However, the brand’s popularity rests on some critical strengths which have helped it create sustainable competitive advantage. The Coca-Cola’s core brand is its main competitive advantage that contributes to the extensive geographical availability of the company’s product assortment. Therefore, coca cola’s company is making it get bigger and bigger in terms of sales and market share. However, it is most difficult to change the culture of a company. ABSTRACT Coca Cola is now a brand all around the world. Carbonated soft drinks still accounted for $81 billion in sales in North America in … Coca Cola is a industry leading brand of soda products. Here are some of these sources of competitive advantage that have made Coca Cola … To make sure that Coca-Cola meets the long-term competitive advantage it must address the various concerns highlighted in the SWOT analysis of Coca-Cola. Competitive Advantage Does Coca-Cola have a competitive advantage? Competitive advantage in the Marketing strategy of Coca Cola. It generates over 60% of its revenue and 80% of its operating profit from outside the United States. Globally, Coca-Cola has one of the largest marketing budgets in the beverage industry and if it is used very effectively, Coca-Cola will gain a competitive advantage in key areas: Successfully introduce new products to the market; Promoting the brand; Increase knowledge and education of consumers; Increase overall profit and growth (Moye,2017). This soft drink was introduced in the nineteen century. Coca Cola Competitive Advantages Over Pepsi: Coca Cola soft drink is being used all around the world. Coca Cola is also known as a Coke. Sustain Competitive Advantage 1388 Words | 6 Pages. Strengths in the SWOT Analysis of Coca-Cola COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE OF COCA-COLA Author- Younus Miraj Shanto-Mariam University of Creative & Tchnology Uttara-Dhaka 2. More than 60 percent soft drinks liked people like coca cola. Coca cola did not file its patent whereas IBM did but both companies are successful. Every day they promote their market every corner of the world. Coca Cola has competitive edge over its competitors in terms of Operations, Cost control, Brand portfolio, Channel marketing, Collaborative customer relationship. Hence Coca had (still has) to adapt. While competition is an important factor behind the pricing strategy along with market dynamics, another important reason is that it has made its products more affordable and accessible. Over time, managers are making effective policies to promote their organization. Interbrand consultancy estimated the … Coca Cola’s pricing strategy is also a major source of competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is simply what a company excels best at. Despite the high popularity of the brand, it has priced its products competitively. This SWOT analysis of Coca-Cola highlights the point to have a strong brand image. Double edged sword: Their BRAND Catch: Public health messages and the public in general, raising awareness about the harm that is caused from sodas, both diet (aspartame) and regular (sugar). Coca-Cola exceeds the vision, by selling a variety of beverages daily. In 2014, the brand was estimated by Forbes at $56.1 (close to the value of Google, $56.6). Let us discuss on the SWOT analysis of Coca-Cola. Related: Coca-Cola's new CEO: 'We've got to experiment' Soda still matters . Moreover, coca cola’s company must produce more new brand products such as coca cola coffee and coca cola