Today, intranet and extranet software live in harmony as part of modern intranet software—one of the biggest advancements to hit the professional sector in recent years. Over 150 remote employees from six businesses across the UK use Glasscubes as an intranet solution. Extranet software also monitors and fixes potential bugs or issues that can occur with a company's products or services—almost like built-in quality control. Download the free guide below to learn more about launching an intranet for your organization. Intranets and extranets operate similarly to the Internet, making a transition to these networks very easy. While an extranet allows businesses to communicate with clients and vendors, an intranet allows employees and colleagues to work together in a virtual space—for the most part, no outside parties are involved.Businesses use intranet software for a variety of reasons—like extranet software, a company intranet streamlines daily activity, organizes people and data, improves internal communications, and increases employee engagement. Distributor extranets which give customers access to product updates, ordering and account data. At the same time, some intranets might also use some of the more advanced control measures like DLP (Data loss prevention), that not all of the extranets have in the first place. Who the Hell Wants to Work for You? It is also a private and small network, provided it is between separate companies/organizations for business … However, layouts and objectives change across sectors. An extranet is used, outside the organization for the success of the organization. hbspt.cta.load(347412, '2e6c1a48-209c-4d27-8f7b-85a58b1b9cbf', {}); Although intranet and extranet software is relatively new, these two mega platforms have advanced rapidly in the last 20 years. Here are some examples: Apart from representing the organization’s corporate branding, one great thing about this Intranet is that it shows all the tools needed by employees in a single view. Transform your intranet with Prime, quickly and seamlessly. These intranet pages have been built through HyperOffice Atlas. Extranet is required for normal day-to-day business activities. Intranets are networks for the use of internal employees only, while extranets allow customers and partners access to the network. An extranet is the portion of a company’s network that allows customers or suppliers of a company to access parts of an enterprise’s intranet. When you prioritize all three, your staff will work better, smarter, and happier. While the first example emphasized chat, public sector workflows relate more to accessing important templates and forms that reflect bureaucratic processes. How it uses an intranet:The company sends regular company updates to its employees through the intranet. The Extranet is based on the intranet but with the allowance of some rights of access to external relations such as customers, distributors, dealers, or some other businesses/companies. For example, a corporate intranet may dedicate a number of servers for vendors and other outsiders. The Internet is called a public domain, Intranet is known as a particular area while extranet is called private domain. “You can typically restrict the access of third parties to specific spaces or items, which makes it easy to share information across internal systems without giving clients or vendors free rein. Other internal processes such as sales and marketing are also incorporated, with the end result being a "one-stop-shop" digital workplace where you can address a variety of different business needs. An extranet is used, to share business information or operation with vendors, suppliers or business partners. Join over 76,342 people who already subscribed.