I decided to try again to see how well the cleansing oil does on a second wash. Again, you can see the cleansing oil is like water and slips right off my hand. Hanyul Pure Artemisia Cleansing Oil contains 16 ingredients. Today, I will be reviewing a cleansing oil. It's great for all skin types and doesn't seem to cause me any issues. And I think it suits dry skin as well! To start, if you want a quick primer on artemisia, aka mugwort, please read my girl Sheryll’s piece here. This mugwort is grown along the coastal area of Ganghwa Island, which has ample sunlight and soil drainage. Click on the link to go see it!~ Everyone has the occasional pimple, I don't think ever met a person who's never had at least 1 pimple in their life. I massaged the cleansing oil around and you can see it took off everything except for the Waterproof Macqueen Liquid Eyeliner. Current Stock: Add to Wish List. Before cleansing, pump 2 to 3 times with no water applied, take enough contents that the palms don't overflow and rub the whole face like a massage. Product Overview Ingredients Table Customer Reviews. Hanyul. I have actually been saving to review this vitamin C serum. If you haven’t heard of Hanyul before, then I need you to drop everything because I recently tried out my first product from the brand and I am actually in love. The sell sort of lingers for a while, but good news is it's not too strong afterwards. Hanyul Pure Artemisia Fresh Calming Water: rated 5 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Hanyul Artemisia Miracle Relief Essence retails for slightly more than some budget mugwort options, but honestly given its performance, it’s worth every penny. Shipment delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) facebook; instagram; Toggle Nav The Single Extract Essence Trend: What’s So Good About It & Is It Here to Stay? I was not paid for this post and affiliate links are not used in this post. Prime Cart. I was getting itchier, bumpier, and my skin was seriously pissed off. After washing off, the eyeliner is now fully removed. I actually held off from buying this one because it was kind of expensive (in my opinion), over $20 almost $30. For two months I did everything I could to baby the area and nothing worked. I don’t want to beat around the bush. HANYUL delivers everyday benefits to the skin and mind through products that hold the essence of the energy and time of Korea’s nature captured by modern technology and by realizing its story in a … The sample program is an easy way to try 3 products of your choice for only $5 flat. Oily/Acne-Prone Skin. The liquid eyeliner is VERY much still present. I've tried many other cleansing oils that removed a waterproof liquid eyeliner on the first try. $5 on Amazon. Where I suspect Hanyul differentiates itself from the pack is its 100%, aged-three-years-to-perfection artemisia. Hanyul Pure Artemisia Watery Calming Fluid is a product containing baby mugwort that claims to soothe skin irritations from lack of hydration and moisture. I have oily skin and the cream gives my skin enough hydration. Yes – in love. Only US$17.25. Rated 5 out of 5. Orders received before 11:00am EST will ship out of our warehouse on the same day. And that’s it, by the way, that’s the whole ingredients list: 100% 3-year-old artemisia. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. However, this cleansing oil needed two tries and on the second try, I had to scrub hard in order to completely remove it. I also like that it doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't cause any redness. Read expert reviews and try samples before you buy, K-Beauty Toners 101: Everything About That Oft-Forgotten Hydrating, Prepping Step, Skincare Acids: Pretty Much Everything Your Brain Can Handle About AHA, BHA, & Vitamin C, 7 Cleansing Habits of the Skincare Savvy You Need to Adopt RN, Essence, Serum & Ampoule 101: What’s the Difference (& Does It Matter? Here's a close-up of the top of the pump of the bottle. I actually held off from buying this one because it was kind of expensive (in my opinion), over $20 almost $30. It contains hydrophilic wash-off ingredients which makes it easier to clean the skin and wash off with water.