With the light comes heating from sun. Biodiversity refers to every living thing, including plants, bacteria, animals, and humans. Biological diversity in the ocean is much greater than biodiversity on land—a staggering concept considering the abundance and variety of life on land—yet much more is known about terrestrial biodiversity. Scientists have estimated that there are around 8.7 million species of plants and animals in existence. estuary. It is called photic duo to the availability of sunlight for photosynthesis. The answer depends on how you define biomes and what you consider to be a biome. "The World Ocean (Oceanosphere) contains on the order of 1,340.7 million km3 of water, making up 1/800th of the total volume of the Earth (1,083.3 billion km3). For example, some divide terrestrial biomes up (taiga, grassland, temperate forest, etc) but consider the aquatic biome to be one type of biome, including deep ocean, coral reefs, and intertidal zones … It makes up less than 10% of the world's ocean area but contains 90% of all marine species & is the site of most large commercial marine fisheries. In its simplest form, biodiversity or biological diversity is therefore 'Life on Earth' and includes marine biodiversity 'Life in the Seas and Oceans.` The marine environment has a very high biodiversity because 32 out of the 33 described animal … The answer depends on how you define biomes and what you consider to be a biome. which ocean zone would be most damaged by the construction of a new resort. It is in this zone that most of the visible light exists. Biodiversity of the oceans. ... which ecosystem has the greatest biodiversity. Our oceans comprise almost three quarters of the surface of the earth. It is now known to play a vital role in maintaining the functionality and productivity of ecosystems. The warm, nutrient-rich, shallow water that extends from the high-tide mark on land to the gently sloping, shallow edge of the continental shelf. What is marine biodiversity? Apart from this, there are other disphotic and photic zone where sunlight hardly or cannot percolate. intertidal zone. Hence, the aphotic zone of the ocean is known as “Biological deserts.” The Census of Marine Life has published its reports on life in key regions of the sea (PLoS ONE, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0011871).We look at seven of the most diverse all the populations living in … which zone would support the greatest variety of coral reef ecosystems? Its namesake — sargassum, a type of free-floating seaweed — and notoriously calm winds have “trapped” countless mariners, including the crew of Christopher Columbus’s Santa Maria.. For the past 500 years, most of the stories that have come from the Sargasso have … Marine biodiversity – a vital resource > For a long time the significance of biological diversity in the world’s oceans was unclear. Most animals in the abyssopelagic zone, located from 4,000 m down, are blind and colorless due to the complete lack of light. photic zone. Alternatively, the volume of fresh water is about 35.8 million km3. However, only around 1.2 million species have been identified and described so far, most … The Sargasso Sea, an area of the Atlantic Ocean between the Caribbean and Bermuda, has bedeviled sailors for centuries. Layers of the Ocean Epipelagic Zone. It also makes habitats more resilient to environmental change. The name, “abyssopelagic” comes from the Greek meaning “bottomless abyss”, in times where it was thought that the deep ocean never ended. This is the most fertile zone comprising almost 90 percent of marine organisms. Biodiversity is an all-inclusive term to describe the total variation among living organisms of our planet. Ocean environment is an environment consists of saline water or marine water which contains millions of ecosystem and biodiversity mysteries, most of them have not been revealed. This surface layer is also called the sunlight zone and extends from the surface to 200 meters (660 feet).
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