They are a short season melon, which produces mature fruits in between 75 and 80 days. They are very helpful! Seedless varieties Seedless watermelons came onto the market fairly recently. 0000009599 00000 n The small, perfectly round, very sweet fruits have deep red flesh and a dark green rind. Cut melons from the vine, leaving about an inch of stem attached to prevent rotting if they’ll sit before use. This... Chili de Arbol blends fiery heat with smoky flavors that really enhance Mexican cooking. With a weight range of 5 to 10 pounds, this melon can easily fit in your crisper drawer or on a smaller shelf in your fridge. Picnic watermelons have long maturity times because of … Watermelon plants (Citrullus lanatus var. Fungal diseases such as alternaria leaf spot, gummy stem blight, anthracnose, downy mildew, and powdery mildew can attack plants. Small icebox varieties are usually round and weigh around 10 pounds. xref Bold, deeply lobed... Heirloom. Soil requirements: Provide well-drained, nutrient-rich soil that’s high in organic matter. For these reasons, growth of the seedless watermelon market in South Africa has been slower than elsewhere. Icebox watermelons were developed to be small enough to fit in your fridge (a.k.a. This is a classic watermelon variety with a green, striped rind and red flesh. Icebox watermelons weight between 5-15 lbs. 0000002116 00000 n This Japanese icebox watermelon is the perfect size to fit in a fridge and has been a specialty for long time in Japan. Rap on the skin and listen for a low-pitched thud; tune your ear to the incorrect sound by rapping on a few fruits that aren’t ripe. New varieties. This small, round melon is called an icebox type because it is petite enough to fit in the refrigerator. Icebox watermelons were developed to be small enough to fit in your fridge (a.k.a. 0000002158 00000 n 0000002461 00000 n Tall plants (up to 4 feet)... Save your watermelon rinds for pickling and enjoy them as an accompaniment to any meal.…, You'll love the taste of this fresh watermelon salad. Boston matures in only 85 days, making it a good choice for Northern gardeners. Some Bonnie Plants varieties may not be available in your local area, due to different variables in certain regions. 0000002310 00000 n Belle 460. 670 0 obj <> endobj Soil should be at least 70ºF at planting. 0000000016 00000 n and are only 8 inches. A 1957 All-America Selections winner, this early and prolific heirloom variety has been exceedingly popular for its very dark... A pretty, light green melon with dark stripes, Crimson Sweet is famous for its high sugar content and great flavor.... Heirloom. Watermelon seed numbers approximately 8,000/lb. Sugar baby is called the ‘picnic’ or ‘icebox’ watermelon. It's the perfect first course for…, This refreshing summer salad boasts a wonderful mixture of tender and crunchy textures, and is…, Try this refreshing, fresh-from-the-garden Watermelon Cucumber Sparkler recipe for your next picnic. All of these varieties had below average Brix readings, and tended to be mildly sweet and/or slightly tart. Water requirements: Keep soil consistently moist until fruits are about the size of a tennis ball. These are a particularly sweet-tasting variety of melon, with one of the highest sugar contents of all watermelons. lanatus) and citron melons (Citrullus lanatus var. Management For successful seedless watermelon production, an adequate bee population is especially important to transfer the pollen from the pollenizer variety to the seedless variety (seedless watermelons do not produce pollen). %%EOF These watermelons are easy to travel with and have an exceptional sweet flesh. Use frost blankets or cold frames to protect vines and prolong the harvest season. Watermelons range from single serving types to mammoth fruits that can feed an entire little league team. This study included 4 varieties of icebox watermelon with cream colored flesh: Cream of Saskatchewan, Desert king, Japanese Cream-Fleshed Suika, and Melitopolski. For an extensive list of varieties that have been trialed in the Pacific Northwest by Washington State University, see Icebox Watermelon Variety Trials. The small, perfectly round, very sweet fruits have deep red flesh and a dark green rind. Exciting flavors. Pick Blacktail Mountain, Orchid Sweet, Southern Light, Early Crimson Treat or Navajo Sweet if you want an eight- to 10-pound watermelon. This early, prolific straightneck summer squash produces creamy yellow, tender fruit of excellent quality early in the season. All thrive in areas with long, hot summers, and will reward your patience with their juicy, garden-fresh fruits. Varieties of seedless watermelon are: Queen of Hearts; King of Hearts; Jack of Hearts; Millionaire; Nova; Fridge Watermelons. 