If your looking to go on a alligator gar fishing trip then look no further. With the area’s fishermen regularly reporting multiple Steelhead catches a day, no one’s going to be fighting over the fish! The charter service is run and operated by Captain Kirk Kirkland, who takes pride in holding the title of The Number One Captain for IGFA World records for the last 3 years in a row. Choose the Best GAR FISHING GUIDE for your money. Spring-run Chinook are a common catch this time of year. The Coho is known and beloved in fishing communities for its acrobatic leaps out of the water. We mentioned at the beginning of this post that the Trinity River is the perfect place to get back to nature, as well as experiencing some truly traditional-style fishing: no technology, no hustle-and-bustle, and no stress! Fishing For Gar In Dallas S Trinity River Matthew Bey. down. Capt. What makes certain bodies of water stand the test of time as fishing hotspots? Thanks for reading this article and sharing your experiences. Just be prepared to move along and try another spot. Lewiston’s reputation means that, although it’s small, anglers looking to cast their line alongside an experienced guide here will be spoiled for choice. Carp like fruit cocktail don’t they? The area is the most suitable place for catching that unusual freshwater trophy fish. The easiest way to discover these waters as a newbie is by hiring a charter service. Looking for a Salmon bonanza? We’ve outlined the Trinity River’s top catches below, as well as where you can go to catch them, and how you can reel ‘em in. The winter run of Steelhead show up as early as November. Wild are Catch and Release only so be careful. From Sept. 1 through Sept. 30, anglers holding a license-year or year from purchase fishing license can enter the drawing for an opportunity to harvest one alligator gar over 48 inches from a section of the Trinity River using the My Texas Hunt Harvest mobile app or online. What makes this gar exceptional is that the Alligator Gar … In our fast-paced modern lives, we’re increasingly finding it harder and harder to just wind down and relax. Trinity River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Anglers head to the stretch of river close to the Lewiston dam, where the first summer Chinook and Steelhead are making an appearance. All catch and release Alligator Gar fishing trips start at $650.00 for up to three (3) anglers and only $100.00 more for each additional angler for a maximum of eight anglers (8) for 8 hours on the water. Share your thoughts in the comment below! The largest recorded alligator gar caught was 279 pounds in the Rio Grande. West Fork Trinity River. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Monster Alligator Gar Fishing on the Trinity River TX. If you’re new to angling and want to test out conventional methods first, there’s ample opportunity for this, too. Texas produces more Monster Alligator gar then anywhere in the world! They’re considered an unmissable Steelhead hotspot. And on top of this incredible scenery, the Trinity River’s fishing opportunities are nothing to sniff at, either. Since that time I have caught and my clients have caught more Alligator Gar than I can remember. It’s the sheer size and number of fish here! Mar 26, 2015 - Trinity River. No matter how you define it, the Trinity River’s adaptability means that a day of pure escapism is possible for every guest that chooses to venture here. However, its size is much less imposing than many other freshwater rivers. Trust us – you’ll thank us later! Fishing in San Antonio – Your Complete Guid... © 2019 FishingBooker.com. This is an especially popular time of year for waders and bank fishermen, thanks to weather conditions. If you’re looking for a real escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Weitchpec offers this in abundance. Stick with a local guide, and you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rapids. Well, maybe the way that most local fishermen choose to cast their line for this species will convince you otherwise! Even better? Bank fishing is a great option for anglers who know this area or have been river fishing before and want to embark on a wallet-friendly adventure. Although it’s possible, we generally wouldn’t recommend taking your own vessel out onto the river. On the men’s side of the IGFA record book, Richard Hart has the fly fishing world record with an 83-pound, 3-ounce alligator gar pulled from the Trinity River in May 2016. Caught July 4th, 2004 in the East Fork of Trinity River. Head to one of the area’s local nature parks or campsites with bank access. It may be one of the smallest species in this river when it comes to stature, but it more than makes up for it with fighting spirit! It’s one of the most important tributaries of the much-lauded Klamath River, and definitely provides enough angling action to back this statement up. There’s still a handful of Steelhead in the “Fly Fishing Only” section of the river, too. Water clarity is phenomenal and competition is scarce. They now appear here in their thousands, and many reach sizes of over 10 pounds. If you need fishing tackle, or are looking for a fishing guide or fishing charter please visit Tackle, Guides, Charters You have the rest of the river at your disposal, from the Lewiston dam all the way to Weitchpec. Replied on October 26, 2020 6mos ago - Trinity River. I would recommend going gar fishing in the Trinity river, I travel anove the town of Trinity and fish there Re: Gar fishing the trinity river [ Re: Capt. I would see them from time to time, breaching along the far bank, their