Categories: Coffee Cakes, Danish and Muffins. [taxonomy] => dish-type [4] => WP_Term Object [taxonomy] => dish-type Price: $1.20 each. [3] => WP_Term Object [qty_per_order] => Item prices are subject to change. [ItemName] => strudel apple [term_order] => 1 Butter puff pastry filled with a mix of apples, raisins, and pecans, topped with powdered sugar. The dough bakes to a flaky and golden brown for the picture perfect, classic dessert. [serves_approximately] => Array Cannoli. ) [term_group] => 0 Helmut's Strudel puff pastry is served at Oktoberfests, Festivals, Fairs, Arts and Crafts Shows and Conventions by licensed vendors. [term_order] => 1 These people know how to do strudel… [term_taxonomy_id] => 365 Every strudel dough is carefully stretched by hand, then filled with delicious apples or farmers cheese, before being rolled to become what is the most popular pastry in Austria. Give traditional fruit strudel a make-over by using Pillsbury™ Puff Pastry. It's wonderful. Strudel! [parent] => 0 The Apple Store is located in the Valley Plaza mall, in the JC Penney wing opposite Build-A-Bear and next to Guess. ) We hand-stretch the dough until it's nearly transparent, brush it with butter then fill it with apples, raisins, cinnamon and sugar. [link] => [name] => Bakery Please note that we are temporarily offering an abbreviated menu. [name] => Puff Pastries, Strudels and Croissants [number_of_missing_stores] => 0 [parent] => 303 Add a classic dessert to your menu with Arianna's Bakery ready to bake apple dumpling. Out of stock. [preorder_minimum_quantity_count] => 12 [parent] => 0 ( [single_item_price] => 1.20 Pastry dough filled with cinnamon apples with granulated sugar. [serves] => Know Reality Pie 5106 Townsend Ave Los Angeles, CA 90041 (916) 799-5772 [serves_maximum] => [thumbnail_image_mobile] =>,80,50 4 ct. L'oven Fresh Apple Strudel Breakfast Bread. [name] => Bakery Cheesesteak. [slug] => bakery-favorites Buffalo Chicken. [single_item_unit] => ea [0] => Array [location_availability] => a:5:{i:0;s:3:"322";i:1;s:3:"318";i:2;s:3:"323";i:3;s:3:"321";i:4;s:3:"324";} Strudels from our ovens are made from scratch, with highest quality, local and organic ingredients. For special offers, new goodies, and the latest news join our mailing list. ©2020 Porto's Bakery & Cafe™ All rights reserved. Array BaconEgg Cheese. [image] =>,1360,1020 [bulk_item_price] => ( ). [image_alt] => Apple Strudel Trust us to provide you with hand stretched made from scratch quality strudels. Covid-19 update: shop with confidence in our stores. Now I don't have to go to Vons anymore or drive to the east side for grocery shopping. Start with one Puff Pastry Sheet and make diagonal slits. [bulk_item_unit] => Array [filter] => raw [taxonomy] => dish-type My apple strudel was covered in a light dusting of powdered sugar and every bite was extremely flaky. To finish, we top it with a dusting of powdered sugar. [term_group] => 0 [term_id] => 306 [term_id] => 304 [price] => $1.00 [is_soup] => 0 [count] => 29 ( [preorder_hours_advance_notice] => 24 Get directions. [novadine_id] => 70 Old World's German Bakery bakes delicious, fresh & authentic German breads, pretzels, rolls & cakes daily. 26 oz. We have so many flavors to pick from that there will be a favorite for everyone on your list this year. Select your location to place your in-car pickup order. ( Whether you’re a first-timer with strudels or a “strudel connoisseur,” we know you’ll enjoy our authentic, family recipe. An apple pie a day makes our big smiles stay. [image_mobile] =>,220,200 [slug] => bakery Valley Plaza is located on the east side of the 99 at Ming Avenue, just south … [parent] => 364 Array ( [0] => Array ( [ItemName] => strudel apple [novadine_id] => 70 [post_title] => Apple Strudel [New Price] => $1.25 [UoM] => ea ) ) [post_title] => Apple Strudel [count] => 10 ) [name] => Favorites You will be called for a specific … [is_preorder_available] => 1 "I had their apple strudel which had come straight out of the oven so it was steaming hot and full of yummie goodness! Remember to place your orders no later than Saturday, December 19, 2020 to ensure delivery for Christmas. Cabbage Kielbasa. Cherry Cheese. [content_long] => Butter puff pastry filled with a mix of apples, raisins, and pecans, topped with powdered sugar. [term_group] => 0 [filter] => raw [slug] => sweets Here you can order your choice of delectable, homemade strudels. The most delicious strudel, you can tell it is made from scratch! loaded with apples and the honey glaze made it beautiful. Just popped it in the microwave for a minute to warm and it was as if it was fresh … From Florida to New York, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina this Austrian recipe for Apple, Cherry, Cheese and Almond/Apricot Strudel … Covid-19 update: shop with … Pork & Sauerkraut. You must set the page that this folder should direct users to. Apple Strudel $10.95: Cheese Strudel $10.95: Cherry Strudel $10.95: Peach Strudel $10.95: Poppy Seed Strudel $10.95: MOKENA BAKERY HOURS: NEW LENOX BAKERY HOURS: Fleckenstein's Mokena … ) Sold as a full strip for $25.00 and a half for $12.50. [term_taxonomy_id] => 306 [count] => 50 