0000002613 00000 n Heirloom. Wonder. Icebox Watermelon Variety Trial Carol Miles, Kathryn Kolker, Gail Becker, Lydia Garth, Jenn Reed, and Tracy Smith Washington State University, Vancouver Research & Extension Unit, 1919 NE 78th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665 Phone: 360-576-6030 Email: [email protected] The three types of watermelon differ by size and seeds: (1) diploid – medium to large with seeds, (2) icebox – small and round with seeds, and (3) triploid – large and “seedless” or having only small, immature seeds (see Figure 4). 0000009654 00000 n Use fungicide-treated seed. The crop is also more difficult to produce. your icebox). Their rind is either dark-green with faint dark veins or medium-green having dark-veined rind. Heirloom developed to fit in a refrigerator (a.k.a. Winter and summer squashes, gourds, pumpkins, and of course cucumbers are also members of the cucurbit family. Watermelon varieties can also be without mature seeds. Watermelon page in our How to Grow section. Icebox varieties used as pollenizers result in high early yields; standard varieties used as pollenizers result in high total yields. your icebox). Discuss appropriate varieties according to your information of the market and the climates and the cultivation habits. Golden Honey This mini watermelon takes 85 days to mature and produces 5-pound fruits. 0000004148 00000 n Common issues: Pests to watch out for include melon aphids, along with spotted and striped cucumber beetles. Also know, what is the best variety of watermelon? If you have extra melon on hand, dice or cut the flesh into balls and freeze. 17. 0000001308 00000 n It has a high Brix count of 12.5-13 and weights 5-6 lbs. trailer ?�'���� �ݟZ�J� Enjoy dabbling in the diversity of deliciousness you’ll find in our Foodie Fresh collection. When you see a Bonnie Harvest Select plant, you should know that it has success grown right into it-helping you get a head-turning harvest and mouth-dazzling taste. lanatus) include varieties such as “Sugar Baby” and “Minilee” that produce fruits small enough to store in an icebox. They keep well and provide enough fruit for a larger family. Underripe fruits resonate with a high-pitched, tinny sound. The species has two varieties, watermelons (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Frost-fighting plan: Even a very light frost (31 to 33ºF) can kill watermelon vines. 0000006860 00000 n Some common varieties of the picnic watermelon are Charleston Gray (30 pounds), Crimson Sweet (30 pounds) and Black Diamond (up to 75 pounds.) 0000001613 00000 n Mini Watermelons Varieties. 0000003543 00000 n 0 citroides (L. H. Bailey) Mansf. There are more than 50 varieties of watermelon grown worldwide to give consumers many choices, with a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors from which to choose. 0000003018 00000 n This improved artichoke is such a pretty plant that it is also sold as an ornamental. Days to Maturity were measured from transplanting to harvest.. Brix is a measure of sweetness, where 7.8 – 8.2 is somewhat sweet, 8.3 – 9.0 is sweet, and >9.0 is very sweet.. Ave. Fruit Wt. Purchase a variety of icebox watermelon seed. Boston. Lycopene and beta-carotene appear to work with other chemicals in fruits and vegetables to provide health-supporting effects. Watermelons from this category usually only reach 5 to 15 pounds. Then the icebox watermelon is your choice. endstream endobj 693 0 obj<>/Size 670/Type/XRef>>stream As a general rule direct field seeding of the pollenizer variety should be done on the same day the triploid seed is planted in the greenhouse. Mini, or personal watermelons have become very popular in the grocery store. If icebox varieties are to be used as the pollenizer, then direct seeding should be delayed a week to ten days. 0000006816 00000 n The fruit measures 10.1 on the Brix scale. Red-fleshed watermelon is high in lycopene, another potent antioxidant with cancer-preventing properties. 