Foliage carries a garden through the seasons, long after the flowers have faded to a memory. Learn about the various types of coleus plants here. Some shine with their flowers or inflorescence, but many, such as blood grass, porcupine grass, and zebra grass, need only their leaf stalks to stand out. If you think keeping them watered might become tedious, consider planting them in containers and putting them in a water garden to create your own version of a tropical paradise. This means they do not bloom, so no deadheading is required to keep them looking great. It is grown as an annual plant in cooler zones or as a houseplant. Fantastic Foliage Plants For Your Garden. Loropetalum ‘Plum Gorgeous’. But you’ll find ones with colorful leaves in shades of burgundy, green or gold. This soft, powdery gray foliage plant is extremely drought-tolerant and forgiving of many tough growing conditions. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Removing flower stalks when they're still small produces minimal garden waste and keeps leaves more lush, since all the plant's … Brilliant gold bleeding heart presents magenta flowers against yellow—two out of three primary colors. Plectranthus is a free-growing, bushy plant that loves damp soil. The right selection of foliage can make a great impact in your garden. Their bold, tropical foliage looks terrific from early summer until frost. "Margarita" has bright chartreuse leaves; "Sweet Caroline" or "Sweetheart" has burgundy heart-shaped leaves; and "Tricolor" has green and white variegated leaves that are outlined in pink. For tried-and-tested gold leaves to act as a foil for showy flowers, look for Dicentra spectabilis ‘Gold Heart’, a spring-blooming plant. Focusing on foliage can trim time and trouble from your yard work as well. Add an early blue columbine and the triad is complete. Shade-growing coleus plants were popular Victorian bedding plants, but it wasn't until a sun-loving coleus was developed that the plant really captured the hearts of gardeners. Among the plant world’s shape-shifters, bromeliads range from prickle-top pineapples to skeins of Spanish moss to yuccalike, desert-loving dyckia Beautiful Begonias: Types & Care Typically employed as houseplants and in shaded summer beds, Begoniaceae have tropical and subtropical origins and are known for their asymmetrical leaf shapes If you think the common tricolor is bold, you should take a look at some of the cultivars, such as "Perfecta." Discover unique garden products curated by the Garden Design editors, plus items you can use to solve problems in your garden right now, and best sellers from around the web. Pink flowers appear in spring and autumn. are such terrific foliage plants that we often remove the flowers so that they don't distract us from enjoying the leaves. TOH Tip: Some foliage plants do produce flowers, which you can leave or clip. If they get a bit untidy in summer, simply shear the old foliage, and new silvery leaves will appear. Our great value foliage plants come in a range of colours and patterns. Unfortunately, Rex begonias can be a little fussy to care for, unless you live in the tropics. This is known as variegation and it … Luckily the leaves are splattered, or completely washed with silver or white, and they remain a welcome sight for the remainder of the growing season. The plant has a definite tropical flair and enjoys being grown partially submerged in water. Hostas are grown for their large leaves, which are often variegated in shades of cream, silver or white. May 24, 2015 - Explore Gardener Jen Meador's board "Leafy Outdoor Plants", followed by 209 people on Pinterest. Water regularly during dry periods. I don’t know about you but when I first started gardening, I was all about the flowers, instant colour and impact. These plants will light up your garden on the cloudiest days and for weeks on end. The range changes with seasonal availability, and as we add new products. The bright chartreuse foliage of ferns and sweet potato vines brightens up what would otherwise be a shadowy corner alongside this entry garden by Outdoor Elements Group to a Vancouver home. In drier positions bergenias will also thrive, although many need a vast amount of space as their common name of … Peperomia Ruby Cascade. Combined with strong colorfast pigments, these faux outdoor plants can, therefore, stand harsh sun, wind, water or snow. Marie Iannotti is an author, photographer, and speaker with 27 years of experience as a Cornell Cooperative Extension Horticulture Educator and Master Gardener. We have 1000s in stock picture library, so PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL 570-686-1200 IF YOU CAN'T FIND WHAT YOU WANT ONLINE. They have large, arrowhead-shaped leaves that come in striking combinations of green, red, pink, and white. A shady garden is a cool place to while away hot summer days. Some of the most popular garden artemisias include mugwort, southernwood, sweet Annie, tarragon, and the wormwood. Plants with red leaves add a pop of color with maximum impact and can really brighten up the garden. You will need to consider height, growth habit, and even season when choosing your ornamental grass to get one that is suitable for your garden. Caladiums, also called "Angel Wings," look truly unique in a garden. Discover the right plants for your garden. * Required | We will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Although it is only hardy to zones 8 and above, elephant ears grow quickly from large tubers, which can be stored for the winter to grow again next season. Most