Then, simply fill, braid and bake for a sugar-crusted, flaky fruit strudel. Need your strudel … Taco. Everyone has their favorite baked sweets, like the basic cookies and cakes. ) 24 hour advance order required. [term_taxonomy_id] => 304 [filter] => raw 19.2 oz. Turn this traditional dessert on its side with this fun twist on apple strudel. [serves_minimum] => [is_favorite] => 1 ( [taxonomy] => dish-type Pillsbury™ Puff Pastry: Braided Apple Strudel. Driving all over New Jersey in search of the state's best bakeries seems like an impossible mission - for everyone but Pete Genovese. Available for in-car pickup at all [name] => Sweets [term_order] => 5 [description] => Bienenstich, "Bee Cake" Sachertorte- "Chocolate Fudge Cake" Apfelkuchen- "Fresh Apple … Eagle Rock’s Know Reality Pie is fast becoming the place to go for tasty pies … [term_id] => 365 Definitely served fresh! locations! Made available for walk-in sale Strudel! ( Delivery Week: Week of Dec 5th. Deutsche Kuche Apple Strudel. [term_group] => 0 ( Apple benefits help further the well-being of our employees and their families in meaningful ways. [dish_type] => normal Strawberry Rhubarb Strudel … Bake Shop Apple Turnovers. Advance order available with restrictions. [count] => 15 [post_id] => 1184 Don't see your favorite? Description Additional information Description. The apple strudel from Little Austria is available at the Marymount and Westover farmers markets. [thumbnail_image] =>,640,480 … Raspberry Cheese Strudel Price: $26.98. Cherry Strudel Price: $26.98. If you wish to have a different type of behavior, please set a different display method for this folder. 12 oz. Related Products. 18 oz. Apple. [novadine_id] => 70 Beat the queues - Sparks Book & Shop. Cherry Cheese Strudel Price: $26.98. This can … [term_taxonomy_id] => 364 Little Austria offers a variety of 100% vegan apple … [description] => Apple Strudel $ 8.50. [1] => WP_Term Object [slug] => puff-pastries-strudels-and-croissants Order yourself a … [slug] => favorites [count] => 35 [taxonomy] => dish-type Baker's Treat Apple … [description] => Pot Roast. Bake Shop Apple Turnovers. Please login using the link in your navigation bar and correct this problem. You can see and smell the food going in and out of the oven. Check out our recipe for Braided Strudel. Shop similar items at ALDI. Go there by yourself and order for your family to take back but grab a cup of coffee and a pastry and quietly enjoy it while sitting at one of the two tables streetside so you can … [parent] => 304 [has_full_availability] => 1 [2] => WP_Term Object [content] => Butter puff pastry filled with a mix of apples, raisins, and pecans, topped with powdered sugar. ( [description] => (Deb Lindsey /For The Washington Post) FLAKY IN THE BEST WAY: For a taste of Austria, … A delicious recipe featuring only the best products from General Mills Convenience and Foodservice. [UoM] => ea Lydia's Hungarian Strudel Shop is a family owned business, established in 1938. It's rolled using a floured canvas sheet, cut to length and baked to give it a crispy exterior and a delicious soft interior. 41 reviews of Walmart Neighborhood Market "It's just like a small grocery store but has Walmart prices. [term_id] => 364 Apfelstrudel can be enjoyed any time of the day; with coffee for breakfast, as a mid-afternoon snack with tea, or even as a dessert, topped with ice cream. ( Obst Torte Almond Strudel Poppyseed Strudel Apfelknoedel Fastnachts Pfirsich-Kuchen Pflaumenkuchen Good Luck Pretzels . [filter] => raw A traditional Vienesse strudle dating from 1696 that's like no apple strudel you've ever had before. The filling consist of apples that … [term_group] => 0 We hand-stretch the dough until it's nearly transparent, brush it with butter then fill it with apples, raisins, … [term_order] => 2 Reviews on Apple Strudel in Toronto, ON - Venezia Bakery, Dimpflmeier Bakery, Montmartre Bakery, Whisked Gluten-Free, Budapest Restaurant, Serano Bakery, Oodles of Strudels, Lale Bakery & Caffe, … Apple Strudel Price: $26.98. [0] => WP_Term Object [title] => Apple Strudel [term_order] => 1 Visit us today to learn more about our … [preorder_minimum_quantity_unit] => ct OMG I cannot get enough of their apple strudel or their coconut coffee pastry. Blueberry Cheese Strudel Price: $26.98. [New Price] => $1.25 [term_id] => 303 Buy the The Ultimate Apple Strudel from Marks and Spencer's range. Our cakes and European pastries are baked in a traditional European style, following practices, … Pies might be further down the list of common desserts we set on our tables, but the wafting scent of its crust spills in the memories of our oven in the kitchen at home, and a good apple … Traditional apple strudel gets a make-over when delicate puff … Baker's Treat Apple Danish. [term_taxonomy_id] => 303 [filter] => raw Strudel! A traditional Vienesse strudle dating from 1696 that's like no apple strudel you've ever had before. The Holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to add some cheer with a gift of strudel! Minimum 12 count advance order quantity. ). [description] => ) [number_of_available_stores] => ).
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