0013D534 – WeapNVTimeBomb 000EEA70 – ModNVTrailCarbineScope, 00165AF0 – SplashDamage 0006B53C – Ammo308 001251CC – VFSWeapPlasmaRifleVanGraff 00171B48 – WeapNVSlaveBackPack The base ids for all the items are identical in both games. 0013E447 – Ammo12GaSlug 0013E438 – Ammo44MagnumSWCHandLoad 0006b467 – OutfitMysteriousStrangerHat Mysterious Stranger Hat 00031DD3 – SwiftLearner 0012D852 – WeapNVBoxingTape Quits game fast. 001428ec – JasonBrightoutfit Jason Bright’s Outfit (During Invisibility) = During invisibility via this mod or vanilla Fallout NV.esm (Item) = Player receives a primary item and all effect occurs through the item. 0015830C – AmmoMicroFusionCellMaxCharge 0002d11b – HelmetMayorMacCread, 00176E5C – Ammo9mmRobot 00004240 – Ammo556mm Also, note that many items, keys, and a few enemies, NPCs and locations from FO3 reappear in NV's code. 0008ED03 – Ammo9mm 00028ead – ArmorReconHelmet Recon Armor Helmet Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 001429D1 – WeapNV127mmSubmachineGun 001264FE – ArmorLeatherReinforced 0006B463 – TeslaPowerArmorHelmet Toggle detection – tDetect 0008F215 – WeapNV44Revolver 00157BCA – WeapNVLeadPipeUnique 000ab491 – HatPoliceAdult Police Hat Violet is a minor character from the major Fallout: New Vegas video game, published in 2010. You can bribe him into getting treated, promising 500 caps upfront, and 500 caps after the treatment, he accepts but asks you to not expect any favours from this. 000F0F04 – WeapNVStraightRazor 0010C85C – ModNV44RevolverHeavyFrame 000a4730 – ArmorNVPGGuardArmor Powder Gang Guard Armor 00156968 – WeapSuperSledgeUnique 000236d8 – PipBoyNPC Pip-Boy 3000 000cb5ff – ArmorUniqueRaider04 Highway Scar Armor 0008ED0B – WeapNVHuntingShotgun 000EEA72 – ModNVBrushGunForgedReceiver 000E2C86 – WeapNV357RevolverUnique 00031DBB – BetterCriticals Included for your convenience is an Optional File which includes all four of my Nude Fiend Armor meshes as a replacer for all the Fiend armor in the game. Fallout: New Vegas – Item ID Codes. 000E5391 – WeapNVBoxingGloves 0010C852 – ModNVLightMGExpandedDrums 00031DAC – HereandNow 00158312 – AmmoMicroFusionCellBulk If you have less than 85 Speech, you can question that it should be up to bounty hunters to take down Fiends, but he calls bounty hunters useless and the whole posters thing is retarded. 0012b86e – GamblerMHat03 Well-Heeled Gambler Hat 00031DC4 – ComputerWhiz 00146097 – WeaponHandling 0010bee9 – HelmetNVNCRTrooperMP MP Trooper Helmet 0004443e – ArmorEnclave Enclave Power Armor Increases maximum carry weight by number specified – player.modav carryweight # 000EC4A7 – MagazineNVExplosives This might not sound like a problem, but I had a 1070 briefly before and both of these games ran at a higher frame rate. 000E393B – WeapNVSingleShotgun Max 100. this sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag skills, or attributes. 00004241 – Ammo10mm Toggle gore – bDisableAllGore=0/1 000E7655 – WeapNV9mmPistolUnique 000c111a – Vault106GasMask Makeshift Gas Mask 00127c6a – NVSlaveBackpack Slave Backpack 0014DE1D – WeapNVThrowingHatchet 0011E46F – WeapShovel 00146099 – LivingAnatomy 001429E2 – WeapNVGrenadeRifleUnique 000F0B12 – WeapNVHuntingShotgunUnique 00031DB3 – SilentRunning 0010c876 – OutfitFollowersDoctor Followers Doctor Coat I like to look for Bighorn spawning-points. – player.srm I just now found a combat shotgun on another fiend here's the base ID 0c004327 #4. 00078CC3 – AmmoMicroFusionCellRobot 0013E43F – Ammo5mmArmorPiercing He recommends you try to get rid of them without bloodshed, but if you're out of options, then you can kill them, but to at least be discreet with it. 00160C40 – Ammo9mmP 0007EA27 – Ammo22LR 0003403D – BookSkillRepair Problem is I know of no way to get the Fiends … Going down to the lowest steps, you will find an ant tunnel to some kind of den, you will have to go in, move onward until you reach the rat matriarch, kill her, when she is dead, waves of rats will come from the tunnels to attack you, keep defending yourself until the legendary rat arrives after the giant rats and rodents of unusual and freakish size, once they are dead, leave the building to inform Grant. 