plectranthus are grown strictly for foliage, which is similar to its cousin Swedish ivy. As with so many fantastic foliage plants, Rex begonias are tropical plants. * Required FieldsWe will never sell or distribute your email to any other parties or organizations. Ornamental grasses add texture, movement, and sound to your garden, and you'll have dozens of choices. You'll also find foliage that changes its color throughout the season. Lungwort has stunning flowers in early spring; however, they don't last very long. Grow at the back of the border. It’s foliage can be a magnet for slugs and snails, so it’s best grown in … Beautiful Foliage Plants for Your Perennial Garden, Foliage plants are the hardworking chorus line of a well-designed garden, Colorful coleus varieties add pizzazz to shady beds, sunny borders and containers, Foliage plants extraordinaire, hardy euphorbias are titans of texture, This leafy denizen of the forest tropics is making a splashy comeback, The ultimate foliage plant for shade, hostas offer versatility, durability and a seemingly limitless variety of forms, sizes and shades of green, Growing Elephant Ear Plants in Your Garden, Elephant ears bring to mind lush, tropical forests, adding drama to both gardens and containers, Ubiquitous yet often overlooked, indoor and outdoor ferns are botanical marvels, For center of attention drama and vivid fall foliage, nothing beats Japanese maples, Forest plants of old, bamboos evoke images of another continent, Prized for providing year-round interest, grasses are full and lush during the warm months, put on great displays of fall color and are unmatched for winter texture, Among the plant world’s shape-shifters, bromeliads range from prickle-top pineapples to skeins of Spanish moss to yuccalike, desert-loving dyckia, Typically employed as houseplants and in shaded summer beds, Begoniaceae have tropical and subtropical origins and are known for their asymmetrical leaf shapes. These are short plants that are a bit slow to spread, but they eventually make lovely carpets with glowing flashes of iridescence. You can see our current range here, and those coming within the next week or two. Although artemisia is in the daisy family, the flowers tend to be insignificant, but the leaves are airy and charming. A wonderful foliage plant for a shady spot in your garden. Our outdoor faux plants are crafted using artificial foliage with UV blocking materials which makes them inherently fade resistant and can be used outdoors without any loss of color. Foliage Plants. The leaves of srobilanthes, or Persian shield, are almost iridescent. Continue reading for some suggestions on red leafed plants that will add that “pow” to your garden. Most of the time, the flower stalks are cut off before bloom, allowing the plant to focus on growing their delightful leaves. If you're looking for more vibrant plants for your outdoor space, we have plenty of plants with bright coloured leaves for you in this category. Although they do bloom, hostas (Hosta spp.) There is also a wide selection of colors to choose from, including shades of green, yellow, white, pink, and red. The foliage of amaranthus plants can be so audacious that you will wonder why they even bother blooming. That doesn't have to stop you from growing them both as houseplants and in the garden. They are such intriguing plants that many people collect them. In addition, some foliage selections are best for filling in the shady patches of your garden without compromising visual interest. I never considered foliage plants for your garden. Some of the most popular garden artemisias include mugwort, southernwood, sweet Annie, tarragon, and the wormwood. A stroll on the boardwalk in the garden also offers a brilliant view of aquatic plants like the Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera. Most Heuchera plants do best in partial shade, but they will also grow well in the sun if they have sufficient moisture. This is a sub-shrub that remains evergreen in hot climates. The varying colours of the leaves in the foliage garden is one thing that will be hard to miss. elegans has large, puckered leaves, that can reach over 40cm long. Hosta sieboldiana var. Canna plants love water and heat. Sun-worshiping coleus come in a rainbow of colors, sometimes all on one plant. 10 Best Garden Foliage Plants For Flower Arranging . Shop By Price. Its large leaves and colors are perfect for your garden. Light: Can tolerate part sun, shade, or full sun. Buy plants for personal and corporate gifts from the largest online plant store in the Middle East. If you keep yours as a houseplant in winter, you can easily take cuttings in spring to plant out in the garden. New Zealand flax is a wonderful dramatic accent in the garden. Buy plants online - Large variety of Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Fruit Plants, Flowering Plants & Herbs to choose from. Potted House Plants. Many ferns, with their lacy fronds and airy growing habits, are lovely; however, the Japanese painted fern stands out in the crowd. Most artemisia plants have silvery-gray foliage that beautifully offsets both pastel flowers and richer tones such as deep mauve, purples, oranges, and blues. Foliage contains numerous colored pigments including chlorophyll (green), carotenoid (yellow/orange), and anthocyanin (red). There's no missing the tropical flair of canna plants. Other good ground cover plants for dappled shade include Euphorbia amygdaloides, a wood spurge with beetroot rosettes of foliage followed by lime green flowers. There are only a handful of hosta