I have a good list of recommended tools here if you are interested in seeing what I used as well as some detailed reviews. Finalize with 100 grit pad for a perfectly smooth surface. In the process of sanding the wood, the dark stain will begin to lighten significantly. There are areas such as corners where the drum sander may not reach. Bring some friends over and show it off. If you can paint an entire line of boards at a time, that is most recommended. They are natural red oak now, but we are considering refinishing them with a dark walnut stain. This is a critical stage where you use a sanding machine and sanding pad with different grit levels. Usually, 3 levels of sanding are done using 60 grit, 80 grit and 100 grit respectively. How to Lighten Dark Wood Stain. Staining – Black walnut colors range from dark brown to grayish white. Hello and welcome! Clean the floor with a soft cloth dampened with acetone if your floor still looks uneven. The next cleaning pass should be done with a trusty broom and dustpan to get the next layer of dust that was left from the vacuum. Bamboo Flooring vs Hardwood – Pros, Cons and Cost, Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring – Benefits, Risks and Cost. But, most homes in Westchester NY and Northeast/Mid Atlantic have oak. If your floor is oak, maple or another light to medium-light hardwood, you can choose to make it darker by staining it -- and many people do. This tool can be any length that you are comfortable with. If you have ever painted the walls in a room with windows, you are probably familiar with the process of applying tape to the window frames to keep the paint off of them. Our goal is to keep it on the floor as much as possible for easier cleanup. Check It Out! As a hardwood flooring company in Colorado Springs, we advise plenty of homeowners about staining hardwood flooring. Otherwise, you might have different stain colors for hardwood flooring planks in the same room, as some of the stains will get sucked in by debris and will naturally not color the actual planks with the same efficiency. Take a few moments to go through all of the tools that you will be using to make sure they are in good working order. The varying methods of cleaning a hardwood floor after sanding can have an effect on the polyurethane coating that will follow. Tip #1 Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke is an excellent song to stain to. My favorite step out of all the steps involved with this project is this one. However, leaving your floor “au naturel” is not the only choice. By the end of the process, you will get a smooth wood that will easily take and maintain the stain and the polyurethane coating. Is it even possible to stain hardwood floors lighter? After allowing it … Now we have reached my second favorite step in this process. The best method I have found during this process is to keep half of the rag dry and only use one section for stain application. In terms of cost, a water-based finish is more expensive than oil-based. For starters, staining helps preserve the wood so that it lasts longer. Staining hardwood floors is easy, as long as you are aware of these hurdles. The motion you use is the same as if you were using a paint roller. Laminate Flooring vs Hardwood – What’s the Difference? Stand back and take a look at all the hard work you did and smile. If you want to go beyond that, the only choice is to bleach or use a whitewash stain. After Hardwood Floor Staining Floors Lighter Bstek Co To Gray Or Not To Gray Gray Hardwood Floors A Trend Or A Staining Hardwood Floors Darker Wood Best Stain For Oak restaining hardwood floors lighter You Might Also Like Pengikut. So, if you’ve got wood floors and want to change their appearance, fear not. The objective this time is to make the hardwood floor surface as smooth as it can be. While both types are durable, there are slight differences. This way, if some of it ends up in a puddle you can wipe that off quickly. You will need to use a palm sander with the 60 grit pad to work on them. The wood looks like it gets more inviting and takes on a newly invigorated life once it has some tone added. Sweep the room to remove any dirt or debris and get set for the next step. Nails and pins can damage your sanding machine or cause you an injury during the sanding process. This same concept applies to anything in the room that you do not want to end up with stain on it. I was really glad I had rented the unit for the entire day. Some of the stains used can be very dark and not everyone who buys a house likes that deep and dark color. Sometimes a home needs some sprucing up to keep its interior engaging. Reapply the stain color of choice to the hardwood floor and finish off with a seal coat such as an oil or water based polyurethane. It seems no matter how hard I try some of that dust will escape and end up on items in adjoining rooms. Once you have sanded the project area these final times to make the wood smooth to the touch, it’s time to move on to the next step. Lighter colors should be treated with a lighter stain and darker colors with a darker stain. The short version is, oil-based poly is the most durable and longest lasting. Safety glasses, respirators and masks, knee pads, and hearing protection should all be checked to make sure they are in great shape and ready to save you from mishaps. I did 4 or 5 in high traffic areas of the floor. Focus on blotchy or darker areas. Be extra sure to read the back of the container for your finish to find out what the application guidelines are as well as the time needed for dry time between each coat. Start doing that at least an hour before it is time to start working with them. If you have access to an air-purifying system, especially one that is on the industrial level, that will also help. Work with the grain of the wood as you move from one end of the surface to the other. The first major consideration is the type of wood that