giant dirty fins breaking the surface. Indictments accuse 3 of taking alligator gar fish out of Trinity ... Tokyo dealers catch the four fish about eight months ago during a fishing trip on the Trinity River. We mentioned above that the Trinity River is most often explored on a drift boat or by foot. Conventional spinning gear is used along the river, too, but you’ll be in good company if you choose to fly fish. The beauty of this river is that you get to experience your very own idea of what tranquility is. Sacramento Fishing: Everything You Need to Kn... Lake Tahoe Fishing – All You Need to Know, A Complete Guide to Salmon Fishing in the Bay Area. Yum. Newer angler, or never cast a line before in your life? And anyway, isn’t it true that less really is more? The chance that you’ll have these waters to yourself is pretty high! A Trinity River fishing adventure is also the perfect way to get back to the basics of fishing. Okay, it wasn’t a stream, it was an urban outflow. New statewide alligator gar fishing regulations also go into effect Sept. 1. Rod and Reel Gar Trip Deposit: $200.00 Rod & Reel Alligator Gar Trip … It means that there are far more bank fishing opportunities than in other locations! If you’re looking for some serious peace and quiet, however, be aware that October and November tend to be the river’s busiest months. By fully buying into the traditional freshwater fishing experience and grabbing yourself some fly fishing gear! Fishing for Gar in Dallas’s Trinity River. The largest recorded alligator gar comes from the St. Francis River, Arkansas in the 1930's, and weighed 350 lbs. My suspicion that I would find bass near the structure, which in this case meant an abandoned tire, was rewarded by an undersized largemouth whose brown coloring made him almost invisible against the turgid water. The clear, burbling waters running all the way from Lewiston to the river’s North Fork are especially fish-filled. Well, any angler age 16 and above who wants to cast a line in these waters must make sure they first purchase a valid California Fishing License. However, you can’t keep a good dog (or fish?!) A favored strategy for targeting these species is basically to be flexible. But I wasn’t there for the bass. I started out easy, setting out three of my poles along the bank. September is an especially popular month! Known in this area as “guides,” you’ll usually be accompanied by a local fisherman with plenty of experience and top-notch equipment. Depending on the species you’ll be targeting, you’ll also need to purchase a Salmon Report Card or a Steelhead Report Card (we recommend purchasing both). For others, it might be drifting lazily down the river, casting your line alongside some good friends and a local angler. Thank you gentlemen! Fishing for Gar in Dallas’s Trinity River, How to Rotate a Raspberry Pi HDMI Touchscreen to Portrait Mode, How to Find Purple Martin Roosts Using Government Radar, Central Texas Hunting Season Calendar 2018-19. You’ll generally have access to amenities like a toilet and somewhere to get food and drink. December 16, 2011. m_bey. Although you can technically fish the entire river, most anglers focus their attention around and below the Lewiston dam. Our guides Cody , Justin ,and Lance fish the Trinity River from Liberty-Crockett Tx Rio Grande River , Falcon Lake Come fish Texas best kept secret monster alligator gar fishing spot. You’ll be able to cast your line in this area from April 1 to September 15. These fish make for some serious rod-bending action at the end of a line. So by now, you know that the Trinity River travels all the way from the top of the Trinity Alps to the northwestern California town of Weitchpec. ... Alligator Gar with a blue gill. I have taken many gar over 200lbs that’s right OVER 200lbs from many quality gar spots in Texas such as the well know Trinity river, as well as Choke Canyon, Nueces River, Frio River, Falcon Lake, Amistad Lake and other lesser known locations. Texas fishing guide with EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and more TROPHY FISH for their clients than any other Texas Fishing Guide Service... then look no further. This goes for visitors who are going to be casting off alongside a local guide, too. There’s also a seriously impressive Chinook and Steelhead population. Similarly to Chinook, Coho Salmon can be found throughout the river. There are also lots of Wild Steelhead and Hatchery bred Steelhead. These cold, clear waters are especially productive for fly fishing. A quick history lesson: when the Trinity and Lewiston dams were completed back in the ’60s, the river’s Steelhead population was almost completely destroyed. My personal best was 37lbs at the North Fork of the river. Jarod Peterson ] #8902002 05/06/13 01:10 PM … The same goes for the Trinity River, with one very noticeable difference: It’s underrated. Even better, the Trinity River narrows considerably here and resembles a freshwater fishing stream right out of a magazine. They’ll pick up a meal with the very tip of the their toothy beak, and then swim around with it like labradors for a very long time. Steelhead may be the Trinity River’s claim to fame, but they’re not the only species you’ll find in these waters. All rights reserved. This has had an impact on the rules and regulations surrounding the species that live here – namely, how many of them you can keep. Blue Catfish with a worms. If you’re looking to reel in a huge fish, this is the time to visit: Steelhead can be found in large sizes as the temperature drops around the river. They’re known for their delicious meat, but