Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound in the chest that he also caused to kill the vampire priest who held her hostage. Affiliations Walter was highly respected by Seras and was also her mentor as an elder. Zorin initially greatly underestimated Seras despite The Major's warning. Blinded and weakened, Seras tries to find him when they fall to the ground, calling his name and feeling around for him. 5, 6, and 7, Pip and Seras are stationed at the Hellsing Organization headquarters while Alucard battles Rip Van Winkle and Integra encounters Alexander Anderson and the rest of Iscariot during the raid in London. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 4, we discover that they had returned to Alucard after failing to find transportation out of South America. After taking a terrible beating, Seras hears Pip's voice telling her to stand up because "the girl [he] know[s] doesn't give up so easily." From Lakewood, New Mexico. Meanwhile, Pip and the others are being beaten back by the Nazis, though Pip is confident that Seras will come to their aid since she is "[that] kind of girl." In the manga this gun is unnamed but the letters BAERLKS are spelled out on its side; in the OVA, however, the gun has Harkonnen written in the same place. Although she loses her weapons during the confrontation with Zorin, relying instead on her "Shadow Arm," Seras makes use of firearms again during the confrontation with the Captain, using a pair of MG-42 Machine Guns salvaged from dead Millennium soldiers. Despite that, Seras makes it her duty to protect Integra and even shows regret when she could not save her from Laura's attack. As he does with the Adler/HMS Eagle in the Thames, he jumps off the bow of the ship when it runs aground. The flashback ends with Seras seeing glimpses of the criminals raping her mother's corpse. Zorin then slices off Seras' arm, stabs her in the back, and then blinds her with her scythe. She had a fairly broad-shouldered torso, yet maintained a very voluptuous and buxom figure, which was further accentuated by the fact that she is considerably shorter than virtually all of her allies. Job: (Pulp Grinder And Blender). View the profiles of people named Seras Victoria. The group he had infiltrated traced him back to his home and brutally murdered him. He describes her as a "fascinating creature" beneath her girlish exterior before explaining his reasons for turning her into a vampire. As such, it is implied that the other characters can sense Pip's presence within her. In the OVA, Seras' shadow also developed a resonating effect similar to Alucard's, which became more prominent when she was in battle. Height: ??? 3 of the manga, Seras and Pip do not interact well. Her severed left arm is restored as the same type of shadow-matter that Alucard can manipulate, and all of her abilities skyrocketed. The timing of this proved fortunate as soon after the Hellsing Manor was attacked by two vampire brothers, Luke and Jan Valentine. Seras is often considered a tomboy; a very brave, strong-willed and heroic young woman who often rejects following orders of her master that cross with her personal beliefs. Gender Seras is often considered a tomboy; a very brave, strong, and heroic young woman who while exhibiting a wild temperament, is not afraid to question the orders of her master if they cross with her personal beliefs. So… 1,877 likes. Seras was originally a police officer who, along with the rest of her squad, was sent into Cheddar Village to investigate a priest who was responsible for multiple homicides. Although she mostly acts as comic relief (among other During her master's fight with Tublucain Alahambra, she tries to shoot at him but fails. First appearance (manga) In chapter 82, Integra and Seras go to face The Major but are confronted by the Captain. Seras Victoria. Alucard asked her if she was a virgin, and when she confirmed that she was, he shot through her to kill her captor. Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes. Japanese seiyū This inspires Seras to take down the airship. However, with the use of a silver tooth and her familiar Pip Bernadotte, she is able to kill The Captain. Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon Harkonnen, Before becoming a fully-fledged vampire, she usually wore a yellow Hellsing uniform with a matching mini skirt, long white stockings, ankle fold brown boots, and brown gloves. Job: (Pulp Grinder And Blender). In her rage, she kills the newly reanimated Hellsing soldiers in front of Integra. I'm a vampire who was created by Alucard, and I work for the organization called Hellsing. In the end, Seras was the only one who had unwavering faith that Alucard would return. Some of Pip's self-confidence seems to have rubbed off: after descending upon an armed party of Iscariot soldiers who are about to kill Integra, Alexander Anderson notes her change, declaring her an unholy creature. Her first name has also been interpreted/spelled as Ceres, who is the Roman goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and motherly relationship. **It was submitted by Gray Cebon, 35 years old. Despite appearing detached and cold, she cares deeply for the lives of her men, vowing revenge … Seras Victoria When she was just a child, Seras' father, a police officer, "got in too deep" during an undercover mission. 