We all are very much familiar with the job of a military officer. You’ll need to have good connections and be a good problem-solver to survive in this cutthroat industry. Coordinating big events can be stressful when things start to go wrong, like typos on the seating arrangements or the wrong flavoured cake. All rights reserved. If stressful situations don't scare you, read on to learn which positions are among the most stressful jobs, according to the U.S. News Best Jobs rankings. Most of us think our jobs are the most difficult and stressful in the world. Discover the top 10 most stressful jobs in the world and decide whether they’re worth the money! There have been many cases in the past in which many fire fighters who gave up their lives for the safety of others. Patients can be of different diseases. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the most stressful jobs in the World. Here are the ten most stressful jobs in the world: Job #1: Mental Health Counsellor. Here are the reasons: 1. Being a fire fighter is not at all an easy job. They just couldn’t face coming in for another run of 14- or 15-hour shifts’. So is it the world's most stressful job? Some days you might be forced to work both day and night. Where to go on the first date with a Guy? Airline Pilot. A mental health counsellor is one of the most stressful jobs in the world. Do you work in one of these roles? But let’s face it, there are some jobs that are just way more taxing than others. Some jobs are uniquely stressful because they’re tiring, demanding, or may even involve risking your life. The most fearless grinders you have never heard of. The 20 Most Stressful Jobs in the World 1. When you get into the stress of too much work, your whole body gets affected to it. Your email address will not be published. In this role, you’ll need to quickly develop your leadership skills and be able to think on your feet and come up with quick, effective solutions – and this can be stressful, to say the least. 10-Tower Climbers. Enlisted Military Personnel. Sitting at a desk and talking to people all day sounds like the easiest job in the world. Therefore, being an electrician is also a very stressful job. Firefighter. He is doing a job that involves high amount of risk. Some may have highly spreading diseases and some may have something else. In a tenuous global landscape, the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces provide services that ensure the safety of not only Americans, but people around the globe. They’ll need to work at all hours to ensure their client receives the best coverage and to book deals and appearances to heighten their visibility. Whenever... 2. As a broadcaster, you’ll be responsible for reporting and announcing breaking news on television. CareerAddict is a registered trademark of DeltaQuest Media. Even though you worked throughout the day and is taking rest at night, if any emergency occurs, there is a high chance that you will be called to solve it. Naturally, most people think that they have the most stressful job in the world and no other is more difficult than theirs. Does this say something about how we in the UK organise public services? The job of a coastal guard is nothing but to guard the coastal area that is provided to them by the officer. Here, we will see some of the most stressful jobs in the world which people are doing and are facing a poor health condition. Military Personnel. And without a doubt, almost every job has unique brands of stress. Firefighters risk their lives and limbs on a daily basis for the safety of others. Many seem to think that IT staff have it easy but being responsible for the whole company’s IT processes can cause quite a bit of strain, especially if there are any faults and the entire system goes down. Firefighters are often exposed to serious threats as well. 548227, reg. With constant verbal abuse and death threats, a job as a referee can cause a lot of uneasiness. People are doing various jobs in the world to have an earning for their family. Teaching and nursing are among the most stressful jobs in the UK, a new study has revealed. Firefighters, like police officers, face life-threatening situations routinely as a fundamental part of... 3. Not all jobs are made equal, especially when it comes to stress levels. Firefighters risk their lives and limbs on a daily basis for the safety of others. Reporter. Military service. The officer will get strong pressure from their senior officers if the case takes so much time to be completed. Read Also: 10 Most Highest Paying Jobs in the World. They must make sure that not even a single mistake occurs from their side which makes the user unhappy. But, we need to realize the fact that it takes a lot of risk and effort to be a good nurse. According to CareerCast's study, a diagnostic medical sonographer is the least stressful job. So, this is also considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world. For a lot of us, our jobs take up most of our waking hours. If not, they will arrest the wrong person and the real culprit will escape. Therefore, being a reporter is also a stressful job in the world. The median income is $71,410 … Here are 33 high-paying low-stress jobs, ranked from most to least stressful, and by average annual wages in the event of a tied stress tolerance score: 33. The 10 most stressful jobs 1. Absolutely no importance is given to merit and talent. While the above jobs may have topped the list for most stressful in 2019, they are other notoriously stressful jobs. Surgeons operate on patients, treat injuries and deal with a number of hiccups and unexpected circumstances during an operation. Being a paramedic is an extremely stressful and emotionally challenging job – you just never know what you’ll be faced with when you respond to an emergency. ©2020 DeltaQuest Media. Read Also: How to improve English communication skills? What are the qualities that a good wife should have? We all are very much familiar with doctors and have got chance to visit them due to different health reasons. Here are 30 low stress jobs, according to the Occupational Information Network