chasing Steelhead on the Trinity is about much more than hooking a tasty meal. The Trinity River is the alligator gar capital of the world. If you’re interested in fishing for food, or want to take home some of your catch, pay a visit to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website and take a look at the sportfishing regulations. As much as five minutes or more, and if you try to set the hook they will simply let go. The exact dates change on a yearly basis, so this will make sure you’re up to date and in the know. What could be more simple – and ideal – than casting your line in a body of water that’s both picture-perfect and peaceful? June 2017. Check out the article by David Graham in this edition of Fishing Headquarters Magazine where David talks about some of the difficulties faced on the Trinity River as well as alligator gar fishing in general. Everything really is bigger in Texas. They remain trophy-sized all the way through to November. It’s true that the Trinity River spans a relatively large chunk of northwest California. When some one says alligator gar or gator gar the first place most people think of is the Trinity River in Texas. With close to 40 years experience catching huge Alligator Gar. Reading Time: 12 minutes When you think of freshwater fishing, chances are what you’re picturing is pretty close to California’s Trinity River.This fishery begins in Northwest California’s remote Trinity Alps, before winding through miles of stunning wilderness – as well as some quaint mountain towns, of course. But it’s well worth the hunt! One I rigged for carp, using canned fruit cocktail I bought at a convenience store over on the bad side of the levee. The “Silver Bullet,” “The Fish of 1,000 Casts,” and Washington State’s mascot…yep, it’s that mighty freshwater favorite, the Steelhead! Sacramento River Fishing – All You Need to ... Sacramento Fishing: Everything You Need to Know. Hey, if you’re a hardened angler who’s used to extreme weather, this is the best time to visit – you’ll get the waters pretty much to yourself! I would give it a moment or two, and then pull hard on the line. We think that preserving this fishery for years to come is of utmost importance, so thanks for your tip about the wild Steelhead! Here are some of our top location picks…, Thanks to its proximity to the Trinity River, as well as the nearby Trinity and Lewiston Lakes, Lewiston is often described as Trinity County’s ultimate “fishing resort town.”. Although this means that thrill-seekers will find plenty to whet their appetites, it also means that these waters can unexpectedly become quite dangerous and unpredictable! In fact, there’s even a designated “Fly Fishing Only” section of the river. When you think of freshwater fishing, chances are what you’re picturing is pretty close to California’s Trinity River. You’ll find charters targeted at all skill levels dotted around the town, as well as plenty of bank access. I'm not looking for an answer of "The Trinity River", I'm talkin details. For some, that might be wandering along an isolated section of the riverbank, fly rod in hand, and plenty of nature surrounding you. It’s home to some of the world’s most desirable freshwater fish, too. Fishing the Trinity River: What You Need to Know, Sacramento River Fishing – All You Need to Know. The other two got cutbait to lure gar and catfish. And what can you catch here? Monster Alligator Gar Fishing on the Trinity River TX. Fishermen will find a variety of fish including largemouth bass, striped bass, gar, catfish, smallmouth bass and walleye here. Your head might be spinning slightly! California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s. The girth was a estimated at 40 inches or more. Each season brings its own delights. The larger gar that I … Average Chinook 8-10 lbs. I will be navigating the trinity river in search for big gar and filming my catches. Later, the fall run brings even more of this species. So I broke my camp and worked my way upstream through the semi-grassland to a confluence with a smaller stream. We know an impressive comeback when we see one! 5; Details; Yvonne Jenkins. Along with the strong populations of common carp and gar, you can legally bowfish for catfish on Bull Shoals during the open season. You almost never hear of someone being excited about visiting Dallas. Maybe you prefer more conventional techniques, or want to combine fly fishing with using regular rods and reels. News Image Share on Facebook Share Release URL. ... best fusion spots. You’ll have access to Junction City Campground, where you’ll be able to camp right on the banks of the river. Or maybe it’s just because the Trinity River serves to divide Dallas into the part that has money and the part that doesn’t. It’s located at the part of the river that many anglers consider to be the “true” beginning. This 45,000-acre impoundment of the White River is best known for bass and walleye fishing, but it truly is a bowfishing paradise. Note: This item is more than a year old. And all within sight of downtown Dallas. However, there’s one last thing to consider: What are the local rules and regulations? Trinity River Alligator Gar. I spent a Sunday afternoon there, doing what I could to explore a little subsection of the most reviled river in the most hated city in Texas. Dec 06, 2017 Tom Little 0. Choose GAR FISHING ADDICTION GUIDE SERVICE, The TRINITY RIVER is the #1 ALLIGATOR GAR resource in the world. The Trinity above Lake Livingston has access; it is a very popular place late winter/early spring for white bass, but I'm sure it has big gar as well. In fact, it’s