0010A709 – WeapNVSecuritronSubmachineGun 0013E445 – Ammo50MGArmorPiercing Outside Westside, you'll encounter an Ex-Fiend being attack by Westside guards, once he is dead you can check his corpse for a certificate. 00004485 – AmmoMicroFusionCell 0003403C – BookSkillScience 0008ED02 – Ammo357Magnum 00078CC1 – AmmoFlamerFuelRobot All game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners and licensors. 0008F213 – WeapNV127mmPistol So for me, F:NV has been crashing quite a bit lately, generally when loading a new area. 00023b62 – RavenRockCorpseArmorEnclave Enclave Power Armor 00060C6F – OutcastPowerArmor 00121154 – WeapNVRechargerRifle Attack him by telling him that he is taking twelve steps to hell, or tell him that he's not ready and you'll go. 001519E0 – WeapBladedGauntlet Resurrect selected dead NPC or enemy – resurrect 000cb5fb – ArmorUniqueReconHelmet Composite Recon Helmet 000CD50D – WeapNVBumperSword This list was created using the console commands scof and help. 0015830D – AmmoElectronChargePackOverCharge 00094EBC – Cannibal 00127C6C – WeapNV44RevolverUnique 00121168 – WeapNVMultiPlasRifle You can find all the perk base_ID values on the Fallout: New Vegas Wiki. 00078CC2 – AmmoSmallEnergyCellRobot 00099834 – GrimReaperSprint 0012ADB8 – WeapNVDogTagFistUnique 0015430B – WeapNVMacheteGladius 00165118 – FriendOfTheNight Changes sex – SexChange 00120854 – OutfitProstitute01 Wearable Chained Prostitute Outfit 000EC4AD – MagazineNVSneak Add Debug MegaPistol (Most powerful pistol.) 00135EC9 – GhastlyScavenger Once you leave the building however, an NCR ranger named Cady will appear before you, hoping the rats weren't too big of a problem, he tells you that he has been instructed to take down as many Fiends as possible, having a reputation of hunting down raiders and even took down an entire 80's camp by poisoning their water supply. Being a … 001651B6 – HitTheDeck Page 1 of 2 - Fallout: New Vegas Crashes when loading a new area. 00155E6D – WeapNVDisplacerGloveUnique 0015DB37 – SnowglobeFortmormon, 0006A80C – BookSkillExplosives 00134094 – ArmorRemnantsTeslaHelm 001582DA – Ammo12GaCoinShot 0007B202 – ActionGirl 0013E540 – WeapSuperSledgeMeanie 00031DA9 – RadResistance, 0015DB3D – SnowglobeTheStrip player.removeperk — Take the ID'd perk away. A Trophy Guide including detailed information (when necessary) about how to obtain all the game’s trophies. 0010C86F – ModNVSilenced22SMGDrums 0006b465 – ArmorTeslaHelmet Tesla Helmet You can bribe him with 10,000 caps, assuring him that if he leaves he'll at least have a lot of money to use in order to help Freeside. 0010C860 – ModNVHuntingRifleScope 0013E437 – Ammo44MagnumHollowPoint A child's life is at stake by the hands of the Fiends, and they want something of yours for his life.. 0015FD42 – AmmoPureWater Fiends are generic members of the eponymous gang, encountered in the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. 0014609A – Meltdown 0015BA03 – WeapNVBallisticFist 000CD53A – WeapNVCaravanShotgun 00140A9E – Ammo357MagnumJFPHandLoad 0010A70B – WeapNVSecuritronLaser 00121155 – AmmoMicroBreeder Both of which will turn him and his friends hostile, you will have no choice but to kill them. 00020432 – ArmorRaider01Helmet Raider Psycho-Tic Helmet 00034042 – BookSkillBarter Gives x karma points(use negative values for negative karma) – RewardKarma x 00140c39 – ArmorNVBoone02 1st Recon Assault Armor 00031DE0 – Toughness 0014D2AA – WeapNVCleaverUnique 0012b966 – VaultSuit11 Vault 11 Jumpsuit 001568E6 – WeapNVSpikedKnucklesUnique Also, note that many items, keys, and a few enemies, NPCs and locations from FO3 reappear in NV's code. I can't find them anywhere. We do not assert any claim of copyright for Fallout New Vegas. Use at your own risk. The New Vegas Medical Clinic is a Followers of the Apocalypse hospital in New Vegas in Fallout: New Vegas. 