Relevance. 19 Answers. How they treat others is what we like. Though it's OK to share some personal details about yourself, it's also important that you use good judgment and proceed with caution in your ”Tell me about yourself” answer. Since you’re trying to get straight to the heart of what your interviewer is asking you, it’s important to listen for all the variations you may hear on the “tell me about yourself” question. I stand up for myself, and don't let others bring me down. I'm not talking physically though, we all talk about that to no end here ;) What quality do you like the most about yourself? 2%. Most of the time the difference will not be noticable but other times, as you go up in quality like to HD the quality will start to diminish. 0. hide. Most people don’t go to bed when they should because they know they will ultimately make it up in the morning. 4. I treat others the way I want to be treated. Favourite answer. When you're asked what you are passionate about during a job interview, it's an excellent opportunity to tell the interviewer about your hobbies, enthusiasms, or whatever is important in your life.The hiring manager is looking to learn as much as possible about you and what you can bring to the company, in addition to the skills that qualify you for the job. My patience and ability to overcome the grumpy angry people that surround me. The Jonas Brothers are what most girls want because of how they are like as a person. Greetings from S. Petersburg ! Whether it’s super large matrix organizations or relatively flat, small businesses. There are six different quality results, find out which is your best! Stimulation, called "kundalini" in yoga, spreads in any particular nervous system. after 3 years i finally found the courage to quit my job, was it the right move ? Answer Save. If the person feels comfortable enough to ask you what you like about them, chances are you already know them pretty well. Taking action instead of dreaming. What quality do you like most in yourself and in others? Get your answers by asking now. 3 4 5. What quality do you like best about yourself? The choice is yours. I hope you had fun taking it. I have many friends in Internet World And In Person too. i like my iQ (155) and my ability to bluff my way through stuff. I hope you don't use one of these if it's not true about you. This is the quality I least like in myself since it has left me hurt most times at the expense of saving my friends. Why do I have an intense hate for school? How you feel about yourself affects every single aspect of your life. Don't know read Gordon G Chang.? :) My ability to remain calm while others around me are losing their heads. This quality endows me with compassion and understanding towards those unfortunate souls. 5. Is there any other Hell? What is the one feature you'd change about yourself and why? 3. What is the biggest challenge to young people today? It's all how far you go that determines its arbitrary worth to various classes of society. I hate that I get frustrated and discouraged easily. Why you wanted to apply for their job, what you’re looking to do next, etc. However, you are being asked about where you would like to improve, not what you … People like you because you are a determined person. If you are going for a job as a nurse, show that you are compassionate. Answer Save. This thread is archived. quiz. Close. Here are four things you can do to help you identify your most relevant, unique traits: What quality do you like most in yourself and in others? I’m more calm and focused on things I can control than worrying about things I can’t do anything about. I put too much focus on my work at times. Have a look around and see what we're about. Still have questions? What quality do you like most about yourself and why? I’m here to tell you that everything you want is within your grasp. Don’t: Speak for too long; Do: Have a precise, well-prepared and well-practiced answer; The interviewer uses the “Tell me about yourself” question to get a brief overview of who you are and what you have to offer to the company or the position. Loving yourself makes you more open and aware of the healing process. Im grateful for how it lets me learn whatever I want. A journalist might be inquisitive and a judge might have a highly-tuned sense of social justice. This act is called the "khechari mudra", in English, the "fig gesture". Sort by. The key to that is sentence is the word brief.Most recruiting professionals recommend a 2-3 minute answer. Very often those who resurrected from what seemed to witnesses as death, had a homeopathic reaction from death such that the brain woke up with more than its normal 10% use, so that, this actually "hyperlife" state was called, the world of the dead, the Underworld, Hell, etc. Why I continue to choose to be this way is beyond me. You can sign in to vote the answer. Out-Going . Ask away and we will do our best to answer or find someone who can.We try to vet our answers to get you the most … Great question, although most writers would love to answer it in a complete hub. But, with the "water board" of the Gitmo Baptism, the intent is to fill the nasopharynx with water, enough just to put the candidate for initiation into what Dr. Stanislav Grof called "perinatal matrix three". In perinatal matrix two, the "Knowledge of Good and Evil", as one goes into this fifth dimensional direction, the brain gets more and more powerful to travel in the sixth dimension to the probability timelines corresponding to imagination. Becuase that is a quality that I value in other ppl. Now, being a theoretical physicist, he is a typical nerd and is the most intelligent character in the series. Let’s walk you out through these questions with the best suggested answers. I thought there needed to be some balance with the other thread. Addressing why your background makes you a good fit will let employers know why your traits and qualifications make you well prepared. By answering this question well, you set the tone for the interview and immediately begin the process of selling yourself to the interviewer. It has been the most suppressed secret in the world. Don't change to be like someone else. The interviewer starts asking you some basic interview questions about yourself, moving on to some questions about your career, and then into behavioral questions that are far more difficult. “Tell me about yourself,” or questions like it, are common at the beginning of interviews as they ease both you and the interviewer into the interview. What are you doing ? I hate that I procrastinate. As I write this answer, I have two papers due tomorrow, one on Wednesday, and two final exams. I usually focus too much on the negative sides and withdraw then. Where exactly did Freud say that libido is behind everything? You have to work with somebody along the lines. 1. please don't be too moderate... if you don't like to speak about yourself, then describe the qualities that you wuld love to have or that you admire in others... thank you. Once you set a goal for yourself you do whatever it takes to achieve it. But, Jesus Christ, being God, body switched into everyone who ever was or ever will be, and on every probability timeline. Dr. Stanislav Grof replaced LSD with holotropic breathing. being honest is the quality i like most of myself because many people will trust me. Answering this question successfully is all about presenting a balanced answer. That's why He is always in you and I. Would someone be willing to edit my paper for me? Candidates who are self-deprecating when answering may appear to lack self-awareness. my intellect. Just like the eggs, either you are broken by the pressure from the outside that you face every day, or you develop yourself on the inside and create a new life. It doesn’t matter. How do you think about the answers? i bluffed all the way through an english exam just by holding a blank sheet of paper and babaling. My patience and ability to overcome the grumpy angry people that surrounds me.
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