Your body has the ability to store a few years’ worth of vitamin B-12, so eating rabbit supplies you with not just your daily requirements, but a little extra as well. 28: Rabbit also serves as a rich source of vitamin B3, containing 35.8 percent of the amount your need each day. 4: Rabbits can handle the cold weather far better than chickens. But I agree, if I had to pare down to a single animal…it’d be rabbits. Then he took a pellet gun and placed it at the back of the head above the neck and pulled the trigger. Rabbit meat was the ONLY meat they had –. Even though saturated fat has been demonized in our current day, I think it’s still VERY important to good health. No pressure from sellers as you end up buying what you need. They lost their popularity after Big AGRA, who wanted to get maximum… It is one of the best white meats available on the market today! Rabbit is not “entirely lean”. Disadvantages: No perfect protection against predator Not easy to increase the number of hutches quickly (it limits production) Other Considerations: Floor Method: This involves keeping the rabbits on the ground in a fenced area provided with simple boxes for shelter. Everything I have raised has turned out to be very good natured. Assalam O Alikum! I wish you luck. She is half game. No. Oh, and roosters will mate with every hen, every day, and the hens don’t see it coming (ever see a hen peck the ground for food? Understand this: you and your rooster will have to work out who owns what part of the yard as they are VERY territorial. The only caveat is that they are tougher to open due to size and the interior shell membrane. I had a dove get caught in our coop a few years ago. It contains the least amount of fat among all the other available meats. It saves a lot of time. Rabbit meat contains less calorie value than other meats. Cotournix quail take up very little space (16 – 25 square inches per bird). So really for the homesteading situation they are ideal. (Alabama A & M University 1989). I was saying its just a lot of work for each little bite. 1.3 The Disadvantages of Keeping Rabbits. If you have use f… Is it SIN to eat an unclean animal? They recommend duck, goose, pheasant and quail but not rabbit, at least they offer no recipes for it in their cookbook, Nourishing Traditions. But just for me, I still think chickens are better. NEVER name an animal you think you are going to eat. Rabbits do not have special requirements for food as they can eat any green leafy vegetables or even pastures. What about you? The myth says that since rabbit meat has no fat in it, and fat is required for proper digestion (Dissolution of many vitamins and minerals) and brain function, rabbit meat is bad for you…. According to nutritionists*, rabbit meat is good for you! If I didn’t live clear across the country, I’d take you up on that! Do they taste different than chicken eggs? This means that a significant portion of the cage and the feed is going to the doe (who is not being sold). Not trying to be offensive, I hope I don’t come across that way. It never went after anyone again. Doing all shopping online leads to less contact with the community; it’s good to get a change scenery, talk to real people, Non-user friendly or complicated websites; some sites don’t offer good/correct information, have no support or proper contact information. We bought a homegrown pig from a friend this year, so I have a bunch of lard I rendered from that experiment, and figure between the pig and the rabbit we’ll come out even. Love the discussion. As compared to Chicken 810, Veal 840, Turkey 1190, I’m still going to do the rabbits because with all the other fats we will be eating, it will not be a problem. When she finally gets up, she knows every baby she has hatched even though she hasn’t seen them for several weeks to a month. You starve from not eating anything else. YAY! A friend got me interested in coturnix quail, and I found that not only is their feed-to-egg ratio better than chickens, their space requirements and maturing time is less. If you eat the organs as well as the meat, you’ll get plenty of fat. Personally, I’m used to chicken meat and am excited about making broth from the bones and feet. The other day I was checking for rabbit recipes in my Nourishing Traditions cookbook and low and behold, there were none. AMINDEH CEDRIC 520 views. They are the most productive Angora in the world producing 11oz of super warm soft fiber ever three months. Rabbit meat is almost cholesterol free and therefore heart patient friendly. The only real drawback for quail, to me, is that they will not hatch or brood their young – they’ve become completely dependent on humans to perpetuate the species. Your Email I accept the privacy policy. Certainly not. If you free-range rabbits, you’ll never see them again. And chickens were kind of precious, people who had chickens kept them for eggs, eating only the older ones, and the roosters not needed for breeding. That is so funny about the swing set! So go ahead and try our rabbit at … This vitamin, commonly known as niacin, aid in converting carbohydrates to energy and manufacturing a variety of sex hormones. 