Free ODSC West 2020 : Evaluating and Testing Natural Language Processing Models. Although you might have heard about some of these focus areas a lot over the last year or so, they are constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of the data science field. Making Deep Learning Efficient(Track Keynote). She is the recipient of Penn’s 2009 Rubinoff dissertation award for innovative applications of computer technology, a National Science Foundation CAREER award, a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), and a handful of best paper awards. Start learning in the summer with the very fundamentals of data science, followed by a live training and hackathon to build confidence, and win prizes. Jun 8th – Jun 10th. Machine Learning for Biology and Medicine(Talk), 8 Focus Areas. Prof Xing is a board member of the International Machine Learning Society; he has served as the Program Chair (2014) and General Chair (2019) of the International Conference of Machine Learning (ICML); he is also the Associate Department Head of the Machine Learning Department, founding director of the Center for Machine Learning and Health at Carnegie Mellon University; and he is a Fellow of the Association of Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), and an IEEE Fellow. Kurt has published six books, over 250 refereed articles, and is among the most highly cited authors in Hardware and Design Automation. At this time of unprecedented global challenge and concern, the health and safety of our event participants, partners, volunteers, members, and staff are our highest priority. Top Rated Hotels. Gehaltsrechner TV-L 2021 Tarifvertrag für den Öffentlichen Dienst der Länder 2021 Entgeltgruppe: E 15Ü E 15 E 14 E 13Ü E 13 E 12 E 11 E 10 E 9b E 9a E 8 E 7 E 6 E 5 E 4 E 3 E 2Ü E 2 E 1 $1,196 - $5,196. Save Ai X Business Summit | ODSC West 2021 to your collection. 10% Sale Ends In: REGISTER NOW. Mr. Givre is passionate about teaching others data science and analytic skills and has taught data science classes all over the world at conferences, universities and for clients. The Open Data Science Conference (ODSC East 2021) will be held in Boston, MA, United States on 14-17 Apr 2021. Access to the on-demand recording 3. Mr. Givre worked as a Senior Lead Data Scientist for Booz Allen Hamilton for seven years where he worked in the intersection of cybersecurity and data science. We're s fill a technician position to do computational brain mapping. The Bayesians are Coming, to Time Series. Sriram Sankararaman is an assistant professor in the Departments of Computer Science, Human Genetics, and Computational Medicine at UCLA where he leads the machine learning and genomic lab. ODSC WEST 2015 | Cole Nussbaumer - "Follow the Yellow Brick Road What the Wizard of Oz can Teach You Josh did his PhD in Computer Science at UC Berkeley advised by Pieter Abbeel. Key energy issues, energy-efficient solutions, new energy initiatives, and developments in clean energy technologies. In this role she developed the strategy and led researchers in advancing science and technology for intelligent urban and environmental systems (Smarter Cities), with a focus on creating analytics, optimizations, and systems for sustainable energy, constrained resources (e.g., urban water management), transportation, and the linked open data systems that assimilate and share data and models for these domains. Webinar recording. (On Leave) At CMU, Founder and CEO at Matroid and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University, Global Leader in Decision Intelligence at Google. Venue . You get even more talks, trainings, and workshops spread over 8 focus areas, Model Governance: A checklist for getting AI safely to production. The ODSC West Conference 2021 is one of the largest and ONLY applied data science training conferences in the world. Aufgrund der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Ost-West-Angleichung werde es im Osten jedoch einen Anstieg um zumindest 0,7 Prozent geben. No purchase is necessary to donate and 100% of funds raised are donated. Josh is the Founder of Stealth Startup and his research focuses on applying deep reinforcement learning, generative models, and synthetic data to problems in robotic perception and control. Professor Zheng is the recipient of the 2017 Columbia’s Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching. Avail free access to on-demand pre-bootcamp training and hackathon to win prizes. Subsequent third and fourth winners will receive one full-day complimentary training pass to attend sessions of their choice. She develops novel methods for exploring and understanding patterns in complex data from different application domains. Testing Production Machine Learning Systems (Talk). 