditional natural sandstone. myridakis.gr. Whilst you are browsing our garden walling, why not take a look at our entire garden walling range. On structures exposed to a fire hazard (timber frames, EPS insulation), the presence of murogeopietra® extends fire resistance time, facilitating building evacuation during a fire. Stone wall cladding provides benefits like resistance from weather and sound. Natural stone cladding has a depth, richness, and elegance that is often lacking from other exterior materials. Search for: P | 086-388 6564. The considerable thermal inertia of murogeopietra® acts as a shield against surface thermal shock, which is the main cause of external insulation systems failing. Watch Queue Queue Stone Cladding Panel System Stone cladding panels - whole new range of 600 x 200 mm and 300 x 200 mm, Z-shaped panels complete with corners or quoins, and fixing clips for installations at heights over 2.4 metres. B. können [...] Sie an den Außenwänden Steinplatten verlegen lassen, so dass [...] es perfekt in die traditionelle Umgebung passt. Stone cladding is often used as a walling solution to enhance a garden space. Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer. Our cladding stone is easy to install and suitable for inside and outside application.. Stonepanel stone cladding. Eldorado Hillstone Blue 474. Create an original wall solution with a material that's remarkable to shape, and customise your design with our consultation service. myridakis.gr. It has provided humankind with an extensive visual vocabulary through centuries, countries and cultures, transforming dreams and the poetry of life, and combining memory and functionality. As well as looking good, Stoneface® Veneer natural stone cladding provides a practical and affordable addition to your garden. Our natural stone cladding panels have a tier system which is followed using special features and sizes. T. +39.0365.331411 In August 2018, murogeopietra ® on EPS cladding easily passed the new LEPIR II test. These beautiful sawn natural stone veneers have been designed to clad existing or purpose built flat walls easily. Head quarters Geopietra® coverings must be installed professionally such that the functionality of the system and its features are not compromised, and using solely guaranteed products, namely GeoColl®, GeoRete, TOPFIX fasteners and GEOBI base coat. Natural stone cladding is the use of a thin layer of stone that’s commonly applied to the exterior of a building or structure to achieve a textured appearance. Stone cladding can be used both inside & out to create unique feature walls. Our ranges of External Stone Cladding, Stone Wall decor is frost proof and water resistant. is noticeable. Cladding or Facing as it is sometimes called, is a simple way of decorating walls. With over 30 years experience within the stone industry, Stone Source know their stone, and are excited to bring this range of high quality natural stone cladding the UK market. Our homes can have a significant impact on the environment, and change the existing thermal/ecological balance, if we consider that 40% of the energy consumed is used to heat buildings, and up to a third of the heat generated is lost through unprotected building envelops. Eldorado Hillstone Blue 472. Interior Stone; Exterior Stone; Natural Stone; Brick Cladding; Contact; Search. External wall caldding helps give the impression that the building is made up entirely of stone. Imprese BS 01774300980, Operative office Search for: Main Menu. Z Stone is an innovative natural stone cladding system available exclusively from LBS. murogeopietra ® is the first anti-seismic manufactured stone veneer wall in Europe that complies with standard UNI EN 1998-1. Commitment and experimentation led to the definition of excellent products, which demand safe features, dedicated components and reliable procedures in synergy, creating the first guaranteed method for the integrated implementation of murogeopietra® on external ETAG004 cladding. Inspiration, keyboard_arrow_left Furthermore, the high quality of the materials used increases the lifetime and value of a construction over time. External stone cladding is popular as a replacement for old render, external feature walls or as a mix with timber cladding and glazed screens. Stone Wall Cladding. Fundamentally, you are talking about adhering or attaching a very heavy material to a vertical surface,” said Nauenberg. Exterior wall cladding materials like stone, metal, fiber, slate etc are used for cladding the exteriors of buildings. External wall caldding helps give the impression that the building is made up entirely of stone. C.F./P.IVA Natural Stone Cladding is a cost effective way of adding stunning deco stone wall features to your home. We can incorporate windows, doors, solar shading, louvres and more into your stone cladding. Home Products Special Offers News contact us Stone cladding . The cast external stone cladding slips offered in the Kopestone range are manufactured in the UK. Eldorado Stacked Stone Santa Fe 471. Thanks to abitasistema® efficient houses do not abandon their fundamental role of providing shelter, and a welcoming peaceful haven to live in. Contact us, GEORETE support mesh and GEOCOLL layer of adhesive, GEOPIETRA manufactured stone veneer installed using GEOCOLL adhesive. Achieve a stunning finish that transforms existing or purpose built flat walls quickly and easily. In construction, cladding is used to provide a degree of thermal insulation and weather resistance, and to improve the appearance of buildings. Marshalls’ Stoneface® Veneer is the ideal product for walling projects that require the appearance of natural stone. Exterior stone wall cladding. Use your full postcode to find the nearest Marshalls Register accredited paving & driveway installer. VOX External Cladding (Solid Stone & Solid Brick System) VOX solid system range of exterior PVC panels offers many benefits to traditional brick and stone systems, with a large choice of colours split over two design types stone effect and brick effect.
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