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Due to the smaller size, Icebox watermelons mature a little earlier than … The rinds on these round fruits resist cracking, making them … Icebox watermelons are bred to feed one person or a small family and, as such, are much smaller than their counterparts at 5-15 pounds. k6�6��1���7���i�c'��' H��W�r�F}g������)¾$��X�2G�E��Z@��tS��sn A�������{�o�O?�__^�e��狷�lp~y�L��g*+.�x���jp1�O&s�d6pl�q"6�ظ{\ӭ�b�C�¯I�\�H�ω�0a��I�&�*w՟�ע~EU��x-����n8N~���]��;����V;���g���a�b׷�Ƅ��O���d!��R(uJ�w\/�t����$JS�k4���t{�$;G�G<8�( �����%���]�B(����E�)�Ǫ��QoD�;�1IǶ�l��n�&���e�:WY�5��� �}.壨�ԛ�Tf� ... Black Diamond black Icebox Watermelon seed Black Icebox type Watermelon seed Early Maturity,fruit development... Latest News. The yellow-fleshed variety is high in beta-carotene, likewise a powerful disease fighter. However, there are varieties of watermelon with white, cream, yellow, orange, and pink flesh. c;m. Due to the smaller size, Icebox watermelons mature a little earlier than larger varieties. Red Icebox Watermelon Name: ... Circle the varieties you recommend for North Dakota gardeners: Cherry Grande Sugar Baby Both Neither Please write any additional comments on back. So much to grow, so little time. startxref (Read the stick tag that comes with the plant for specific spacing recommendations.). Also known as ‘Petite Yellow,’ fruits reach six to 10 pounds, and have light green rinds with dark green stripes. To ensure fruits ripen before frost, remove any blossoms that start to develop within 50 days of your area’s average first frost date. They are bred to feed a single person or small family and include the Sugar Baby and the Tiger Baby varieties. About a week before fruits are ripe, water only if leaves wilt. Nicknamed Icebox for their smaller size and ability to fit Iceboxes. <<5E4D8654C31CEE4DA53EE80511176588>]>> 0000009530 00000 n Tendersweet 0000001114 00000 n Below are a few of the best watermelon varieties to plant. Find your favorite — try our interactive tomato chooser. Diana. Left Side Bar (Primary Navigation Area) Business Directory. This is our favorite summer squash, bearing many lemon-yellow, 6-inch fruit, with... Light Full sun Fruit size 30 to 50 pounds Matures 75 to 90 days Plant spacing 36 to 60 inches... Heirloom. Withholding water at this stage concentrates sugars in fruit. Yellow and orange fleshed Storage: Watermelons keeps 2 to 3 weeks unrefrigerated. 0000009708 00000 n lets quickly go through some popular ones. Place in a cool area, such as a basement, to increase holding time. 0000000811 00000 n They weigh about 9 lbs. 0000001770 00000 n ‘Yellow Petite’ is an early maturing icebox watermelon with sweet yellow flesh that is nearly seedless. After that, water only when soil is dry. In 2004 we conducted an icebox watermelon variety trial at WSU Vancouver REU. And it’s blessed with the best upbringing a young plant can have: Miracle-Gro Head Start. Plants... Heirloom. Mini varieties differed significantly in yield and number of fruit per 10 plants. Sugar Baby is the most popular Icebox watermelon. Small-fruited, icebox varieties usually flower earlier than standard watermelon varieties. The majority of the varieties included in this study, and the majority of icebox watermelon varieties that are commercially available, are red fleshed. Watermelon is in the cucurbit family along with other melons like cantaloupe and honeydew. 0000033751 00000 n The pride of Washington state, this globe-shaped onion is exceptionally mild and makes jumbo- to colossal-sized bulbs with light... Heirloom. Known as the personal or small-family watermelon, it’s compact and bursting with flavor. After cutting, refrigerate unused portions. %PDF-1.4 %���� Surprise: This winter squash looks like spaghetti on the inside! Due to the smaller size, Icebox watermelons mature a little earlier than larger varieties. Scoop out the lengths of mild, slightly sweet flesh... Heirloom. It has an extremely thin rind (3/16") and excellent shipping ability. Icebox Watermelon Varieties. Icebox watermelon are generally between 6 and 12 lbs in weight, and are better suited for production in western Washington than larger picnic-size watermelon because they require fewer days to reach maturity. 