is on the floor. Dark vs Light Hardwood Floor – Which is Better. With some knowledge on how to change the color of a hardwood floor, it is something you can do yourself. Inspect the floor to ensure that no nails or pins are protruding. Work your way farthest from the exit, toward it. For this part of the project, an orbital floor sander works great. As a result, many of us aren’t sure if we should stain our […] However, a perfect outcome will depend on the condition and the natural color of the wood. The chairs around my dining table are the front-runner in this category. We now need to go through and clean this all up. Oil-based finish tends to change color over time — usually to umber — while water-based remains clear and maintains the wood color over a long period of time. On average, the cost of refinishing a 300 square feet surface is anywhere between $100 and $1500. We want to make sure the tools won’t end up causing more harm than good. I absolutely love the way hardwood grain pops when stain is applied to it. Moisture also makes it very difficult for the finish to cure properly as it can’t adhere to the wet surface as well. Grab a brush-less vacuum such as a portable shop vacuum. When you are working on this part, it will almost feel like you are applying clear paint to the floor. Wipe harder on very dark areas to lighten the stain to match existing lighter areas. Checking preview pictures on Pinterest and other websites may provide a sense of what a finished stain on your hickory floor would look like, but making a final … Continue reading "Picking Right Stain For Hickory Hardwood Floors" However, it is also not nearly as durable and industry pros indicate that it should be reapplied every 2-3 years. However, the cost will vary depending on various factors such as: Other than changing the color, refinishing your wood floor every five to ten years helps rejuvenate the wood’s appearance and keeps it looking its best.To make a hardwood floor last longer, ensure it is properly cleaned and protected and well maintained. Finally, after the vacuuming and sweeping are done, we’ll want to take a slightly damp cloth and wipe the whole work area down. “Each coat?”, you might be saying. It’s possible to change the color of your hardwood from dark to light and back again — any way your heart desires. Take a few moments to contemplate before moving on the next step. I was unfortunately very crunched for time to get the project done so we could move in. In most cases, the lightest color you can go is the natural color of the wood. This can lead to rot later. You can enhance your floors with hardwood staining, which will alter the color of the wood.There are numerous color options available, but homeowners often struggle over choosing a light or dark stain. This leaves the walls. Whether you’ve recently purchased unfinished wood, or you want to transform your space, your flooring is one of the grandest statements that you can make.With stain, you don’t have to replace floors to get a new look. This method enables you to focus on getting stain and finish on the floor without having to worry about what else it might get on. When I worked on the floors in my house, I did not utilize this method. This also includes removing any vent covers and stuffing some towels in them to prevent debris from falling down into them. What to Know, How to Lighten Dark Hardwood Floors – Steps. Happy flooring day! Be sure the cloth is not saturated so it doesn’t drain water down into the seams and cracks. You may have heard the saying before that a dull blade requires force to cut whereas a sharp blade will do the work for you. Then just repeat this process until you have completed your project. If you are using tools with blades, make sure they are sharp enough to cut efficiently. Since you are going to want to make passes with different grits ranging from 120 grit to 360 grit, I would recommend renting this as well if you can. During the time the wood floors are being stained, the homeowner can choose to stain the wood a different color. Homeowners with oak are likely to use this option since this type of wood is naturally dark. To get a lighter look, you will want to wipe off the excess stain. This site is owned and operated by Flip Gravity LLC, a limited liability company headquartered in Wisconsin, USA. This step involves a bit of manual labor. There are two commonly used types of polyurethane: oil-based and water-based. Reapply the stain color of choice to the hardwood floor and finish off with a seal coat such as an oil or water based polyurethane. Wood stain that's too dark can affect the entire appearance of a piece of furniture or room. Using a dull blade is dangerous as you run the risk of slipping and hurting yourself. Much like painting, the amount of preparation work that is done prior to starting a project will make the finished product look that much better. Attach 60 grit sandpaper to a drum sander and turn on the machine as you tilt the sanding base off the floor. Woodfloorscleaner.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. There are two lines of thinking on this topic and it is important that I detail both so you can ponder and decide which avenue works best for you. Restaining hardwood floors has never been easier with gel stain. The choice is yours! Use a vacuum to remove all the dust after sanding. This process involves utilizing some form of thin shielding board that you move with you as you go. Again, testing is the key to getting what you really want. It’s possible to make your hardwood floors solid black if you really want them to be that dark, but most of our clients choose something lighter like a black/white hardwax oil mix, or Jacobean/Ebony stain mix or a Coffee brown color. Pics of : Can You Stain Dark Hardwood Floors Lighter Sanding only applies to a solid hardwood that is still intact or on engineered hardwood floor that is attached to the substrate. They