Tillinghast* (1924), Ian Andrew & Gil Hanse (2007), George Cumming & George S. Lyon (1912), Stanley Thompson* (1919), Doug Carrick (2011), Oakdale G&CC (Homenuik/Thompson), Downsview, Willie Dunn, George S. Lyon & Tom Bendelow (1903), Donald Ross and Stanley Thompson (1914-1945), Robbie Robinson (1950s), Graham Cooke (1990s), Rees Jones* (2011), Walter J. Travis* (1922), Ian Andrew (2009), Osprey Valley Resorts (Wasteland), Caledon, Stanley Thompson (1934), Robbie Robinson* (1973), Graham Cooke (2006), Willie Park* (1924), Tom McBroom (1990), Michael Hurdzan (2014), Percy Barrett (1906), Stanley Thompson* (1929), Bob Moote (1965), Carrick Design/Ian Andrew Design (2006), Stanley Thompson* (1934), Robbie Robinson (1940), Robbie Robinson (1960), Tom McBroom* (1997), Robert & Thomas Henderson (1906), George Cumming* (1911), Stanley Thompson (1929), Robbie Robinson (1958), Ian Andrew (1999), Legends on the Niagara (Battlefield), Niagara Falls, Stanley Thompson* & Robert Trent Jones Sr.* (1949), Robbie Robinson* (1963), Rene Muylaert (1988), Doug Carrick (2006 to present), Stanley Thompson* (1926), David Moote (2006), Stanley Thompson* (1922), Robbie Robinson* (1971) (9 holes each). Stanley Thompson* (1928), Robbie Robinson (1967), Ian Andrew & Tom Doak (2014), The National Golf Club of Canada, Woodbridge, Stanley Thompson* (1931), Robbie Robinson (1961), Harry Colt* (1912), Martin Hawtree (2009), Robert Trent Jones* (1960), Rees Jones (2000), Percy Barrett (1906), George Cumming (1909), Donald Ross (1920), Stanley Thompson* (1928), Doug Carrick (2007), George Cumming*, Nicol Thompson* & Stanley Thompson* (1919), Robbie Robinson (1960), Tom Bendelow (1909), Donald Ross* (1919), John Fought (2008), Stanley Thompson* (1924), Robbie Robinson* (1970), Doug Carrick (1995-2000), Osprey Valley Resorts (Heathlands), Caledon, Willie Park Jr. & Charles H. Alison (1920), George Cumming (1912), A.W. Top 100 Golf Courses. From the stunning topography of the near north and Muskoka’s resort courses, to an exceptional bargain in Windsor, 1. A course's fun factor carries the most weighting of the nine categories used to rate golf … SCOREGolf’s Top 100 is the most authoritative golf course ranking in Canada and has been igniting debates every two years since 1988.. Top 100 Courses in Ontario (Home) Top Course #1 Top Course #2 … They are the best of the best. Marie and Thunder Bay to Niagara Falls, and from Windsor to Ottawa, you also don’t have to live in the GTA to savour some of the best golf Ontario has to offer. Gravenhurst, Ontario | D. Carrick | 2006; RATES: $0 / $175; 2. We expect the final results that follow to be fodder for great debate. They get us thinking about what constitutes greatness, and about where we’d like to play next. there are no fewer than 32 public-access courses, meaning you don’t have to be a member to enjoy outstanding golf in this province. Welcome to the 2015 Traveling Golfer Top 100 With more than 800 courses stretching throughout the province, there is a wealth of opportunity for those looking to tee it up in Ontario. From 1997 – 2007, four courses in Muskoka were named best new golf course in Canada by Golf Digest, a record unmatched by any other Canadian golf destination.Utilizing the inspiring landscape of the Canadian Shield, each breathtaking country club … An outstanding, beautiful golf course that has stood the test of time.” —Tim McCutcheon. What was then a 6,350-yard par-73 has evolved into a 6,928-yard par-70, but it remains one of North America’s great parkland courses and among golf’s finest testaments to enduring design. GOLF’s 2020-21 ranking of the Top 100 Courses in the U.S. By: GOLF’s Course Ratings Panel & Ran Morrissett, Architecture Editor November 2, 2020 Apart from the fact that each panel member must have played well over 100 of the top 300 courses to be eligible, the beauty of our rankers is their diversity. Ontario, although not the largest province or territory in Canada, is the nation’s most populous, with four and a half million people living in Toronto, its largest city. WATCH EXPLANATION VIDEO To see how we cruch the numbers CLICK HERE. Golf Equipment By Brand; Golf Equipment By Type; GOLF … Among the top 100 (OK, it’s actually 101, since there was a dead heat for 100th!) course at the Listowel Golf Club facility in Listowel, ON features all the hallmarks of Ontario golf . From the hottest golfer on the PGA of Canada circuit, Danny King, to avid golfer David Sanders, a 4.0 handicap who has played a remarkable 825 courses in Ontario alone (he claims he has just 22 left), to golf & travel professionals, our panelists cover the gamut of those who appreciate great golf architecture and sublime golf experiences. Listowel G.C. The Lakes Golf Course in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia didn’t even rank in the top 110, one of Nova Scotia’s finest courses, and ranking The Cape Breton Highlands #8 ….
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