3: Rabbits raised off the ground are one of the cleanest meats. Someone wise once said that, ‘A rabbit is only as good as the food they eat’ Ok. That someone was me. I think we were gonna try and go the roosterless route. Though Rabbit Starvation now is no longer just for rabbits. is my top 2 website now ! Has anyone tried running quail with their chickens? I’m almost thinking if done correctly, you could easily feed a family from a nice flock of chickens/herd of rabbits. Our kids used to go to the swing set Multiple roosters means your hens get raped multiple times, every day. Unfortunately, I need him to keep the line going. Any of the meat from these older rabbits that I don’t intend to grind is dry aged to naturally tenderize it. My advice would be to put your efforts into keeping backyard chickens and if land is limited, find a local farmer to buy grass-feed beef and organ meat in bulk to store in your freezer. You are exactly right. You have a good point Amanda. The chickens ate it. Look up your city’s website online and look for the city code. 1 Total world production of rabbit meat is estimated to be one million tonnes per annum (Lukefahr, 1985). Rabbit meat is tender and is similar to chicken. 1: The loud rooster will give away your chickens, your position and everyone who is around will steal them. Are you raising bunnies again? chickens AND rabbits– definitely the way to go! Starting your own rabbitry does not necessarily require a huge sum of money. It could be covered by a handful of nuts every day, or a tablespoon full of olive oil. Certainly a can of tuna, sardines, oysters, Vienna sausages, potted meat, soup, whatever will suffice. That is like saying don’t stock salt because it doesn’t contain enough sugar. Rabbit feed costs less as they can take on kitchen wastes, grass, and plant leaves. Order here, Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2017. 1: Rabbits have been used for meat as far back as 1500BC. My recommendation to your husband is to “also” learn how to trap live rabbits and build wilderness cages in the event you are forced to leave your homestead even for a few months. Rabbit meat is lean and very nutritious. Well, best of luck to you! Every persons situation is different and what works for me may not work for you. You are right about rabbits; you have to supplement fats. I like to eat chicken, but i’m not going to rule out a whole class of animal based on one person’s opinion. They are extremely easy to keep if you let them free-range (little to no food provided in the summer); they always come home at night. This saved waste over bigger animals because the rabbit was all eaten. 5: A doe rabbit that weighs 10 pounds can produce 320 pounds of meat in a year! 13: The first recorded rabbitry was in early Roman times, There rabbits were kept in walled rabbit gardens for food. And that stemmed from the fact that choosing the best rabbit food for your bunnies is made out to be this immensely challenging, scientific load of bull that it is not. Rabbits multiply quickly. If you eat as much of the rabbit as you can like eyes, brain, silver skin and globular fat on top of the silver skin that would be the best. But rabbits are quiet animals and House Rabbits (as pets) are very fun -as long as they have a little box to use like cats and you keep PC wires out of reach! Even if you’re just 5 or 10 pounds overweight, you have enough stored fat in your body to remain healthy through an entire winter of eating nothing but rabbit. And when I cook the rabbit meat, I will always make sure to eat it with some sort of healthy fat. They are very clever. And sushi restaurants would be interested, they charge as much as $1.50 per quail egg on sushi dishes! But let me ask you a hypothetical question: If you had to choose ONE- chickens or rabbits- as your only source of animal protein in a SURVIVAL situation, which one would you choose? German Angora rabbits really make sense for the homestead. So electricity isn’t necessary to raise them. To some extent, raising rabbits in colonies might reduce your workload, since you are not required to clean individual cages (although you still have to clean their living area in a colony). Quail, per bird, need 16-25 square INCHES Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here and follow us on Instagram here! Time to reproduce: Rabbits start reproducing within about 6 months. Therefore, no backyard chickens until I either a.move or b.get everyone in our huge development to petition the board to change the covents. MedlinePlus reports that some physicians may recommend incorporating more selenium into your diet to combat hardening of the arteries, as well as cancers such as stomach, lung, prostate and skin cancer. Growing Green Onion – A Beginners Guide. You guys could very well be right, in all actuality rabbits could be the best survival food. But as FloridaHillbilly pointed out, bred rabbits seem to have a lot of fat compared to wild rabbits who are running for their lives a lot of the time. Reconnect on plugin Settings page. Are you going to take your chances with rabbit meat or are you finding other sources of protein? we