You can view the audio books by the language, the top 100, and by genre like Children, Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and more than a dozen others. If you can't find an audio book on YouTube by searching for its name followed by "audiobook" (e.g., the six pillars of self esteem audiobook), try the audiobooksonyoutube section of Reddit. There are several formats to download the book in, and you can save it to your computer or an online storage site like Dropbox. Provides a massive source of free downloads, Lets you save audiobook chapters individually or download the entire book, Some audiobooks are read by a computer, and so aren't as fluid or easy to listen to, Most chapters don't have descriptive titles. North and South (Paperback) Elizabeth Gaskell. If the link below doesn't have the audiobook you want, try doing a general search for audiobooks on Spotify. Besides audiobooks, OverDrive also has free eBooks, movies, and music. A large number of audiobooks on YouTube are in the public domain, so that is not a problem. Stacy is a freelancer with over 18 years experience writing about technology and personal finance. There are over 20,000 results for audio books and poetry on this website. You can download the whole audio book or just specific chapters, as well as listen to it in pieces right on the website. LibriVox audiobooks are free for anyone to listen to, on their computers, iPods or … Audible has a 30-day free trial going which means that you can download any audio book of your choice, plus any two Audible originals, for free during that time. Far more time—listening to all three will consume more than 34 hours! Looking for more free books in other formats? The free audio books at Spotify are not organized very well because Spotify is a music streaming service, not an audio book website—but there is a good handful of them available. And in this video, I have shared my experience, on how a complete beginner can get started with Audiobooks. These audio book downloads are located on a variety of other websites, too, so some of them may be direct links to the MP3 while others might be streamed from its download page but not available for download. If your local library has a subscription to OverDrive (check here) then this is a great place to find free audio book downloads of recent fiction and non-fiction books, including best-sellers. The free audio books can be sorted by recently added, random, most popular, or alphabetically. Enjoy new stories and old faves re-told. The SYNC service is sponsored by AudioFile Magazine, and the books themselves are usable through the Sora app. Download free books for your Kindle, free children's Kindle books, free romance eBooks, or free Nook books. LibriVox is also available for iOS here, and Android devices here, so that you can download books to your phone or tablet, or stream them on the go. Once you find an audiobook you like, and so long as you know it's public domain or is legal to download, you can download just the audio from the video with a YouTube to MP3 converter. Use these Spotify search tips if you need help. A downloaded file won't quit on you when you're in the middle of nowhere, unlike radio stations. Lets you filter the audiobooks results by language. Some examples include Romeo and Juliet, The Wind in the Willows, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, and Autobiography of Mark Twain. Get one Free Audiobook on Audible and also, support this channel. It's built specifically for sharing which videos on YouTube are actually audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks while on a road trip, jogging, or riding a bike gives your mind something to do while you focus on the road. These websites offer completely free audiobooks for you to download and listen to whenever you want. You can download audio books here, stream them directly from the website, or subscribe through iTunes or another podcasting service. Our favorite way to find books here is by sorting by view count to find the most popular ones. You can sign up for email alerts to get reminded when SYNC releases new titles. These are public domain books that have been turned into audio books that are now available for free for anyone who's interested. [Video content]Why you should listen to audiobooksTip #1Use pocket to listen to blog postTip #2 Use Librivox for Free Audio booksTip #3 Find good audiobooks on YouTube and Sound CloudTip #4 Listen to podcastTip #5Subscribe to Audible for best of best Audiobooks[AudioBooks, I recommened]Sherlock holmes by ruth golding on librivox Musk by Ashlee Vance on Audible more suggestion, feel free to contact me. It's a perfect way for kids to keep their comprehension skills sharp before returning to school, but also provides a way for adults to grab some free audio eBooks. You can listen to specific chapters without having to download all of them. Several ways to … You can also browse all the titles in the catalog, view only the most additions, and subscribe to new releases as podcasts. Makes finding the top 100 audiobooks easy, Audiobooks are organized in several genres. There are a couple of ways to download and listen to audiobooks … However, if you do want to download the whole audio book, every chapter included, you can do so in a ZIP file, directly from LibriVox. This free audio book website specializes in classic and fiction audio books and you can view them by most popular, recently added, or by author's last name. The purpose of this channel to make people happy with listing full quality Audiobooks for free. Perhaps you would like to join us? To buy the audiobook, tap the price. If using a Windows PC, you will need to download Audible software and configure it to import your audiobooks into iTunes, Windows Media Player, or our AudibleManager player. Audible has a great selection