You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. Bona traffic HD has some UV protection in it, so it will help a bit, but still you can’t stop the natural process. Antique Heartpine flooring was milled to a narrow width and installed between the stone flooring. It’s the top coat that will give it the final sheen. then Bona Traffic 1 coat. Replace yellow and orange maple floors with honey oak floors, and my answer is still the same. If you have pets that may get the floors wet (from going in/out when it rains, water dishes or accidents), you may want to avoid this option. Do not use oil based poly – that makes it darker and more yellow and will look terrible and will look worse over time. It may work or it may look awful. I’m excited to get going and lots of great info here. from either Duraseal or Minwax (or other places), that is most likely your issue. One has shipping baked into the price, the other charges additional for shipping…but clearly the one you found is nets a lower total price. The grades are more about the color variation and number of knots. Staining Pine, Oak, Maple, Birch etc Floors Gray In pre-finished maple or birch hardwood floors, it is fairly simple to achieve a background gray color. Could you share the stain ratios for that picture? You can try Bona gray and see if you like it, and if so go for it. Thanks for the help. Bar sink. If so, feel free to buy me a coffee and support my blog. We are finding ebony + white or true black + white comes out best, especially on red oak. What product from Bona do you recommend? I will ask my contractor which products he used. I wish I could give you a recipe, but that’s really impossible until you see what it looks like on the wood and next to your cabinet sample. Weathered oak and gray? We needed there to be ample lighting but only wanted to draw attention to the pendants above the island and the dining chandelier. What do you recommend to eliminate the yellow? You definitely can use tung oil or Rubio monocoat for gray hardwood floors, but it’s generally not my first choice. Arched window over sink. In this scenario, how would one protect the inlaid walnut from the bleach since there is oak, which would need to be bleached, on either side? PS: If you want to test a section with bleach, you might see if there is a closet you can do it in, or under refrigerator or something…i.e. I hope that helps. Furthermore, the floors aren’t protected from water (or pet accidents). This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter with a tinge of green), but really brought out their natural color and grain. This would be more unusual as most homes have oak (or else another lighter wood). Tina – Oh gosh, it sounds like you may have hired an inexperienced contractor. Sorry that I’m just getting to this now. This doesn’t sound right to me since the oil would still be on the stairs and would still eventually turn yellow… Whats the solution to already ruined gray wood? Be careful w/ the poly you use. Hardwood supplies – e.g. Hello, You have some beautiful floors on your site. Nick – First, you put putty on, then 36 grit…then you may need some more putty as some may get sanded off. Also, you can check out this article I just published about an hour ago and try Duraseal’s new “dark gray.” See the article here: Duraseal’s new gray blends. For the gray part, I would use Duraseal Ebony + Bona White (neither Minwax nor Duraseal are good for whites…they are too watery…and their premixed grays are also too watery. After the resin stain coat has dried seal your maple floor with one coat of dewaxed shellac sealer, OMU sealer, or acid cure sealer. They have been scraped with the grain and the roughness is really coming from the wood itself. I am refinishing my red oak hardwood floors and would like to do a gray stain. But, I think it’s very risky on Cherry, especially as the cherries (both American and Brazilian) are more oily, so I would expect problems. But we want it to look like natural wood, not thick or coated. If you see this and have any ideas, I’d be very grateful! Do you have any suggestions for color mixes to provide us with a natural looking gray? I took a test piece and sanded it by hand as best I could to get the finish off. About Maple Maple is a closed grain wood, this means the wood does not like accepting anything into its pores – which includes stain. Yes, you’ll have to look at the samples together with the birch. I really appreciate that and the follow up. When it comes to gray, we use Duraseal ebony and Bona White. Gray is very difficult to achieve, especially on red oak and even most professionals have difficulty with this. The structural Douglas Fir post and ceiling beams set the tone along with the stain matched 2x6 pine tongue and groove ceiling –this also serves as the finished floor surface at the loft above. I see you live in Florida…where they tend to use a lot of engineered flooring, so I’m hoping you have solid wood, as you may need to sand again if you’re not happy with it. We opened up hard maple flooring with 80 grit, then used "Reclamation" from Weatherwood stains. I hope that helps. We want to do a lighter gray floor. We usually use country white (but there are other whites that can work). General Finishes Gel Stains or Water … Your true missing ingredient is the ebony. Where do you live? If your floor is oak, maple or another light to medium-light hardwood, you can choose to make it darker by staining it -- and many people do. Thanks for your instructions. He is concerned that the formulas are different and I believe that one is oil based but he will try it. 91. Lisa – I would advise against this. If you do a traditional brown stain, you can