1980 - Apex Oil purchases Copper Mountain Resort. Le Confiné, the Accidental New French Cheese, Back to Black: The Charcoal Trend in French Cooking, Strasbourg, the City Which Gave France its National Anthem. Your information will never be shared or sold to a 3rd party. Club Med (originally Club Méditerranée) was founded in 1950 in Alcúdia, a tiny fishing village in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain. Challenge yourself with unusual activities such as the flying trapeze, and return home with much more than memories. She's talking about Club Med Moorea, not the one on Bora Bora (which is also closed, as of 2 years ago, as Tiki stated). For nearly 25 years, the 45 T-shirt has been uniting G.Ms® with happy memories of Club Med. The Club Med dance, Les Crazy Signs, had entire villages throwing their hands up in unison. “Teens can go clubbing without getting into trouble. Club Med History. Club Med Property. The place to be happy is here. The History of Club Med; Past Resorts. The Trident (Ψ) has been the official Club Med logo since 1980 and is used to rank the level of services in the various Villages (on a scale of 3 to 4 Tridents). Club Med also began to grow outside of Europe, with Resorts in Djerba in 1954, Tahiti in 1955, Morocco in 1961, and Agadir in 1965. Club Med History. Sharing tables of eight also remains an institution. By the 1980s, Club Med’s all-inclusive model was firmly established but copycat resorts were springing up across the world and Gérard Blitz’s vision was losing its singularity. Get your dose of history on a Mauritius holiday at The Frederik Hendrik Museum, known for its artefacts and replicated ancient paintings. Club Med specializes in premium all-inclusive vacations packages for families – with absolutely no hidden costs. Village shuttle road paved from east lots to West Lake. Club Med is continually evolving and finding innovative ways to create memorable travel experiences for its guests around the globe. After all, how could communal dancing, tables of eight and ‘all you can eat’ buffets become chic or exclusive? Chefs in immaculate whites sear sizzling slabs of foie gras in front of you, butchers sharpen knives to serve perfect slices of  tender boeuf en croûte, and pâtissiers prepare delicate plates of tartelettes for you to select at your leisure. Discover new interests during group lessons: choose from golf, tennis, or water sports. It was 1950 when Gérard Blitz dreamed of creating a utopian bubble, where different nationalities could come together and forget the recent divisions of war. They needn’t have worried. In 1978, Serge Gainsbourg hammed up his husky delivery on the song Sea, Sex and Sun, recorded for the soundtrack to director Patrice Leconte’s racy big screen parody of Club Med, Les Bronzés. In 2004, the Group refocused its business on the upscale segment of the world tourism market to become the global specialist in friendly, upscale, multicultural All-Inclusive holidays. At around the same time, Club Med began offering winter sports vacations, opening Villages in Leysin, Switzerland (1956) and Bear Valley, USA (1968), thus confirming its worldwide expansion. Mountain Plaza is constructed. Your all-inclusive package includes recreational activities, child supervision (4 to 17 years of age), and even meals at our restaurants. ... Gilbert Trigano admitted that he had just come through the worst … Furthermore, Club Med continued to assure G.Ms® that they would experience vacations filled with thrills, emotion, and the discovery of other cultures, as demonstrated in its advertising campaign "Let us amaze you" featuring the tagline "Come back with much more than memories.". As the pioneer of the all-inclusive vacation, Club Med has always invited people to enjoy their stays without having to worry about a thing. Relax on a beach chair or indulge in the ultimate in water sports and fun activities. The customer reviews on Tripadvisor read like gushing lists of names from an Academy Award acceptance speech, and even cynical first-timers get into the spirit.