also have to consider that this is a new form of technology. You fail to do all your research Their Meat is the highest in protein%. Response number 2. That is more than a cow and it takes around 2+ acres to raise a cow. I’d suggest getting a quail egg opener like I showed here: How many eggs do the quails produce compared to the chickens? Are body’s need a variety of food. The rabbit will play a more increasing role in this supply. They are full of healthy fats and a great homesteading food. Lot of great info here. My mother fed it to anyone who was visiting with us. Women, even old people can work on the farm easily. Our city just approved “backyard chickens” within city limits-four per household. Good luck in your endeavors! Nothing like going out to the coop at 6 a.m., grabbing half a dozen eggs laid that morning, and putting them in the skillet. 21: Rabbit meat Does have fat, more than most people think. Hello and thank you for visiting The Wannabe Homesteader. 11: Rabbit meat has been used and is suitable for special diets, such as those for heart disease patients, diets for the aged, low sodium diets, weight reduction diets, etc. Heck, I’ve heard of people keeping chickens in their apartments. I really like what you guys are usually up too. Since this post was written my husband has raised, humanely killed, and dressed backyard meat rabbits then I cooked them, then we ate them. They aren’t quite as dumb as most people think. I think they have a Rabbit cookbook. It’s good to know that rabbit meat is so digestible and high in all these vitamins. I would suggest to go on ahead and also do chicken and duck. Their back straps are long, and their hind legs are thick. An old farmer laughed and told us “ya got too damn many roosters”. serving provides 117.6 percent of the recommended daily intake. Response number 1. The only time I see issues is when I put in a pan of dusting sand – they fight over whose turn it is. So you ARE going to be writing more often? Rabbit starvation only comes about if you only eat rabbit. However, I still have a problem with it because it’s low in fat. But if you only kept one, either would be good. 24: The amount of fat required by the human body is tiny. The amount of fat required by the human body is tiny. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try raising them in our utility room (keeps pretty warm, maybe too warm for rabbits). The reported syndrome includes initial symptoms of diarrhea, then headache, fatigue, low blood-pressure, slow heart rate, and a vague discomfort and hunger. Meanwhile with rabbits, you get dangerously-lean meat and the livers. Someone mentioned that one would no want to devil quail eggs. It should specify how many chickens you’re allowed to have within the city limits, the size requirements for the coop, the setback rules about the coop, if you’re allowed to have other animals, if there’s a licensing fee for your chickens, etc. I am considering raising rabbits for fur/hides, and over worm bins IN my chicken coop- all the animals should help keep it warmer through winter along with a heat lamp. I was totally wrong in the article. 5: Rabbits are easier to pack if you have to get out of an area fast, than chickens. My knowledge on keeping chickens is pretty low so I didn’t know that! The reason rabbit breeding is popular among preppers (especially suburban and city dwellers) is because it takes so little space to do it and they breed well, like rabbits. Thank you for stopping by and reading! Rearing Meat Rabbits - The advantages and disadvantages 1. rearing meat rabbits the fur of a rabbit Used on increasing meats rabbits Everybody has distinct reasons behind... 2. rabbit. But at the same time, if I were in a survival situation and only had rabbit meat to eat, you bet your butt I would eat it fat-free or not. According to the WAPF, traditional peoples, like Native Indians, ate rabbit only on occasion and when they did they prepared the WHOLE animal- even grinding down the bone and eating it as well. That’s probably why God didn’t recommend it. Thanks for the offer on the eggs too. But if you use the fat that lines the shoulders and the I just have a different point of view regarding rabbits as food (I am definitely FOR it). As long as you’re not eliminating butter and oil from your diet, there’s nothing to worry about. Someone has livestock over there!” It was a no-brainer. 27: Adding rabbit meat to your meal plan gives you a big boost in vitamin B-12 — each 3-oz. When I saw this article, I took it to heart., And btw, I LOVE your blog…we have a lot of views in common…that makes me happy Some of my friends think I’m crazy for raising my own food…I think they are for NOT doing so…. We don’t have the acreage for cows or pigs but we do have enough space and grass for rabbits. Wow! I adhere (as much as I can) to the principles of the Weston A. 9: Rabbit meat is seasonal any month of the year and is especially recommended during the hot summer months, as it does not contain the heating properties of most all other meats. Plus, rabbits produce nothing but meat (maybe a little fur). We have large stocks. BUT, if you live in a housing development like I do, your HOA covenants supercede the city laws. You can not live off beef alone ether. Error: The account for four.tall.palms needs to be reconnected.Due to recent Instagram platform changes this Instagram account needs to be reconnected in order to continue updating. So getting help can sometimes be a challenge. I think it is plain silly to say don’t raise rabbits because they don’t have enough fat. 20: If you are stuck out in the woods and get lucky enough to get a rabbit. This article will assist the internet users for setting up new website It’s both succulent and flavoursome, and the meat combines both healthy eating and good flavours. As an adult though I stick mostly to the clean and unclean meats listed in the bible. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I take protein from chicken, beef, mutton, etc. Both are kept in 10x 10 kennels at night but since rabbits are caged predators don’t get them. Wow! It often sticks to their body and they will find ways … I would recommend keeping both chickens and rabbits if you can. And as your post explains, they seem to provide plenty of fat which honestly makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation. Some think a man will die sooner if he eats continually of fat-free meat than if he eats nothing, but this is a belief on which sufficient evidence for a decision has not been gathered. I’d like to add my 2 cents on a couple of points that were touched on. But, as you pointed out, our situation is a little different. Add in the fact that they are relatively quiet, and when they ARE heard, no one says, “HEY! Raising worms, (because of the rising cost of grains/chicken feed), is an excellent way to subsidize your chicken feed needs; and reduce cost! It is fairly easy to raise and grow rabbits, as it is in their nature to breed and multiply. You could also get a little boat and fish to help keep your protein sources varied. Chicken Dumplings or Chicken Noodles for Sunday dinner. Back in the 1940s and 1950s rabbit meat was as common for dinner as chicken is today. Not true with chickens. Eat rabbit – it’s good for you! So you get more than 2 for 1 when raising worms, and the rabbits of course for whatever you deem valuable on top of their help in raising worms. Particularly Peking ducks. With its qualities of tastiness and good nutrition, rabbit has everything to satisfy gourmets who are … We lived in Ohio so weather was not Extreme – Snowed in the Winters – We ate Rabbit Meat all Year Long. Fence: A fence should be built around outdoor hutches and fitted For another comparison, nobody says plant a garden but don’t plant watermelons in it because you can’t stay healthy on watermelons alone. But if you want to supplement fats in your diet, try growing some nut trees. The meat has a high percentage of easily digestible protein. I posted about it here: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. smoked rabbit tastes a lot like smoked ham and it definitely has fat on it, not as much as ham of course, but I would say knowing how to smoke rabbit is the only recipe you need! AND they are a meat breed bred for a meat body type. So people will be less likely to steal them in times of turmoil. You said that rabbits are easy to kill but not wilding rabbit. I still say that if you want eggs and meat, Coturnix quail are a better option than chickens…just much smaller eggs. We will be blogging as we go so you can see all the mishaps. Chickens take 21 days to incubate, 4-6 months of feeding, care and housing before producing a single egg. Some people say it would need to be somewhere closer to 3-4 weeks. In this Video I Am Goona Telling You That Do Not Start Rabbit Farming Business In Pakistan. Humans are not designed to live off of one food type alone. – including Germany, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand – As you’re well aware, this eliminated the “lean” problem. Rabbits = quiet, 2: If you have no electricity and it is winter you cant keep a heat light on and your chickens will stop laying eggs. Thanks for the compliment and mentioning me in your post- I learned a lot from it. There’s a risk of spending too much time online doing shopping. I raise both rabbits and chickens in my back yard along with being able to hunt and fish for more variety yet. The following topics are discussed in this publication: • Getting Started • Size of Rabbitry • Equipment • Profit (?) haha. You don’t starve from eating rabbit. I believe there are some misconceptions here regarding rabbit starvation. These rabbits are larger framed and have been described as having a “mandolin” shape to them. yum! We have them for a variety of reasons and I am going to share with you the pros and cons of keeping rabbits on a small homestead. Ethical, Humane, & Conscientious Rabbit Stewardship. Rabbit meat is a wholesome tasty product. Neither option seems doable because, anyway, if you move , most of the homes available and being built are in housing developments. It can also be costly to pay a vet when your rabbits get sick, which does happen along the course of a rabbit’s life.
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