either use oil based or water borne poly. They will come back tomorrow and put on a 3rd and 4th I believe. I’ll try to ask my guy what he uses, but I think it’s just regular bleach. What’s the difference? Sand 60 grit That might look good. I relayed a lot of your (awesome!) If you want to introduce greys, that’s fine. These cabinets are white pine which won't turn "orange/yellow" like the yellow pine in your house now. You need to periodically treat the floors with more oil. Our countertops are all made with truly antique woods, reclaimed from structures built in the 1800s and as early as circa 1780. What do you recommend for wood choice and stain? Zaza – That is odd (and I’m sure frustrating). country white, etc.) I think white oak is a good option. Any other recommendations. Whether you are installing a new hardwood floor, refinishing an old one, or just keeping your existing floor looking as good as new, Minwax® has a full range of products to make and keep your floors beautiful. Good news is this is the easy part. I’m using NordicSeal on white oak and I want to apply 2 coats. My floor guy (stuck with him as part of the project) is only going to mix up whatever recipes I bring to him. Should I just replace my red oak with select white oak? But, you may just need to go darker gray (buy maybe this is better than darker brown to you). He was said to be done today and we went in and the whole floor turned yellow! Is it this? What color of Bona white is your preference to achieve these gray colors? We’ve been using that combo for years. - mswope90, Photos credited to Imagesmith- Scott Smith Talk to your flooring guy. Entertain with an open and functional kitchen/ dining room. Ebony I can find just not the white. I would strongly recommend Bona Traffic HD (see this blog post: It came out like paint to me! Another question: what do you use to apply the stain and poly? Then buff, then 3rd coat poly. I like the rounded window but in black - susanrobertson, A large kitchen with grey distressed cabinets and warm stained cabinets has so much texture and warmth. But, I would try to go to a flooring store to make sure you have the right item and best quality. “Due to the extremely tight cellular structure and variable grain patterns inherent in northern hard maple, the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA) does not recommend staining or bleaching maple strip flooring … This post will help you choose your your stain… I would guess you can order through Bona (or else ask them where you can buy…they may have a store locator). This prevents liquids from penetrating; oiled floors don’t have that same level of protection. Any recommendations?? Joe. Please help ..looks like maybe left stain without wiping. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time on touch ups, and instead prefer a floor with less maintenance, then use Bona Traffic HD (note: Bona Traffic is also environmentally friendly). We are going to waterpop it. These are shown on white oak. Then, we’ve added a bit of a tint (ebony) to top layer to make it a bit darker. Have you worked out on dark wood before ? I wasn’t talking about mixing them. Nick – thanks so much. Hi there I’ve been following your site and blog on the gray washed floors and I’m just about ready to have the contractor handle the redwood floors. Will the floors take on a pink tone? Thanks for your responses! with ebony + white, you can suit to your own taste. If you are using above brands/shades, I’d recommend going darker and using more ebony and/or mixing in Duraseal True Black. The other downsides to oiled floors are that they cost more (significantly more) and they have a longer curing time (which means it will be longer before you can move your furniture in. but, I suppose you could add more ebony if needed. The biggest disadvantage is that they can be more difficult to maintain. a place that it’s okay if it gets ruined. Here is the site: I hope this makes sense. I would stay away from the new duraseal colors. Whats people lookup in this blog: Grey Stained Maple Hardwood Floors; Can you please provide suggested details in the topic. It will be a bit lighter/more orange/less red (I hope that makes sense). He went the route of 2x coats of white followed by 1x coat of grey staining which turned out beautifully! Be careful with the wood species. The ceiling and soffits were raised and we added ceiling lighting and under cabinet lights to complete the look.Maple cabinets with Stone Gray stain - loubaby7, Photography by Garrett Rowland Photography 5. I’m looking to do 3 coats of the Bona HD water based poly. Third, one thing is for need to ditch the LastnLast and trade up to Bona Traffic HD. they both look very nice. Gregory – Yes, I would probably mix duraseal ebony and bona white for the gray and just mix to taste. If you use too much, you will ruin your floors. (Is there any truth to fruitwood? So, now that this trend has caught on, we have many homeowners who want to refinish their existing hardwood floors (which are usually oak) to have a similar look). The cabinets are Bridgewood Advantage Andale door in maple with stone grey stain. For a brown, you’re going to need to test. I personally like Somerset, but there are many options such as Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong. We are going to install white oak flooring and want a natural wood look with no staining or amberizing. It’s an up and coming trend. We would know what the results of Brazilian hardwood floors stained to grey would look like. And what kind of poly would you use? You can see all my recos on my Amazon Influencer page. I’m having my brand new red oak floor stain in a few days. Thank you very much for