694 0 obj<>stream If you prefer…, Tomatoes and watermelon may seem like an unlikely pairing, but these summer favorites taste delicious…, This is a very simple recipe that is a wonderful way to highlight the freshness…, The free gardening app you've been waiting for. Watermelon plant varieties in this genre include the Sugar Baby and the Tiger Baby. Avoid overhead watering to beat foliar diseases; use soaker hoses instead. This type of watermelon is usually referred to as an ‘icebox watermelon’ because you can keep them in the icebox and is enough for one to two people. Planting: Space 36 to 60 inches apart. The icebox watermelon is so called because the size of the melonsranging from 5 to 15 poundswhich allows them to fit more easily in the refrigerator. These trials were conducted both at Mount Vernon and Vancouver but the varieties were not all the same in both trials. M�|u�rN��#�@�qk���Z^��4'�Յ@Z��Q�H�L�b1�7�@���Au�I��'� Y��ʯ�4P5� @� �'} These vining plants need some room to sprawl, though some newer varieties feature more compact growth for small space gardens. Work at least 3 inches of organic matter into planting beds—more is better. Icebox Watermelon Varieties. was based on all marketable fruit. However, the seed is very expensive and the rand’s weak exchange rate pushes up the price even more. Heirloom. The Sugar Baby has a dark green rind and sweet, red flesh; the Tiger Baby turns a gold color once it matures. Oct 20, 2020 - Explore Keta Farias's board "Watermelon varieties" on Pinterest. Seed Production Starting; Product Categories. Hundreds of watermelon cultivars have been developed for use in the U.S. over the last few centuries by public and private plant breeders. When inspiration grows all around you, you can’t help but create masterpieces. As an icebox watermelon, this melon is of small size, growing to a typical weight of between 8 and 10 pounds, with a maximum size of 8 inches across. ), originated with the erroneous synonymization of Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) The name suggests that it is perfect for small families because it is pretty small. x�bbc`b``Ń3� ���ţ�1�x4>Fペ � g�: The comparatively small (nine to 13 pounds) sugar baby is often referred to as an icebox watermelon. Harvesting: Harvest when rind changes from bright to dull green, and the part that touches soil shifts from greenish white or straw yellow to rich, creamy yellow. Below, the following information (when available) is given for each cultivar: fruit photograph, cultivar name, experimental designation, breeder, vendor, parentage, characteristics, resistances, similar cultivars, adaptation, and year of release. 0000022249 00000 n While watermelon is quenching your thirst on a hot summer’s day, it is also providing a good amount of vitamins C and A, antioxidants important in fighting disease, as well as potassium, believed to help control blood pressure and possibly prevent strokes. Originating in Africa, watermelon cultivation has a long history across the globe and even in the Americas. SEED AND SEED TREATMENT. See more ideas about Yummy food dessert, Fun baking recipes, Diy food recipes. 0000003579 00000 n July 20, 2012. 0000003828 00000 n Easy to grow and fast to mature. Choose Yellow Dell, Red Doll, Petite Perfection, Little Boy or New Queen if you would like a watermelon under eight pounds. 670 25 Maturity: 78-days after planting. Watermelons are subject to damping off and decay in cool wet soils. Most of us are familiar with the vivid reddish-pink flesh watermelons, but there are also white-, yellow- and orange-fleshed varieties, either seeded or seedless. 0000004071 00000 n Gold Flower. The small, perfectly round, very sweet fruits have deep red flesh and a dark green rind. For more information, visit the Watermelon page in our How to Grow section. China has been cultivating watermelon since the tenth century and Native Americans were growing watermelon bef… Sugar Babies are sweet pulped with dark green rinds and were first introduced in 1956, while Tiger Babies are golden once mature in about 75 days. icebox). Icebox varieties did differ significantly in total yield per 10 plants, and the highest yielding varieties were Imperial, Early Moonbeam, Sugar Baby, Crimson Sweet and Verona. ,�����D8������C��K� ��� Also, if any variety is a limited, regional variety it will be noted on the pertinent variety page. It has firm dark red flesh and green skin with dark green stripes. Bold colors.