4 Days. Save The Date. She has over 100 peer-reviewed publications (including a few best paper and best paper runner-up awardees). Die Juniangaben basierten … He has garnered several awards including Seattle’s Geek of the Year (2013), the Robert Engelmore Memorial Award (2007), the IJCAI Distinguished Paper Award (2005), AAAI Fellow (2003), and a National Young Investigator Award (1993). Learn the latest data science concepts, tools, and techniques from the best. Toggle navigation. Mon, Nov 15, 9:00 AM. He holds a triple BSc in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science (summa cum laude) and a PhD in Computer Science (Machine Learning applications in Bioinformatics) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. If there are any questions or uncertainties you may have about the appropriate selection please contact Our mini bootcamp is fully customizable, you can attend the sessions you want live and on-demand after our conference. Her algorithms have been incorporated into systems used by the government and industry (e.g., IBM System G Graph Analytics) as well as open-source software (e.g., Stanford Network Analysis Project). 101 Main St He is a sought-after speaker and has delivered presentations at major industry conferences such as Strata-Hadoop World, Open Data Science Conference and others. We seek to deliver a conference agenda, speaker program, and attendee participation that moves the global data science community forward with these shared goals. ODSC East 2021 – Virtual Training Conference. AEE West Long Beach 2021. Our two building campus is home to a world-class dance company, a school with classes for all ages and levels, a Healthy Dancers' Clinic, and a nationally regarded presenting venue. Her group draws on expertise in artificial intelligence, human factors, and systems engineering to develop interactive robots that emulate the qualities of effective human team members to improve the efficiency of human-robot teamwork. Semantic Scholar and the Fight Against COVID-19(Talk). Years before the NSA, he was hoping to make bleeding-edge data processing available across new fields, and he has been working on a mastermind plan building easy-to-use open-source software in Python. Get the skills you need, taught by world-renowned experts, Bringing Data to the Masses Through Visualization, Interpreting and Explaining XGBoost Models, Click here for more training & career experts, Hands-on Machine Learning with scikit-learn, Bayesian Data Science: Probabilistic Programming, Introduction To Face Processing With Computer Vision, Solving the Data Scientist’s Cold-Start Problem with Machine Learning Examples, Missing Data in Supervised Machine Learning, Scalable Active Learning and Semi-supervised Learning, Atypical Applications of Typical Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning in R Part I: Penalized Regression and Boosted Trees, Machine Learning in R Part II: Using workflows to build an ML optimization pipeline, Machine Learning in R Part III: Forecasting Time Series Data, Machine Learning in R Part IV: Putting R-Based Machine Learning into Production with Plumber and Docker, Variational Auto-Encoders for Customer Insight, State of the art AI methods with TensorFlow: Transfer Learning, RL and GANs, Data Science Best Practices: Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning, Kubeflow Security and Pipeline deployment in MLOps, Advanced NLP: From Essentials to Deep Transfer Learning, Spark NLP for Healthcare: Lessons Learned Building Real-World Healthcare AI Systems, Building an Industry Classifier With The Latest Scraping, NLP and Deployment Tools, State-of-the-art NLP Made Easy with AdaptNLP, Animating Data: From matplotlib plots to GIFs, From Numbers to Narrative: Turning Raw Data into Compelling Visual Stories with Impact. Cited as one of the world's most influential data scientists, One of Forbes’ “20 Incredible Women in AI, Co-founder at, MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs, A.M. Turing Award Laureate, Professor, Co-Founder, Scientist, Author, and award-winning NYU Professor, Head of AI Research, Head of ML Dept. Tina earned her Ph.D. in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Eventbrite - ODSC Team | presents ODSC West 2020 Virtual Conference || Open Data Science Conference - Tuesday, October 27, 2020 | Friday, October 30, 2020 - Find event and ticket information. Event creator . Although you might have heard about some of these focus areas a lot over the last year or so, they are constantly evolving … ODSC is delighted to host presentations from the following research labs including: document.getElementById("thinkific-product-embed") || document.write('