If the blade measures 1/8 in. Common solutions for: Stihl Chainsaw won't start. A STIHL chainsaw is worth the investment and can be used for a wide variety of home projects. I just used a 3/4″ forstner bit in a hand drill. Also, I removed the magneto at this point, but only to clean behind it. Enter model number to search for the required part specific to your product. Once the case begins coming apart, gently use a screwdriver pry to case open. A Stihl saw is a powerful tool to use for landscaping. If this method seems unsettling, then try using pliers. In time it can cause engine damage. Wrap the chain around the bar with the cutting edges facing forward. or less, replace with a new chain. You’ll probably break something. Hilarious! In hindsight, this would have been a little easier while the saw was still apart. I did actually get a picture of this, so examine the photo if words don’t do it for you. Put the chain in a disposable pie pan, pour bar oil over it and let it soak for an hour or so to thoroughly lubricate the pivot points. Chain Saw Repair This repair guide will help you understand your Lawn and Garden equipment, so you can repair them yourself with ease. It will significantly diminish the time you will spend on:Pruning (cleaning up bushes, shrubbery, or trees you … By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine. Chainsaw Chain Mender. How to Repair a Chain Saw Chain By Contributing Writer Things You'll Need. Once the case was apart, I went nuts trying to clean out every nook and cranny of this thing. I removed the cover that protects the chain brake springs. If cleaning the carburetor isn’t effective, rebuild or replace the entire carburetor. If I missed something, call me out on it. This will create a gap and insure that your ignition system is setup properly. Here I have installed the piston rings. I simply couldn’t see them with all of the swarf that was packed in the saw. The only other thing to note is that if you are upgrading to a cylinder head that has a decompression valve, you’ll need to drill a hole in your top cover to allow access for the valve. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! A Service Manual detailing the various troubleshoot faults and problems, as well as more complete chainsaw repair information, is available to download. Stihl 034 036 036QS Service Repair Manual. Drain the fuel tank. Spreading a bit of this stuff inside the cylinder before I install the piston gives me a good chance of missing out on some of this premature engine wear. Here’s a tip. Chainsaw starts then stalls. Putting the squeeze on these gorgeous Ambrosia Map, All I can say is thank goodness for having an outf, Before going to town with the Restorer and adding, This stain color is on point! The most common reason is due to too many attempts trying to start the machine in the choke position. If you see any wear, replace the chain. Remember to always wear the proper Chainsaw Protective Apparel when using your chainsaw. I'm having a difficult time getting it going again. Then give it a solid smack with a hammer. I had to squirt a little penetrating oil on this a let it soak for about 10 minutes before it could be persuaded to move. Safety Equipment. If they’re mismatched, you’ll never get the proper tension. Place the tip of your thumbs in this split and gently spread the ring open so that it will slide over the piston. Run the chain saw with no load at half throttle for several minutes until the bar and chain are warm. 7 possible causes and potential solutions . A word of caution, the crank case is aluminum and can easily be gouged by the razor blade. Take it nice and easy and you’ll be just fine. Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Ok ok, enough about that. A drive sprocket wears where it contacts the drive links. Run your finger gently along the bottom edge of each drive link-they should come to a sharp point. I don’t want someone learning from this tutorial and screwing up their saw! « Carburetor Rebuild, A Dying Chainsaw’s Last Words. $10.69 $ 10. I have, quite literally, a pile of saws that need repair or rebuild. bar. (the most popular size for chain saws for home use). Break the nut free and unthread it just until the nut is sitting proud. If cleaning the carburetor isn’t effective, rebuild or replace the entire carburetor. QAZAKY Carburetor Kit Replacement for Stihl 021 023 025 MS210 MS230 MS250 Chainsaw Walbro WT-286 WT-215 Zama C1Q-S11E C1Q-S11G 1123-120-0603 … Search Help by Model. Put the chain in a disposable pie pan, pour bar oil over it and let it soak for an hour or so to thoroughly lubricate the pivot points. Poweka Carburetor Carb Rebuild Kit for Stihl 029 039 044 046 MS270 MS280 MS290 MS341 MS361 Chainsaw Walbro K10-HD. Now push the pin in the direction of the missing cir clip. Chainsaws are a great tool for all sorts of tasks. Stihl 029 039 Chain Saw Service Repair Manual. Next, check the drive links and the tie straps for wear (Photo 2). After than stuff is in place, put the cover for those springs back on and install the clutch drum in the reverse order you disassembled it. 10 New Hart Tools DIYers Should Buy at Walmart Immediately, Best Lighting for Your Garage and Workshop, Oscillating Tool Reviews: Learn How to Find the Best Oscillating Tool, 15 Things All DIYers Should Know About Bench Grinders, 14 Ways to Use a Rotary Tool That Will Have People Buzzing, Battery Powered Lawn Mower and Other Cordless Yard Tools: What You Need to Know, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), 5 Problems When Parking Your Vehicle a Week or Longer (and How To Prevent Them), 9 Things You Should Never Do to Your Chain Saw, Battery-Powered Chain Saw Recommendations, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. I discuss how to completely rebuild the crankcase and top end in my post: A Dying Chainsaw’s Last Words: Top End Rebuild. Hook the long non-coiled section of the spring into the rocker arm that’s in front of the chain brake