include the following: Ensure the nature of your wood is appropriate for sanding. However, some wood stains are thick and difficult to apply. The goal is to get any accidental over wiping on the shield board instead of the wall. Our next step consists of sanding off the current finish and stain that exists on the raw hardwood floor. Most of us have moved a rug or a piece of furniture and noticed the covered part of the floor is either lighter or darker than the surrounding wood. I advise renting a drum sander. This is a pretty hefty project to tackle yourself and you did it! How to Lighten a Floor Stain. Next, you will want to make sure the area you are going to be working in is clear of furniture, debris, and anything else that will get in the way. I rented it for the whole day as I was doing an entire house. Lightening a hardwood floor can be a costly process, especially when you hire a professional flooring expert. Hanging some plastic or sheets on the door frames as well as the vents in the room will help to keep all the wood dust in that room. At least we limit the amount with some covers. Don’t stain yourself into a corner. When restoring your hardwood floor or installing a new one, photos of dark wood floors look very appealing. Water aniline stains are the best type to use with black walnut due to their transparency. Hardwood is a classic flooring material that offers beauty and durability to your home. This will help protect the whole floor. The work requires a certain level of experience and professionalism to get an even surface colour. Once the process is complete, think about protecting your hardwood floor from furniture scratches and scuff marks. You can change your style from country or traditional to modern and sleek. And, stain allows you to add color, texture, and even grain, improving the look and feel of the wood finish. How do I Protect my Hardwood Floors from Furniture Scratches? See Also Adventures In Staining My Red Oak Hardwood Floors … A closet works great for this as well if available. There is something special about watching the wood grain pop out differently with each tone of stain applied. Can you Lighten Dark Hardwood Floors? What’s my reason you might be asking? Flooring day is my favorite day! How much does it Cost to Lighten Hardwood Floors? Most products take at least 4 hours to dry. We had not moved anything in yet so it made it a lot easier to move through the whole house pretty fast. The Cleaning Specialists, San Diego, California You can salvage that old worn-out hardwood floor to look new again today! Carefully read the instructions on the back of the container to make sure you understand the application instructions clearly. Because your hickory hardwood floors are something you literally live with every day you want to make sure any stain you choose is the stain you want. For us, it was $20 USD per half day. What we are trying to avoid is getting any of our products on the parts of the wall that will be visible. You cannot sand thin, detached, old, or floating engineered hardwood floors. Dip part of the rag into the stain a little bit at a time until you get a feel for how much is a good quantity while applying. You can also use a broom to sweep — but note that it will cause a cloud of dust. Applying a stain or paint on top of a finish is a temporary and unprofessional way of changing the color of a hardwood floor. This should take care of any last remaining dust that was left on the floor. Be sure to have a very well ventilated area before using this or any type of finish. I’m thinking of fireplace brick, doors and other permanent fixtures that can not be removed but are exposed to the potential to get these products on them as you apply. I am also very careful to make sure there are felt pads on the bottom of any piece of furniture that gets used and moved frequently. Always begin from the furthest corner from the entrance. Staining your floors with hardwood stain colors is an alternative worth considering, and can be especially interesting if you are looking to enhance the grain of your hardwood floor, or to refresh old flooring, or to give your home an entirely new look. Cardboard tends to absorb the stain and finish and you may end up spreading it on the walls in visible spots with what becomes a giant paint brush. Flip Gravity LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. It’s time to start staining, but before you start there’s one thing you need to remember; time is of the essence. Dark ring spots (more noticeable on lighter floors) are similar situation above except with lighter floors the rings or spots become dark. When you have to walk on it all the time, why not make it something amazing to appreciate? The process for lightening the stain on a hardwood floor is the same as if you were refinishing it. Like painting, you can apply tape and paper to anything that you feel is worth protecting. See Also Red Oak solid Hardwood Hardwood Flooring the … In fact, you can in some cases if the instructions on the container allow it. Be sure to wear some gloves. You can decide to stain your wood using a lighter-colored stain or go natural. The goal is to get all the way down to the raw wood to expose the pores so they can take the stain you have chosen. If you’re not sure, consider hiring or consulting a wood flooring expert. What does that process look like? My name is Chuck and I am an avid DIY’er who loves installing and taking pictures of beautiful flooring. This is the step before we start adding stain to the hardwood floor to make it lighter. It most certainly can! 2 Simple Steps to Fix Dull Hardwood Floors, 6 Simple Steps to Stain Hardwood Floors Lighter, 6 Steps to Apply Hardwood Floor Polyurethane the Easy Way, 10 Easy Steps on How to Match Hardwood Floor. You could attempt to do this without using tape to protect the walls and anything else that might need to not have a stain or finish on it. Floors can light up a