6 Results 7 Next Time! Pinterest. Seras, however, was too hesitant to do so before Anderson caught up to her, it was only the timely arrival of Integra and Alucard's subsequent resurrection which saved the situation. Type: Vampire. Seras challenges him to a duel in which she is only allowed to flick her fingers. Seras' preferred weapon is the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon Harkonnen. Pip waits until she's close enough before he moves in and kisses her. In most cases, even genuine surprise and happiness, her reactions to stimuli are subdued. There is a voice calling out. Your email address will not be published. Before her fight with Zorin, he comments on how he wishes he could have kissed her. The "fertility" part is emphasized in her rather large assets, and "motherly relationship" is symbolized in her sweet, motherly personality. Kouta Hirano stated in an interview at Otakon 2006, "Her relationship with Alucard is very complicated, since "many things mix together", like being part of the same kind. True Vampire (Demon)Human (formerly) Her figure is well developed, especially her large breasts. She is also the Hellsing organisation's third strongest warrior, and the only one of the organization's super soldiers to strictly survive the battle with Millennium. VictoriaHellsing's New Trump CardMon CherKitten Featuring Seras Victoria from Hellsing against Lady from Devil May Cry 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Seras Victoria 4 Lady 5 DEATH BATTLE! She continued to wear a uniform of the exact same style as before, but colored burgundy red instead of a yellow. Height, Weight and Net Worth of our Heroes. 9 and later in Vol. According to MyAnimeList, Alucard is 2.2 m (7'4") tall. It was then Seras was also given her new weapon, the anti-tank cannon Harkonnen. Alucard expresses both trust and patience for Seras' development as a vampire. 2,417 likes. When questioned about them having a father/daughter relationship, the author answered "There's no one way to distinguish how they (Alucard and Seras) feel about it (their relationship). Seras's hatred for Zorin is revealed by Seras's claim that she would not drink Zorin's blood even if her survival hinged on it. Baby Seras Victoria with his mother from anime Hellsing Ultimate. She vows to beat all of them. Seras and Heinkel formed a rivalry against each other much like their mentors Alucard and Anderson did. May 27. ***It was submitted by Charlton O’rourke, 56 years old. On the fateful night, she became a vampire by Alucard, in order to save her life after Alucard shot through her to kill the vampire priest. Once he is defeated, Seras carries Integra and flies out of the exploding zeppelin. Name: Seras Victoria Series: Hellsing Age: 19 (Beginning of Series) | 49 (End of Series) Aliases: Draculina, Big Titty Police Girl, Mignonette (cute girl in French). episode of Death Battle. So, we cannot call Alucard and Seras master and slave.". While Integra looks for the Major Seras confronts the Captain and is again being beaten by her Millennium opponent. She's the "light that stands out from the darkness" (quoting Kouta Hirano from an interview). Servant to my master's, master, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Occasionally, her eyes assumed a red hue in moments of extreme rage or vampiric bloodlust. He refuses but is fatally wounded when Zorin throws her scythe at his back. Seras suggests that Integra go on to face the Major while she deals with the Captain, to which Integra says to her  "I won't forgive you if you die". Heinkel's silhouette can be seen standing in the background 30 years after The Major's attack on London. The flashback ends with Seras seeing glimpses of the criminals raping her mother's corpse. 30 years later, she declares Integra the winner of a fencing match, and has seemingly developed a rivalry with Heinkel Wolfe. Mit diesen machte er nun Jagd auf die Polizisten u… However, she is a loyal and trustworthy soldier who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander ha… Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes. Eye color: Blue: normal Once more, after she started to cry, he regretted his actions and his tone softened. After defeating the Captain, Seras returns to Integra. Seras Victoria was once part of a police unit who was dispatched to investiagte a mass murder in England's countryside. However, she is a loyal and trustworthy soldier who will diligently follow the orders of her commander, provided said commander has proven his or her worth. The operation went wrong when a vampire attacked her unit, and only she was left. In the manga and OVA, the two main heroines interact very well. Spielzeug. He encourages her to get back into the fight and tells her when and how to attack. Upon meeting face to face, Seras stood her ground against Zorin until Zorin used her powers to dredge up Seras's memories, costing Seras an arm and her eyes. Later on, for the purpose of defending Hellsing HQ, Seras was given the cannon-like firearm, the Harkonnen II. This restores her and allows her to kill the remaining vampires, including Zorin herself. He follows up his rant, not by apologizing, but by saying that perhaps it was time for a vampire who "didn't roam the night alone." Required fields are marked *. When delivering the final blow, Seras actually summons Pip as her familiar to help her kill The Captain. Seras is initially an attractive young woman with blonde hair cut into a flare cut and blue eyes. Join Facebook to connect with Seras Victoria and others you may know. Integra, horrified at the sight of Seras mercilessly slaughtering her men, rushes to Seras and embraces her, pleading for her to stop rather than demanding it of her. She and Integra are then invited to fight on the airship Deus Ex Machina along with The Major and The Captain. Seras teases Integra in a similar fashion that Alucard used to tease her, and Integra confesses some insecurities about her aging appearance. Crush: ??? While she does not partake in the slaughter of the human SWAT team, she aides Alucard in his combat with Tubalcain Alhambra and later attempts to fight Alexander Anderson (though her attack is comically cut short).