Only at … Cool Shoot Button & 6 Airflow Setting. Sorry, this product is currently unavailable at any of our online retailers, Nanoe maintains approx. Smart care with Advanced Heat Protection Sensor and Ion conditioning for shiny hair. Our website uses cookies and similar tools to improve its performance and enhance your user experience and by continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to their use. The EH-NA65 comes with 3 attachments, including a diffuser. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny. Keep your hair beautiful, even when on holiday. Please close this window and try again. Available in a black and pink color combination, this hair dryer sports an ergonomic design. Plus, Panasonic's exclusive, pro-quality quick-dry nozzle simultaneously delivers strong and soft airflows for concentrated styling and fast drying time. PanasonicPanasonic EH-NA65 Hair Dryer with Nanoe technologyThe lightweight Panasonic NA65 hairdryer is the latest in hair styling, equipped with Nanoee technology to penetrate deep into the hair, minimising frizz. View and Download Panasonic Nanoe EH-NA27 operating instructions manual online. ", Best Hairdryers: Vogue Recommends, Vogue, March 2017, LUMIX S Series Full Frame Cameras & Lenses, Camera Products Repair & Maintenance Services, Panasonic HiFi & Headphones : Made To Move You,{0}, //{0}?client_id=1CF6791D-7630-4D77-8BE6-23EA1D884409, //{0}, //{0}, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-in.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-out.png, /content/dam/Panasonic/EC-icon/icn-stock-soon.png, Please accept our Cookie Policy to add to basket. OK Dry your hair for a soft finish without losing your As low as MYR525.00. D: Les particules de vapeur et les grosses particules ne peuvent pas pénêtrer profondément dans les tissus. Purifies Your Home 24 Hours. It features a Heat Protection Mode to gently dry your hair. To find out more about the cookies we use or how to change your settings, please see our Cookies Policy. The diffuser dries curly hair beautifully or adds volume to flat hair by dispersing air through many small air holes over a larger area. Features the innovative Nanoe™ Technology, which is proven to improve visible shine to your hair*. Living Room. nanoe™ & Double Mineral* make hair extra resilient to damage. +603-7953 7600. It features Panasonic's innovative Nanoe technology which is proven to give you a Healthy, Flawless Shine*. And a Diffuser expertly dries curly or wavy hair, while also adding body and volume. The Panasonic - Nanoe Hair Dryer looks and feels like a professional salon hair dryer. 1800W nanoe™ flagship Hair Dryer - For Hair, Scalp and Skin Care, /my/consumer/where-to-buy.html?L1=0500&L2=0501, 1600W nanoe™ Hair Dryer with Heat Protection Mode, 1200W nanoe™ Hair Dryer – Light & Compact, 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer With Diffuser - Shine Boost Series,, 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer - Shine Boost Series,, 2500W High Power Ionity Hair Dryer With Diffuser, 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer - Fast Dry Series, 1800W Basic Ionity Hair Dryer - Compact & Fast Dry, 1800W Basic Hair Dryer - Compact & Fast Dry, The Panasonic nanoe hair dryer also includes a Concentrator Nozzle to direct air exactly where you need it for precision styling. It reduces the damaging from brushing and keeps the cuticle on the surface in good condition, making your hair shiny and frizz-free. 1800W Compact Hair Dryer (Diffuser)EH-ND43-K655. nanoe™ Technology Can Play An Essential Role In Various Situations . Nanoe™ also adds volume, minimises frizz and reduces damage from brushing. The innovative nanoe™ Technology (Moisture content in nanoe™ ions is approximately 1,000 times greater than that in negative ions) and nanoe™ ion charge panel attracts nanoe™ ions to infiltrate deeply and moisturize hair; Hair dryer with hair treatment effect, which helps to remove excess sebum, protect hair cuticle and moisturize hair 1800W Basic Hair Dryer for powerful drying. Contains 1,000 times the moisture compared to regular ions, and penetrates the hair to deliver moisture deep into the hair shaft. Beautiful, smooth & healthy hair can be yours! Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair glossy, smooth and moisturized. 0. The exclusive quick-dry nozzle delivers alternating strong and soft airflows that result in quicker, more uniform drying. 2000W nanoe™ Hair Dryer with DiffuserEH-NA65-K655. Panasonic EH-NA65’s innovative Nanoe™ technology retains the moisture balance in your hair ensuring visibly smooth and shiny hair. It adds more fluff and relative volume to the hair and users will experience markedly reduced frizz and significantly less damage to the hair … This 2000W hair dryer provides the same blowing power as 2300W dryers. See Panasonic's flatirons, hair dryers and hair straighteners for women's hair care. The compact design and quick-fold handle fit neatly into bags and luggage for easy drying and touch-ups at the gym, work and travel wherever, whenever. It is slightly heavier than your standard generic hair dryer, but not by much. You can select the speed and temperature to match the Online Store Hotline. The lightweight nanoe travel hair dryer makes it easy to dry and style at home or on the go. Study Room. LEARN MORE. Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. 197601000977 (26975-W). You can read more about Shipping at "The Nanoe has some great pros such as being easy to hold and lightweight, with three good attachments. 1600W nanoe™ Hair Dryer with Heat Protection Mode EH-NA32PP655/T655. Heat Protection Mode protects your hair and scalp from excessive heat. 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer - Fast Dry SeriesEH-NE65-K655. Complete Air Purification Purifies Your Air Wherever You Are. This hair dryer generates ions have 1000 times more moisture than those from regular dryers, ensuring your hair stays moist and silky. The nanoe hair dryer Panasonic gives you control with high and low air velocities for different styles and drying times, plus hot, warm and cool settings for different hair textures and lengths. 2000W Ionity Hair Dryer - Shine Boost SeriesEH-NE71-P655, 2500W High Power Ionity Hair Dryer With DiffuserEH-NE82-K655. condition of your hair or your styling needs.
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