varieties, such as Hosta plantaginea, that have really attractive flowers. Whether you are planning a garden from scratch or are keen to add more foliage to your existing outdoor space, here’s all you need to know to make an impact. Foliage Plants. Get planting advice, garden design tips and trends, monthly checklists for your area, product specials and more in our weekly newsletter. Coleus is one of the best foliage plants, and you can grow it in hanging baskets as well. Far from being simply green, some foliage plants offer variegated patterns of white, gold, and red, while others have leaves tinged with yellow, blue, or bronze that can act as a … From tools to furniture, these garden products are sure to delight. Its leaves carry a combination of two colors: deep green on the top side and ruby-red on the undersides. $0.00 - $10.00 $10.00 - $14.00 $14.00 - $19.00 $19.00 - $23.00 $23.00 - … They form tidy clumps and are perfect for edging borders, planting under taller plants, and for containers. var theDate=new Date() The leaves are thick and slightly fuzzy, with a ruffled edge that can show as a variegated white. Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum), Amaranthus Tricolor (Amaranthus gangeticus), 15 Best Zone 7 Plants to Put In Your Garden, 10 Varieties of Begonias for Gardens and Containers, 15 Best Zone 8 Plants to Put In Your Garden, 16 Silver Foliage Plants to Brighten Your Landscape, 20 Best Tall Plants for Container Gardens, 10 Top Outdoor Garden Plants That Thrive Indoors, 11 Great Shade Plants for Container Gardens, 12 Fall Plants for Container Gardens and Hanging Baskets. Foliage Plants. All cultivars will flower, but some blooms aren’t showy, so snip them off if … Miscanthus sinensis ‘Zebrinus’ is an unusual grass, named for its bright green foliage decorated by horizontal cream bands. However, much the way plant breeders went wild developing new hosta varieties, they have embraced Heucheras and figured out how to give them purple, bronze, and patterned leaves. Now you rarely see a garden without at least one coleus plant. . The soft, fuzzy, gray leaves of lamb's ear plants are known to delight young children who get the chance to rub them, but they are also delightful to gardeners looking for a velvety texture to soften the hard edges of a walkway or to use for its downy gray color to act as a foil for nearby pastels. Copyright This small evergreen plant has sculptural foliage in shades of red, purple, orange and bright green. With all that color, and at 6 to 18 in. They are also popular in containers and even indoors as houseplants. Mass plant Plum gorgeous for a year round display of deep plum coloured foliage. 1. These vines are grown specifically for ornamental foliage, which comes in a wide variety of colors and names. The original coral bells were charming plants with ruffled green leaves and airy pink bell-shaped flowers that made them the favorite plant of hummingbirds. You may think of this as a perennial you grow in your garden. While they don’t grow outdoors in the cold climate, you can definitely grow them indoors. A newer variety, "Mona Lavender" plectranthus, has tall lavender flower stalks that make it a popular container and indoor plant. From heucherasto hostas, these fabulous plants make superb solo specimens in a patio container, or planted as part of a mixed border. Suitable for rockeries, borders and planting in pots, these hardy plants grow best in full sun or partial shade. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board, hosta varieties that can be grown in full sun. Here's a roundup up the 18 best foliage plants to intersperse among your blooms. Leaf variegation. Dusty miller is often grown as an annual plant and used as filler in the garden or in containers, but that really doesn't do it justice. Gardens that are filled with lush foliage look cool and feel cool too. Canna known as canna lily is a large-flower garden plant. They are related to the edible sweet potato, but the tuber is not as tasty. Although known as shade plants, there are several ​hosta varieties that can be grown in full sun, expanding their value in the garden. Although its foliage is its main attraction, it may also bear silky, slender flowers in summer, which last well into winter. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) Look for some of the named varieties, such as "Silverado," that stay fresh-looking longer than the species plant. The foliage of Rex begonias can be swirled, spotted, spiraled, thick, ruffled, or winged. Order plants … See more ideas about plants, outdoor plants, shade garden. Additionally, there are some other colors which still in development such as pink, red, orange, and yellow. The garden can be a great source of foliage for flower arranging if you plant the right things. Also, this tropical plant grows in multiple colors such as bronze, green, black, striped foliage, and diversified. Amaranthus tricolor is an annual plant and easy to start from seed. Mostly they have insignificant flowers, which for the sake of the appearance of the plant … Choose foliage that will add bold shapes, fine textures, and brilliant color to your flowers. Persian shield can handle full sun, but the iridescence makes them almost glow in partial shade. Red foliage plants come in all shapes and sizes, some even keep that color year-round. Here are ten tropical plants with dazzling red foliage that will set your garden ablaze under the sun! However, they are only hardy to USDA Zone 9. They are predominately grown for their blade-shaped leaves, but the plants also send up a