The food demands that surround me, have pushed me to lead our food life more simply, nutritiously, and deliciously. [CDATA[ */ This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. An old-fashioned spirit made from fruit and spice; ingredients from other small growers and producers. Gin; Gin & Tonic Duos; Liqueur; Moonshine; Rhum; Soft drinks; Tequila & Mezcal; Vin; Vodka; Whisky; Accueil; Gin; Whitley Nell; Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin 0,7L (43% Vol.) All Fox’s Kiln Distillery Gins are made with 100% natural botanicals. Blood Orange Gin & Tonic. Soyez le premier à évaluer ce produit. Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin Gift Set . I'm a mom with 3 young daughters, a wife, and a foodie trying to keep my head above water with simple, delicious, and nutritious food. Drink copiously. You will need a nice tall glass. Fill your glasses with ice cubes. Growing up, we had a neighbor, John, who … HOME Bargains is selling a blood orange flavoured gin liqueur that shimmers when you shake it. Makes 1 cocktail. Beefeater Blood Orange Gin is the bright-tasting new gin made for those rooftop spritz afternoons. blood orange juice ; 4 - 6 oz. Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. /* */ Fill with ice and stir. Ingredients. The slightly bitter flavor is perfect combined with gin and blood orange. And we won’t say no to that! Your email address will not be published. Using good quality brands in your gin and tonic can make a huge difference, so I’ve included my recommendations for which ones to use in this drink. You can sip directly from the glass or use a cocktail straw. var wprmpuc_recipe_4382 = {"ingredients":[{"amount":"2","unit":"oz","name":"gin","notes":"(a citrus based gin is best here, such as but not limited to Bombay Gin) ","converted":{"2":{"amount":"56.7","unit":"g"}},"id":693},{"amount":"1","unit":"oz","name":"fresh blood orange juice","notes":"","converted":{"2":{"amount":"28.35","unit":"g"}},"id":907},{"amount":"3","unit":"oz","name":"tonic water","notes":"","converted":{"2":{"amount":"85.05","unit":"g"}},"id":2584}]}; 1 part soda. Juice from a quarter of fresh lime. A simple and fresh blood orange gin and tonic This blood orange gin and tonic recipe has a few simple ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to make! We vary around here depending on the time of year, but Gin and Tonic is often how we start. /* ]]> */ Let me know if you have any questions or comments. A 12:1 Martiniis a bit Churchillian for some, but I found it to be delicious. Basically, British officers stationed in India during the 19. century would add gin to their ration of quinine heavy tonic. gin (your favorite one) 1 oz. The gin was added to mellow the bitter flavor of the tonic (bitter from the quinine) and the quinine helped prevent and treat malaria. Founder James Burrough created his first orange gin in 1876, using oranges from Covent Garden Market. This Blood Orange Gin and Tonic recipe is a vibrant, sweet and citrusy cocktail! Servírování Nejlépe Beefeater Blood Orange chutná v osvěžujícím drinku Beefeater Blood Orange & Tonic. Gin se vyznačuje svěří citrusovou vůní s dominantními tóny hořkého pomeranče. cans• Gluten free Disponible. It can be enjoyed straight, with mineral water or in cocktails. There’s nothing like a refreshing, Possibly one of the best “adult” treats out th. #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a, #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a:hover, #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a:focus { background-color: #999999 !important; border-radius: 3px; color: #ffffff !important; border: 0px #ffffff solid !important; font-size: 18px; padding: 9px; } #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a:hover, #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a:focus { background-color: #666666 !important; border-color: #ffffff !important; color: #ffffff !important; } #simple-social-icons-4 ul li a:focus { outline: 1px dotted #666666 !important; } Serve in a Blood Orange Gin & Tonic. Enjoy out in the backyard or while curled up on the couch watching Netflix. A wicked concoction, the blood orange cocktail would be no proper drink without a healthy dose of our contemporary Australian gin. Fox’s Kiln Blood Orange Gin hits you with a delicious scent of orange blossom with subtle hints of fennel combined with Fox’s Kiln classic botanicals including angelica and fresh lemon. Hořkosladká chuť šťavnatého červeného pomeranče nechává vyniknout ginovým tónům jalovce a anděliky s dlouhým a bohatým závěrem. 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