Database. We are talking about risks that, on their own, already impose a heavy burden of anxiety. Social workers never know what they are going to face when they start their working day. These are some of the most stressful jobs in the world So for more videos related to jobs and others please subscribe this channel Click on the link given below As a nurse, it is their responsibility to make sure that not even a single person will be affected by the disease. Information on average salary and employment outlook is furnished through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There's a lot of overlap in these lists, and it's obvious that where your own, or other lives are on the line, that job is stressful. Stress is a big part of our daily lives and most of it comes from the type of work that we do. Currency conversions are based on rates supplied by XE.com on 16 February 2018. Optometrists Therefore, being a doctor is a very stressful job. They have the added stress not to make a wrong decision that can end in a fatal error. Last-minute shift changes can also add a strain on their personal lives, as they won’t be able to make any plans in advance. are doing: The childhood dream of many, especially boys is to become a police officer once they grow up. Careers in medicine and law enforcement tend to be high-stress, along with customer service roles like telephone operator or event planner. As you can imagine, being away from home for often months at a time in warzones can be extremely traumatic. Construction: This job is stressful mostly because of the physical hazards presented to workers. Top 10 most stressful jobs in the World 1. When you work in a hotel as a chef, you must make sure that the food cooked there is healthy. According to CareerCast’s annual Jobs Rated report, these are the 20 most stressful jobs in the world. The Most Stressful Jobs in the U.S. originally appeared on usnews.com Update 03/04/20: This story was published on a previous date and has been updated with new information. The ten most stressful jobs 1. But, we need to realize that being a chef involves high amount of stress and tension. If the electrician gets to work during a time when it is raining, the risk involved in his job also increases. The stresses of this among the other most stressful jobs in the world, usually come from the pressure of making sure everything is in control, and that all products are of premium quality. We all consider cooking as an easy job which all, especially women can do. The most stressful job is that of military personnel. Being the go-to person for important decisions and spending hours outside those specified in your contract to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible is bound to take a toll on you at someone point or another. If so, let us know what the stress-factor is for you in the comments section below…. Certain jobs are much more prone to stress than others. Related News The following 10 jobs were all referenced in the CareerCast Jobs Rated Report and rated as featuring low or very low levels of stress for employees. While the nature of fears and stressors for some of the other jobs making the 10 most stressful are different, they are common fears just the same. According to a piece in the Guardian, written by a current paramedic working for the NHS, ‘4 of the 30 paramedics at my ambulance station have been off with stress over the last few years. Least-stressful jobs. It’s safe to say that all these jobs on the list have added stress factors, but their benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. We must know that the job of being a doctor is not so easy and it contains a lot of stress and struggle. This is yet another stressful job that is seen in the world right now. However, the truth is that it can be stressful, what with the added pressure from drunk customers to be served first, as well as spending hours on end on your feet and travelling home late at night. Read Also: Advantages Of Reading Newspaper Articles. Kyle Kensing, online editor for CareerCast, says that ‘no matter your profession, speaking with a healthcare professional can be a critical stress-reliever’. 10 Things To Know About A Company Before A Job Interview, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World. Another dangerous job that deals with electricity is that of an electrician. Missions will be of various types such as fire rescue, rescuing from water, rescuing from any dangerous areas, etc. Commercial pilot. Can you imagine arranging a bridezilla’s big day? As recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have shown, performing on the battlefield is... 2. As you can imagine, dealing with celebrities and public figures can take a lot of nail-biting to ensure no relationships are tarnished. Whenever children go outside and meet any police officer, they get amazed and will always try to become that person. Much of their work is performed in situations... 3. Very often, it can feel like the stress that comes with the pay is overwhelming, and we’ll start to wonder if we should be doing something else with our lives. The most stressful job is that of military personnel. But, due to the stress we have in our jobs, we are not able to get rest properly and all our body parts are working continuously for a long time. It can be a trying experience to help treat these individuals. Jobs in the military once again top the CareerCast.com Jobs Rated rankings of the most stressful jobs for 2013.. Many think that being a bartender and getting paid to drink and hang out in bars isn’t even a real job. The fear of injuries and casualties can cause great anxiety, with ‘many troops left with psychological problems and post-traumatic disorder,’ according to CBS News. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If any false news is published in the channel, it will become a criminal offense and the channel will lose its reputation. It is considered as the most efficient and respectful manner in which one can serve the nation. People in this career tend to work out of hours to ensure their pupils’ work is marked and lesson plans are completed.