lever. Snug the retaining nuts just enough to hold the bar but allow you to adjust chain tension. Stihl 028 038 Chain Saw Service Repair Manual. I’ve laid out all of the components for the cylinder and piston. A bar with a flat edge should be replaced. No worries if you follow my process though. I also have a go pro that will be used for video. Introduction 2 3. Once you are finished, your piston should look like the one in the photo below. We will guide you through the common symptoms and parts for blowers, chain saws, cultivators, edgers, engines, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, lawn tractors, pole saws, pruners, and snow blowers. If you’re wondering why I split the case to begin with, it was so that I could replace the main crank case gasket. Loosely run in the two torx screws and slide a business card between the flywheel and magneto. But you can figure out the correct chain specs yourself. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Doctor! The other items that remain are covered in the. Repeat the above process with the remaining ring and place it in the upper groove on the piston. You rely on your chainsaw to get the job done quickly so you can move on to the other chores on your very long list. Your email address will not be published. Once the old gasket and sealant is all cleaned off and you’ve sanded down the locating pins as I previously explained, you’re ready to reassemble. Stihl 044 Chain Saw Service Repair Manual. Start by hammering around the crank shaft area with light “circling” taps. Best of luck, and I hope this information was helpful for you. Set the ring in the lower of the two grooves on the outside of the piston and align the split with the small pin in the groove. Line up the two halves (right side against the bench) and use your hammer to begin tapping the assembly together. Once the locating pins begin aligning with their respective holes, hammer directly above those areas. Fear not, they are correct. First, put the band that encircles the clutch drum in place. Now I’ll move on to preparing the new piston assembly. Get a hammer and gently begin tapping against the crank shaft from the flywheel side. But if you see wear grooves, replace it. Here’s how I set the piston into the cylinder. Purpose of Carburetor 8 5. With a few different tips to try, you can get your oil pump fully working again. Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to remove the driveshaft E-clip. Join Prime to save $2.14 on this item. These are made of iron and can be easily broken if you’re hamfisted. i got a stihl MS 271 that has ran great (~60 hours) for me since buying it used from a dealer. 4.5 out of 5 stars 46. USPEEDA Carburetor Repair Rebuild Kit for Echo CS302 HC210 PB210 E PB400 SRM4600 SRM4605 Stihl 028AV 031AV 032 032AV 010 010AV 011 011AV 020 020AV 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $7.56 $ 7 . Required Part. At a minimum, you need to disconnect the wires that are attached to it so that you can remove the handle in a bit. The reason the rings seem oversized is so that they will compress in the piston ring groove and slide against the inside of the cylinder. We recommend our users to update the browser. Wear work gloves to protect your hands. What the whole crank shaft is just spinning? Slide the saw (flywheel facing up) against the bench so that this area is “filled” by the bench top and that the left side inside edge is sitting against the top of the bench. I used a heavy oil for 2 stroke motors. View solutions. This service manual contains repair and servicing procedures for most carburetors used by Stihl. It should roll easily with no noise or binding. chain will work on your 18-in. Remove the chain and bar so you can fully check all the components, starting with the drive sprocket (Photo 1). The carburetor on a Stihl chainsaw channels a mixture of two-cycle oil and gasoline into the engine. You only need to remove one clip to remove the linkage pin. It was still pretty manageable. Using the needle nosed pliers, engage the control lever's clevis with the … Whew, that was wordy. Chainsaws are powerful tools that make pruning, cutting and ice sculpting far easier than using a hedge trimmer, an axe or an ice pick. The piston was heavily scored and the piston rings were completely worn. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. Once the piston is off, I scraped the surface smooth where the new gasket will live. This will allow you to reassemble the case without needing so much force (which you won’t be able to evenly apply without a press). Then comes the tricky part, and I recommend safety glasses just in case. Time to pull out the spark plug. Repair and service the chainsaw with this manual (IPL), which contains clear repair photos. Be sure the antikickback brake is released- check by moving the chain (with gloved hands). I used the corner of my workbench as the surface of contact in the area of the crankcase where the handle attaches. If you didn’t take these out, then skip ahead a bit. A Dying Chainsaw’s Last Words: Top End Rebuild Unfortunately for me, rebuilding the carburetor was not enough for my 026. There is a little split in each of the piston rings. You’ll need to apply gasket sealant to each side of the case in an even and thin layer. Tweet. Remove the air filter cover and the air filter. If the bar has a nose sprocket, rotate it with your finger. Over time the sprocket can develop slight grooves. Alright, so here we are again. After a half hour, let the chain cool and then re-tension it. Be sure to read and fully understand your chainsaw's Instruction Manual for more in-depth instructions and safety procedures specific to your saw. chain/bar combinations. Screwdriver or Rivet Punch. Unfortunately my troubles did not end with the carburetor rebuild. Need help finding your model number? The first of the saws I would like to get to are a Stihl 029 Super and a Stihl MS290. Install the chain and tension it. Also a Parts List, Operator Manual, and carburetor manual are Continue doing this until the case begins to open at the seam. Push the spindle through the circular hole on the inlet control lever. Don’t assume any 18-in. Buying the right chain is more complicated than you might think in chain saw repair. To further explain…  Look at the bottom of the crankcase… See the area that is empty (where the handle usually lives)? Keeping your chain saw's bar, chain and drive sprocket in tip-top shape involves more than regular chain sharpening and re-tensioning. The STIHL chainsaw is one of the best home power tools on the market. Stihl 045 056 Chain Saw Service Repair Manual. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 5 possible causes and potential solutions . I used Yamabond 4. Then you’re good to go. Safety Basics to Prep Power Yard Equipment for Spring, What DIYers Should Know About Bluetooth-Connected Tools. Now that the case is back together, I’m going to remove the piston and install the new one. Picking out colors, I'm really loving how this rustic coffee table is, How do you add rustic character back to wood after, The mobile workbench has been finished for a week, Another sneak peek at a feature I'm really excited, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. 69. The saw didn’t do any better after the. These screws can be reached with the oil pump and springs in place. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. The next step can probably be omitted, but I sometimes get a little particular about how clean things are. No need to get the entire case completely pressed together, you can finish closing it up with the crank case screws. Stihl Carburetor Rebuild on a Stihl 036 Chainsaw. If the curve is more pronounced on one side, replace the bar. In fact, placing a new chain on a worn drive sprocket can cause rapid chain wear, as well as tensioning and binding problems. A good bar has an elliptical shape. You really don’t want to twist the piston once you have it seated in the cylinder, so get the alignment as close as possible before you push the piston in. Assignment 3 3.1 Designation 8 4. The manual contains diagrams and accurate information as used by professional mechanics and repair shops to troubleshoot and repair the chainsaw. You will probably notice that the rings seem to be very loose on the piston and maybe you’ll think they are even too big. Now to separate the crank case. My Stihl Chainsaw was "waffling" when in the cut so I put a new gasket kit on the carburetor. Here’s a tip for reassembly, wrap some sand paper around the locating pins and the bearing area of the crank shaft and sand them down ever so slightly. Safety Precautions 2 2. Chain Sharpener. Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave any questions or comments. Hold the bar up while you tighten the bar nuts. In a well-ventilated area, remove the … It’s 100:1 as compared to the usual 50:1 and worked great for this application. Stihl Parts List for the Stihl chainsaw. Measure the span of three rivets (center to center) and divide that number by two to determine the chain’s pitch. Lift the top portion of the chain and turn the adjusting screw until the bottom of the drive link is even with the top of the bar. Measure the remaining portion of the cutting blade. If not, replace the bar. It is keyed and sits on a tapered shaft, so just turn the flywheel until it drops into place and then tighten it down. I ended up using a flat razor blade to scrape away the material. Finally, check for flat spot wear (Photo 4). The fly wheel is pretty easy. Many DIYers make the mistake of replacing just the chain when their machine isn’t cutting right. Don’t pay a landscaping company or tree trimming/removal company when you can easily and efficiently DIY. It can cut through ice, concrete and trees with ease. Then tension the chain (Photo 6). Then engage the chain with the drive sprocket. I figured that since I’m going through all of this work, I might as well get the saw as clean as possible while I’ve got it in pieces. Carburetors Contents 1. The softer material is used so that you don’t damage the nut. The flywheel mates onto a tapered shaft. Herein lies the tail of rebuilding the engine of my Stihl 026. If the carburetor is clogged, try cleaning it with carburetor cleaner. Most Common Problems. Don’t be like me and remember to just use your chainsaw wrench! You’ll need three numbers: the number of drive links, their thickness (gauge) and the ‘pitch’ of the chain. Why did I put oil on the cylinder? Maintain a light load (only small limbs and branches) for the first half hour and make sure the chain has extra lube. Good luck. Clean the air filter with gas, toothbrush and … A shiny spot where the drive links engage with the sprocket teeth is OK. Chainsaw Carburetor. Then remove the drive sprocket cover and swap in the new sprocket (Photo 5). You will need to scrape off the old gasket and clean up the surface so that a new gasket can be installed. Impact Drill: What It Is and When Do You Use it? These are easier to remove than they are to replace. In this video series, STIHL professionals provide a variety of chainsaw how to videos and demo videos to assist in the operation of STIHL chainsaws. This one is 3/8 in. This chain saw, for example, could have come from the factory with any of several 18-in. Next is to put the springs in place for your chain brake. The sides should curve outward slightly. You’ll need to use your rope again and stuff it into the cylinder through the spark plug hole to bind the piston so that you can tighten down the fly wheel. I have a few ms311 parts but it was a complete meltdown too.very few usable parts.if I were you I would take the cylinder and check it carefully.it doesnt look like the plating can stand much without major scoring.I dont have too much faith Iin the new stihl consumer saws.havent found one yet that hasnt had some kind of problem.
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