room or they can seem to soak all the light up from it, no matter what color you paint walls and ceilings. So what does that process look like? Most can be rented for a reasonable price. The stain will streak, smear and generally look awful. Once you have selected your stain and tested during sanding, apply it using a rag as directed by the manufacturer. Back in 1976 or 1982, depending on who you ask, Festool, who was known as Festo at the time, introduced the world to the orbital sander. Just like the stain, you’ll want to work your way toward the exit from the opposite end of the room. We earn a commission when you buy a product through the provided links ©2020 Woodfloorscleaner.com, All Rights Reserved. You can cover a great deal of area in a short time. Walnut, mahogany, cherry and an assortment of exotic species are naturally colored dark, and even without stain, can only be lightened to a certain degree.Ash, maple, oak, pine, birch, fir and cedar are light in color, and easier to lighten. Clear the room of everything including furniture and rugs.This will give you suitable safe working space. Making a hardwood floor lighter is no different. Then we move on to the next step. A floor is an often overlooked aspect of a home’s decor, but it can dramatically impact the mood, look, and simple vibe of a room or house. The last thing we want is for the work are to have any dust and debris on it when we start to stain. This included the main hallway, the living room and the dining room. It will look even better after the next couple of coats. I guess that’s a matter of personal preference, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to walk in the guest … The house is 2400 sq ft and the rooms are kind of tight, so we're concerned darker floors will make the house … In the final step, you’ll want to add two to three coats of polyurethane finish to protect the wood and its new color. I hope this guide has been very helpful for you. There are several steps to a nicely lightened wood floor. At this time, the greatest mass of dust should be cleaned up. This is followed by staining or lightening before applying a protective polyurethane layer. Try to blend the edges of uneven areas into lighter areas. Dark, stained wood floors can be lightened to give your home an exciting new look. Once your room is clean, it’s time to prepare for the application of a When well taken care of, a quality wood floor can truly make a house a home. In fact, you are going all the way down to the raw hardwood so that we can apply any color and tone that you like. We will also want to remove the baseboard trim around the room. Each of the manufacturers may be different but generally at least 3 coats will be needed. Let the stain dry for 30 minutes. If there are any, use a nail set and hammer to depress them without damaging the wood floor. Much more work is needed to cut wood when it is dull. We are refinishing the floors in our house. Color change requires sanding to remove the top finish layer of the floor. This option is also the most time-consuming. The purpose for this is the to make sure we get stain and finish all the way to the wall. That's because unlocking a sad floor's hidden beauty doesn't always involve messy sanding and staining, particularly if yours aren't damaged. Most finishes, including polyurethane can be applied using a soft cloth bottomed applicator on a handle or stick. It saves time not having to clean up as you go first and foremost. Sit back, take a break and marvel at your awesomeness while you wait the recommended time for that coat to dry. If you like the look of darker exotic hardwood floors but have oak flooring, staining will allow you to have that dark, exotic look … Take some pictures of the project after completion so you have something to look at before all the furniture gets moved back in. Your hardwood flooring stain color has an instant effect on all types of living spaces, and the decision between dark stains vs light stains plays a major role in interior design. It is essential to know that you will need to wait at least three days before returning any furniture into your room. Staining wood is one of my favorite parts of any woodworking project I undertake. 18 Wonderful Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for Oak - Adventures In Staining My Red Oak Hardwood Floors Products Process. You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. It looks pretty good doesn’t it? Secondly, you’ll be using a lot of sandpaper in the next step. I recommend an oil-based polyurethane. 28 Fabulous Staining Hardwood Floors Lighter - How 6 Different Stains Look On 5 Popular Types Of Wood Chris Loves. As an example, one of the rooms upstairs in my house required 5 passes to get all the old glue, finish and stain off the floor. Therefore, choose carefully the appropriate cleaning method. This is the safest option. Moving those items out of the room will make the job a lot easier as you won’t have to step on or over them or constantly be moving them to work on the floor. Staining wood has both aesthetic and finishing benefits for your woodworking project. However, there is a lot to consider when staining wood. Staining requires a clear and clean surface before being applied, so if you just sanded and buffed the floor, take some extra time and effort to get it as clean as possible. The longer the wood has been covered up, the more noticeable the difference in color is. The top coat is highly likely to wear and fade, making the old coat underneath show its true colors. Experts recommend leaving it natural or bleaching to attain a lighter color. Go ahead and make a pass over the entire work area at least once. Dip a small corner of the rag into the desired wood stain, and wipe the rag over the hardwood floor to distribute the stain. Check to make sure any belt-driven tools have good condition belts in them as well.
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