even been referred to as a “bank angler’s heaven.” Many bank fishermen and women even go the extra mile and wade in these waters. Located around 25 miles to the west of Lewiston, Junction City is another small-but-mighty fishing hotspot. Maybe it’s the multiple health advisories against eating fish caught in the river. Let your guide know what you want to catch, and they’ll do their best to help you hook ‘em. Others whizz straight to the top of anglers’ bucket lists because they’re home to rare fish that don’t exist anywhere else. A 37 lb Chinook is quite a catch! Is there any better way to finish up our list of Trinity River hotspots than by focusing on the town located right at its end? Fishing in San Antonio – Your Complete Guide. As well as fishing, the Trinity River is also well-known for its whitewater rafting opportunities. Trinity River is a stream located just 2.4 miles from Anahuac, in Chambers County, in the state of Texas, United States. baltamore vigil. The small community of Weitchpec is located right at the spot where the Trinity River feeds into the Klamath River. And how do I know that it was a gar that picked up my bait? The river’s waters remain seriously plentiful and fish-filled as they journey downstream towards Weitchpec itself, which is where the Trinity flows into the Klamath. Anglers who want to cast off on the fly will relish the opportunity to explore these serene waters, especially as some spots are only accessible by foot. It’s the perfect species to target on the fly – and luckily, the Trinity River has a stretch of water dedicated to doing just this. Texas' own 'Fish Whisperer' catches an 8-foot alligator gar in the Trinity River The misunderstood species of fish has been around for over 100 million years Craig Hlavaty , Houston Chronicle What did you catch? So far, so good! I have been fishing the Trinity River since 1989. Although it might mark the end of the river, you’ll be pleased to know that the angling action doesn’t stop! Captain Andy Gonzalez has over 15 years of experience with alligator gar and other large fish in the river. Want to treat your kids to a day out where catching lots of fish isn’t the main objective? However, as we mentioned above, the main thing that will lead to productive bank fishing along the Trinity is your mindset. If you’re looking for an authentic small-town fishing experience, this is the place to visit. Oct 26, 2020. The Trinity River is the perfect size to explore, either on foot or in a drift boat. It provides access to the fish-filled waters directly below the Lewiston dam. Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom! If you’re wondering what those species are, exactly, then you’re in luck. You’ll find it here. This fishery begins in Northwest California’s remote Trinity Alps, before winding through miles of stunning wilderness – as well as some quaint mountain towns, of course. Does the idea of a hefty, hard-fighting fish seem contrary to the picturesque image of the Trinity River we conjured up earlier? People talk about the Trinity River the same way shamanistic tribesman talk about the ritualistically unclean. This is something that we completely support. If you’re casting your line in a certain area but the fishing starts to dry up, don’t despair. This is because the dam blocks the vast majority of Steelhead and Salmon from reaching waters further upstream. The river also runs right through the center of Lewiston, which means you won’t have to travel far to reach some hotspots! The winter Steelhead season generally opens in mid-February. The levees enclose a flood plain that is part park and greenbelt and part unmanaged grassland. 14 talking about this. From Minnesota we set our track to Southeastern Texas, the site of the beautiful Trinity River and home of the amazing alligator gar. The most popular methods are bank fishing and casting off from a drift boat – but more on that later! 285 Views. The Alligator Gar above will easily break the State of Texas Trinity River water body record. The area surrounding this part of the Trinity River is home to some incredible scenery and wildlife. There’s no denying that it’s a beguiling area. But where can you actually cast your line? They had been frozen when I left Austin, but after a few hours in a ziplock bag in the Dallas sun, my supposed cutbait began to flake off the bone of its own volition. Maybe it’s the stories of dead horses and human bodies found sunk along its murky bottom. Anglers can choose to apply as an individual or as part of a small group. Now, we mentioned above how the Trinity River’s fish population has been through some tough times. Alligator Gar with a Mullet - Cut Bait. The stretch between Junction City and Del Loma is especially productive. After further research, I learned that this was very normal behavior for gar. You probably already know that the Klamath River is world-famous for its Steelhead and Salmon runs. On the women’s side of the record book, Meredith McCord has the world benchmark with a 28-pound, 9-ounce alligator gar … Trinity River guides gearing up for summertime fishing on world's premier alligator gar river ... alligator gar and those within the Trinity River. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Alligator gar, and Flathead catfish 251 catches are logged on Fishbrain. Filed Under: Fishing. For many anglers, it’s all about the thrill that comes with following this lightning-quick fella down the river. Why? 36 in. Well, it’s fair to say that there’s one fish alone that has made its name as the main attraction….
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