000906DA – WeapNVIncinerator 00031DE5 – Explorer 000c71e1 – RedRacerLabCoat The Surgeon’s Lab Coat 00031DB2 – Pyromaniac ... Fiend warrior helmet. Unlocks door, safe or computers. 0013E43A – Ammo9mmHollowPoint This might not sound like a problem, but I had a 1070 briefly before and both of these games ran at a higher frame rate. Sets your currently equipped weapon’s condition to 100. 00044CB1 – IntenseTraining 0013E4DE – WeapNVLegateSword If your Intelligence level is below 3, your bad grammar will be enough to make Bucky concerned that he'll end up like you if he keeps up on drugs, he leaves to go to the clinic. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Passerby and share this with your freinds. 000cb60e – OutfitUniquePrewarNegligee Sleepwear 0013316B – ArmorPowerNCRHelmet 000a472f – ArmorNVPGPlain Powder Gang Plain Outfit All game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective owners and licensors. Several days after completing The Inheritance with taking the gold, a ghoulified Courier will visit you and hand you a message from the Old Mormon Fort, asking you to meet up and discuss donating a charitable offer to help both Freeside and Westside. 00020799 – AmmoFatMans 00133169 – ArmorGannonTeslaHelmet 0012b965 – VaultSuit34 Vault 34 Jumpsuit 00135EC7 – FastShot 000e2dd0 – CowboyHat01 Desperado Cowboy Hat 0014b053 – OutfitRaul Raul Armor It is not certain exactly where he would have been placed, but his editor ID has the prefix '1E', which primarily includes NPCs placed in the wasteland south of New Vegas, including the NCR sharecropper farms, Westside, Camp McCarran, Casa Madrid Apartments, South Vegas … 0003403F – BookSkillUnarmed 000EC4AC – MagazineNVGuns 000cb5fd – ArmorUniqueRaider01Helmet The Devil’s Pigtails Driver Nephi is a leading member of the Fiends, living in the southwest corner of the Fiend compound around the South Vegas Ruins East Entrance in Fallout: New Vegas. 00121133 – Ammo4570 00031DBC – MysteriousStranger 00031DC5 – SolarPowered 0010A70C – WeapNVSecuritronPowerFist 00121150 – Ammo5mmSurplus 001083e1 – CowboyHat03 Rawhide Cowboy Hat Problem is I know of no way to get the Fiends to accept me. 0010C85D – ModNV10mmSMGExtMags 00031DE1 – Comprehension Go to the Old Mormon Fort and meet with Grant about the meeting, he tells you that he wants to open a clinic in Westside so he can help former Fiends and people who are on drug habits to help them get clean, however he needs your help to get this clinic. Page 1 of 2 - Fallout: New Vegas Crashes when loading a new area. 00165815 – JuryRigging 0014609E – SuperSlam Grant can tell you that he was once a Fiend and was eventually saved by the Followers of the Apocalypse where he was freed from his drug addiction and was given an education. 0013E442 – Ammo308ArmorPiercing 00034048 – BookSkillBigGuns 00176E57 – WeapNV44RevolverRaul 0015DB3C – SnowglobeNellis 00165789 – LaserCommander This site is not affiliated with Fallout New Vegas or Bethesda Game Studios. 0014EB3C – WeapNVEuclidsCFinder 000cb54b – UniqueGlassesLuckyShades Lucky Shades 00105CF5 – WeapNVLilySword 0010C86D – ModNVGatlingLaserCFFrame – activate After a few days in helping Cady, you may encounter a hostile man named Mr. Dixon who you are forced to kill. 00165AEC – TheProfessional – QQQ 0010C858 – ModNV10mmPistolExtMags 0013E449 – Ammo25mmGrenadeHighExplosive 0015BA78 – WeapNVZapGlove The fiend territory around Vault 3 is filled with (respawning) raider (pardon fiends) now. 0014F44A – AmmoLakelurk 0015830E – AmmoElectronChargePackMaxCharge 0010a428 – CowboyHat05 Old Cowboy Hat 001582E0 – AmmoSmallEnergyCellMaxCharge Player health and Limb Health will be restored – player.resethealth ... Found a Chinese Assault Rifle in New Vegas without any mod I know of. 0002042e – OutfitTunnelSnake01 Tunnel Snake Outfit 0008ED0A – WeapNVRiotShotgun Go back to the Old Mormon Fort and inform Grant that the building is clear, he asks for 5,000 caps so the building can be funded. 000cb607 – OutfitUniqueMerc02 Merc Troublemaker Outfit No clipping – tcl
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