flower stalk with attractive blooms in red or yellow. In cooler climates, you can grow them as annual plants and bring them indoors for the winter. Bright, cheerful plants with names such as "Big Enchilada," Brilliancy," and "Copper Sun" hint at what to expect in the coleus aisle. Burgundy lace takes it a step further with pink-tinted fronds. Hosta. Sweet potato vine ( Ipomoea batatas ) thrives with some sun or in spots with bright shade, while many ferns can tolerate areas with lower light. These are not large ferns (growing to about 12 inches tall), but they are eye-catchers. They pick up the slightest glint of sunlight in partial shade and light up surrounding plants. Tropical plants are a great choice to bring colors, textures, and that laid-back tropical feel to your home. 3. Good thriller plants have dramatic bold foliage, like Banana (Musa species) or spear-like foliage as the previously mentioned Harvey’s Pride Bromeliad or Stripped False Agave (Furcraea foetida ‘Mediopicta’). Pictum has reddish-purple stems that make the silvery-green fronds shine even more. Plant it in a partially shaded nook, and its silvery leaves will catch every ray of sun that stumbles into the garden. Most foliage plants love a shady position in the garden - great for those awkward spots, where you can create a lush, leafy oasis. Some gardeners even remove the flower stalks, so that the plant can focus on growing leaves. Grow your caladiums in partial shade, where they create an unexpected and welcome burst of season-long color for the garden. Available in countless shapes and colors, caladiums are a top pick for shady garden beds or containers. As opposed to flowering plants that need regular watering, deadheading and feeding, leafy plants don’t need much maintenance, apart from the o dd trim and feed. Whether you are arranging a few flowers in a vase in the house or decorating a church access to the right foliage is a real advantage. In warmer climates, Phormiums are evergreen perennials. Kathleen Miller is a Master Gardener and Horticulturist with over 30 years experience in gardening and sustainable farming. Caladiums make easy houseplants and are equally delightful outdoors. Caladiums grow from tubers planted just underneath the surface of the soil. Some varieties can grow well more than 7 feet tall, while others are small enough to be suitable for growing in containers. More about the newsletter. Botanical Name: Peperomia ‘Ruby Cascade’. Use trees, clumps of palms or a plant-covered pergola to create summer shade in sunny areas or plant shade-loving foliage plants in courtyards or gardens with a shaded southerly aspect. Classified as perennials , many hostas are nonetheless used in the landscape as if they were small shrubs (note, however, that hostas vary greatly in size, depending on the type). Hostas come in shades of green, gold, and blue, as well as a variety of variegated leaves. Find a Garden Center that carries Proven Winners plants & products. The imposing size of elephant ears adds instant drama to your garden. Some plants produce more anthocyanins than other pigments, causing their leaves to be crimson, magenta, or maroon. tall, this plant is a great foliage plant for containers. From hostas to ferns, discover excellent choices for outdoor foliage plants, Sign up for weekly gardening inspiration and design tips. Up to 1m Part shade / Shade A beautiful tropical plant that features large lush … Pinching them back periodically will keep them full and lush. Their appeal lies in the colour and/or shape of their leaves. It's often easier to grow them in containers, where you have more control over the soil and growing conditions, rather than in the ground. Guaranteed Quality check with express delivery options. However, even without the flashy blooms, these plants would be standouts. Amaranthus tricolor is a sunburst of yellows and orange. Great contrasting colour - silver leaves with bold dark green herring-bone pattern. They prefer partial shade, where the brighter whites and gold reflect the subtle light and enliven the plants around them. The rich colors and deeply lobed leaves of sweet potato vines make this a popular choice for both container plants and ground covers. There is a large range of colourful foliage plants with flamboyant and out-of-the-ordinary features which will give your green space star quality. Plant Stock images with interesting foliage, Garden Plants including hostas, heucheras, vines, ferns, ornamental leaves, coleus, grasses, succulents, natural textures, spiky, specimen, nature images, and other award-winning stock photography. All Rights Reserved. I bought plants that were in bloom, a trick garden centres use to reel in the unwise. Its subdued color is an excellent foil for bolder colors, such as hot pink petunias and buttery yellow coreopsis. Indoor & Outdoor Plants. Dieffenbachia 'Memoria Corsii' From $11.00. They have huge banana-like leaves that can be green, red, striped, or something in between, and flowers in glowing shades of red, yellow, and orange. Newer cultivars, such as "Helen von Stein," have been bred vegetatively. Discover 24 Types of Tropical Foliage House Plants for your home and workplace. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Most artemisia plants have silvery-gray foliage that beautifully offsets both pastel flowers and richer tones such as deep mauve, purples, oranges, and blues. There are some annuals that are not flowering plants, in the generally accepted gardening sense. Pinching makes the plants bushier and fuller, with more glorious colorful leaves to enjoy.