your help I learned a lot and was able to do it myself and came out pretty fantastic. Your mix sounds a bit more complicated and we did something similar using maybe 4 colors and did it for 1000 sf and my guys weren’t concerned. Bona Traffic will look the best by far – both when applied and over time. Instead, you would use Woca natural soap and the Woca Wood Refresher. My contractor wants to mux duraseal classic gray and country white. Buff after? Is it the white on this site? HI Flooring Girl, I so glad to stumble on your blog. You can try the bleach. Thanks! Hi, If that’s the issue, you can offer to buy the other cans (e.g. I would use a combo of ebony and a white was and test it. Hi Lisa. It was not attractive at all. It looks more natural and a bit more rustic. This is what you need to do to get gray. I’m sure durability would be better but seems fine. When it comes to water borne poly, there is no dispute, Bona Traffic HD is the best in the market place. And, you can buy these products on Amazon and have them shipped directly to you. Maybe the next coats of poly will take care of that but maybe not. Nothing brings grey to life faster than yellow or orange. Required fields are marked *. We have sometimes used dark walnut or coffee brown in with the ebony + white to get a gray brown (just a bit). If they are oak and just stained dark brown, that is no problem at all and it’s done all the time. Dave – I was going to ask you if that was a new stain as I had never heard of it. I really appreciate that. Buff before 2nd coat? I would guess that it would be slightly easier on American Walnut than Brazilian walnut, but that is simply speculation. I really assumed they’d be smooth. Note: the bleach will dry out and damage the wood a bit. We will test the gray colors on your hardwood floors. We have occasionally done country white, but Bona white looks better. Learn more about the Normandy Remodeling Designer, Stephanie Bryant, who created this kitchen: contrasting material on counters - webuser_174691337, Ellison Maple in Cannonade by Anderson Hardwood Floors. If you have a wood that is naturally red (e.g. White wash costs a bit more, and water based poly costs a bit more. Do you have any before and after And, if the ability to spot treat is very important to you, then that is an added bonus. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated! Older floors typically have spacing, nail and pin holes, discoloration, etc. Thank you they looked the same and I did notice that about the shipping. Should I buff between the coats? Also, I would like my finish to have cool toned undertones, nothing warm or red and I don’t want it to be dark. Claire – You can certainly try it with medium brown. Lastnlast is low quality and it won’t hold up (so you will pay more in the end as you will need to refinish much sooner). Note: this is not healthy for the wood and also may not work well with American cherry…it may in fact have a reaction. Your link is more expensive so trying to see what is different. Not sure how long to wait before using them? First, you need to use Duraseal, not minwax. There is no right or wrong answer. No, I don’t have any pictures. I have brand new straight grain white oak floors and am going for a relatively light grey floor. He bleached one sample but the wood looked damaged. I’ve finally fished..came out great. They are actually the same product! Please help as I need to stain in a few days. But, it might work if the person wants to go very dark gray. I know you said don’t sand after the stain but it was bugging me a few places I needed to feather so I ended up doing it throughout the floor to kind of blend in some areas and I think it came out pretty sweet once I evened everything out. It should not take that long. It looks like you found a water based stain and those are very challenging to use, especially for novices, anyway. And we are finally putting in wood flooring, which we’ve always wanted. But, you should only do that if you have 3 coats poly all together and only on top layer…and only for color purposes. It’s always more challenging to do grey on red oak, especially light gray. It needs to be one on site with 1 or 2 and then keep adapting. Reading your blog, I guess he used the oil-based poxy… This will allow the stain … Hi! I suppose it’s possible and it would be darker gray. 7. How do you achieve the gray effect? They have sanded and stained one day, and now have put on 2 coats of water based poly. I would not worry about it being too hard to clean/showing dirt…because you can just add more white. Second, no, I would never use Minwax for this. The gray washes are way too thin and waterery and hence the yellow from the white oak is coming through. They are too thinned out and watery and this is why contractors are having so many issues with them. White Oak? I’ve never heard of that technique. Thank you! Dave – You have to combine the mix in a different can. And, if you don’t like the look, it’s certainly not right. See this article:, thank you very much But, after that ratio was figured out, it was straight forward. Contemporary accents are paired with vintage and rustic accessories. I read through about 2 years worth of comments, and decided I needed to ask questions, that might be answered, but I’m running short of time, being that I need to have stain on site tomorrow. Trying to figure out if I need more than one. Usually my guys can install 1000 sf in a day, so installation should have only been a few days. Often times, repairs are needed on an older floor and gray stain does not do the best job blending the new age flooring and the old age flooring.
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