But if you’ve been looking for high-quality Damascus steel knives that are designed well and perform well, then the Premier line will suit your need very well. Perhaps the paragon of Japanese cutlery, the Shun Premier Steak Knife Set utilizes a fine steel blend for an immaculately sharp blade that’s comprised of … The blade is then cladded with 16 layers of stainless steel giving it a rust-free Damascus look. Sharpening a dull knife will require you to use a whetstone grit of 1000 to 1500, while correction other blade imperfections and chips need a coarse whetstone of 300 grit. Its Pakkawood handle is NSF certified and advocated for use on commercial kitchen which has made the knife to stand out from the competition. The perfect knife for that thick steak that can handle a 2" cut of prime rib roast without trying. A strike in the balance of your knife blade and handle should be professionally done for efficiency. The blade is hand hammered to prevent food from sticking on the surface when cutting reducing drag. This combination of functionality and style in their designs is just one of the reasons Shun is at the very top of the market right now and is loved by a bunch of different chefs all around the world. Knives-Sensei.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program,an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Instead, place your knife cutting blade on top of the recipe you plan to prepare and use the forward-backward motion. Shun Premier Steak Knife Set. During the construction process, the blades are handcrafted, ground and bead blasted for an ultra-sharp, corrosion resistant, long-lasting and incredible appearance. The finish on this blade is one of the main reasons it’s loved so much by chefs all over. Shun Classic knives are constructed using high-quality Stainless steel which is combined with 32 layers of steel and metal to increase its durability and its aesthetics. During their construction, a layer of stainless steel is used to cover the Damascus resulting in a beautiful and robust blade. This is a collection that contains some of the brands best knives, and we’ll be taking a close look at them in this Shun Premier review. Its smooth handle finish provides a secure and comfy grip making your cooking a breeze. Shun Steak Knife. Compared to VG-10 and VG-MAX, SG2 has a dense grain structure which gives the knife incredible edge retention and sets this knife apart. Shun Premier Chef's Knife, 8-Inch. And that's what you will enjoy by owning this Shun VB0723 series. If the knife does not come with a honing guide, merely place the honing steel in a vertical position with its tip on your chopping board and draw your knife from the top to the heel. Calling to mind the handcrafting techniques of ancient Japan, Shun Premier possesses the grace and beauty of hand … Razor-sharp blades of Shun knives … These steak knives are no exception. Shun Premier's steak knife set ensures an impressive presentation and razor-sharp performance when you're serving steaks, chops and other meats. Free shipping … The knife features a Damascus layered steel with an impressive hand hammered finish. Each Sora knife is crafted to provide efficiency and convenience in any kitchen. Otherwise I would look up a decent $200-250 knife … The maintenance of your knife should be viewed in regards to honing frequency, blade properties, cleaning and sharpening tools. I set up this blog to share with you my love for knives and cooking, as well as my personal experiences working as a professional chef. The handle is smooth and professionally designed to offer you a secure grip and comfort. The 8” long knife is versatile, durable, comfy, elegant and dishwasher safe. Features layered Damascus steel with a striking, hand-hammered … While each of the individual Shun Premier knives are well-worth taking a close look at, we’ll be looking at them as a set today. Soak your whetstone in water for about 10 minutes. Luckily I am in between new jobs for now but I want a new knife since I've been meaning to get one for a while. Having that type of handle not only adds to the aesthetic, but it also allows you to grip the knife more comfortably. Use your knife for the recommended purpose. A knife which is easy to clean may not have the capability to retain a sharp cutting edge for long which means you will be required to hone it. For double beveled models, ensure you repeat the process on both sides. Just like most knives, you may notice some small chips on your shun knife even after avoiding the dishwasher. KSTDMS0400: Shun Premier 4 Piece Steak Knife Set Shun Cutlery. All of these blades are well made, very sharp, and have an excellent finish, but we’ll get into those details a bit later. Shop now!. Repeat the process on both sides until you obtain a fine burr. A razor-sharp knife, like the Shun Premier Steak Knife, will glide through the meat, cutting fewer of the capillaries in the steak … To keep moisture from taking a toll on your blade, always avoid leaving your dirty knife for long. With its fine, non-serrated edge, it eliminates the need for sawing through the steak, which in turn severs fewer meat capillaries, ensuring flavorful juices stay inside the steak. This Shun DM0706 series is the go-to knife if you are on a budget. The VG-10 is stainless steel produced in Japan with High Carbon content. Shun Premier Chef's Knife is our best pick. Different texture of blades. Included in this set is a 4" paring knife which enables you to prepare your garnishes, and fruits like a professional. Sharpening, on the other hand, is intended to improve the precision of the blade. Some people complained that these were expensive, but considering the sheer quality of the blades, it’s worth the investment. Honing is meant to re-align your cutting edge to increase its performance. Every piece has been constructed to last and can be a great investment which can be passed from generations to come.
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