of audio books and you'll be able to find just about any title you're looking for, including best sellers and new releases. These audiobooks can be streamed from your computer or on various devices like iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, etc. Here are the best horror audiobooks streaming for free on Youtube right now. However, you might have luck finding some really great free audio books on YouTube if you know how to search for them. Several sorting options for finding the perfect audiobook, Lets you filter the audiobook downloads by certain criteria, Usually multiple audio format options when downloading, Can be downloaded in bulk or by individual chapter, Many audiobooks are poorly named and hard to recognize at first glance, There aren't many non-English audiobook downloads. No user account is needed to view or download audiobooks, Doesn't provide a built-in way for finding audiobooks, Most audiobooks don't have a download link. Well, if … When you’re browsing your library’s catalog online, if an audiobook is available to checkout via Overdrive, it means you can listen to it in the Overdrive OR Libby app! Besides free audio books, Open Culture also has free movies, online courses, language lessons, and eBooks. One of the best short stories ever to be written has … You can even do it all from Libby, the mobile app for iOS and Android. SYNC gives away two free audio books every week over the summer. Open Culture has one thousand fiction, non-fiction, and poetry audiobooks you can download for free. When searching for popular audiobooks at hoopla, you can sort the results by popularity, new arrivals, title, and average rating, and filter the audiobooks by titles for kids or ones just for adults. Or directly drag and drop it to the program. 2. Some are available in multiple formats so that you can download the book in the MP3 or OGG format, for example. Provides PDF transcripts of the audiobooks, Lets you stream directly from the website, Must download each chapter individually; no bulk download option. I do believe that a lot of people have heard about this book before. Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Download Free Audiobooks for iPhone at These 10 Sites, 17 Best Sites to Download Free Books in 2020, 15 Best Places to Get Free Music Downloads, 7 Best Free Audio Converter Software Programs, Alexa Can Read Books: How to Listen to Your Favorites, 7 Best Free Christmas Music Download Sites. Sign up now -- all the apps mention in this video here - listen to a lot of Audiobooks. Yes! There are thousands of free educational and video titles at Learn Out Loud, including not only thousands of free audio books but also lots of documentaries, speeches, and more. Listen to your audiobooks from a mobile device or computer, Limits you to just two audiobook downloads, Must pay monthly after the trial to keep downloading audiobooks. Spotify memberships allow for downloading content while free users can only stream the books. Scribl is a very different audio book website because while there are some free audio books, most of them come at a cost. LibriVox. There are also lots of audiobook categories to browse through. Audiobooks are listed in alphabetical order for easy reading, Can't sort or filter the list of audiobooks. Looking for the next haunting horror audiobook to listen to? Can't download the whole book in one file, New Fiction is a unique audiobook website that describes its readings as "modern-day radio dramas.". The easiest way to find a book here is to browse those links above or search for something by title, author, subject, and/or language. Libby. Because Scribl has other things, too, like eBooks and podcasts, you want to make sure to filter the results to only show audio books. You can listen to these books on the Loyal Books website, download MP3s of the chapters altogether at once in one ZIP file, download the whole audiobook in one M4B file for iPhones and iPods, save specific chapters only, stream from your phone or tablet, and even get the book through an RSS reader. However, we've included it here because you might find unique books that aren't free anywhere else. Lets you listen to thousands of free audiobooks, Provides several ways to find and sort the titles, Categorizes audiobooks into unique genres, Also has documentaries, courses, speeches, and more, A free user account is needed for some audiobooks. Instead of getting audiobooks on tape or CD, listen … As the audiobook industry flourishes, so is the number of ways you can listen to audiobooks with apps for smartphones, iPads, desktops and Kindles from Amazon, Google and Apple … 264 totally free audiobooks of popular books narrated on Youtube. These are public domain books, so you might not see anything here that differs from the other public domain audio book websites we've already mentioned. Free Full Classic Youtube AudioBooks [Free Pride and Prejudice Youtube Audiobook] by Jane Austen[Free Meditations Youtube Audiobook] by Marcus Aurelius[Free The Brothers Karamazov Youtube Audiobook] by Fyodor Dostoyevsky[Free The Art of War Youtube Audiobook] by Sun Tzu[Free Beowulf Youtube Audiobook] by Anonymous by Seamus Heaney[Free The Raven Youtube Audiobook… But, of course, listening to these three audiobooks will take up more time than any movie. Listen to your favorite audio books online absolutely free. It's hard to find just the free audiobooks. Another good audiobook channel on YouTube is CCProse Audiobooks. The Internet Archive also has a ton of free audio book downloads that you can browse through by subject, keywords, or using the search box. Also, read our guide to finding free eBooks. These free audio books can be streamed online or, if you sign up for a free account, downloaded by "purchasing" them like you would something that you have to pay for (but they're still free).