I think what I was experiencing was what dying feels like. I needed to lay down. I used 3 washes, as you suggest, and reduced the final mix to 225 ml. Then I went back to my room. He did not care what the effects of the drug were, he just wanted to get high. r/Ayahuasca. Simmer for 3 hours. In separate containers, simmer Rue seeds and Acacia Confusa in 400ml of distilled water with juice of half a lemon. Everyone was still concerned I would have another "Seizure" but I did not. Acahuasca (Acacia confusa + syrian rue) Experience Report Amount brewed: two short glasses from 25g acacia confusa powdered bark, and 2.5g syrian rue (maoi) ingested Amount taken: 1.5 glasses, 1 originally, .5 redosed 2 hours in I can't even find the words. When you do consume your Rue, wait 30-45 minutes to drink the acacia or whenever you feel the Syrian rue take effect. When I was alone in my room, laying down, I began to feel myself slipping off into something like non-existence. I live in a country that isn’t exactly accepting of psychedelics etc, so it’s not rly available and you can’t rly risk asking around for someone who’s tried it here. 14mL ACRB brew ingested at 23:10 ACRB liquid expelled: 23:25 (15 min. 16:30 - 4 capsules of acacia -20g Acacia Confusa powder (I only consumed somewhere between 15 - 20g) -5g Syrian Rue (ground) Setting: Home, waited until dark, turned all lights out, lit a few candles and laid on sofa with my eyes closed. When you do consume your Rue, wait 30-45 minutes to drink the acacia or whenever you feel the Syrian rue take effect. Published on Feb 19, 2017 (1.7g of syrian rue+2g of acacia confusa bark)This experience gave me with a lot to integrate, but overall I'm left with a new sense of clarity and balance. The one who was not a drug user but was probably the most intelligent and most medically knowledgeable said that it was not. General Question So for some background, I have had 5 LSD trips (110ug each time) a five gram shroom trip, one 20mg 2-cb trip, and >10 sub breakthrough dmt trips, along with 2 breakthroughs. The cannabis certainly helped with the anxiety, but having to stop for drug tests and getting in trouble with the law and the school really did not help. I had only started smoking cannabis 3-4 months before this experience. Syrian rue expelled at 22:55. In front of me was a bowl full of around 40 - 50 capsules. MAOI’s that we serve may include Syrian Rue, Passion Flower Vine tea, Golden Milk, Cacao, and Caapi. Press J to jump to the feed. I have continued to have amazing success with one table spoon of syrian rue washed down with water, waiting a bit and then do the same with a tablespoon of acacia confusa … Watch Queue Queue Drank them with orange juice. You will feel slightly drunk/intoxicated when the seeds start to work. (capsule) BODY WEIGHT: 135 lb. About 30 more minutes later, a few more gulps of the acacia tea were ingested. I'm brewing a 2.5g rue to 2g Acacia confusa today. I sat down for a few seconds and, in attempt to seem like I was okay, asked some people what they were doing. It was very dreamlike. Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual (unnoticeable) amounts of a psychedelic substance. These effects are almost gone, 3 months later, although I doubt I can ever truly come to terms with my death (and I think most people can not). Sie ist in Südostasien, auf den Philippinen, auf Taiwan und in Südchina heimisch, gilt in manchen tropischen Gebieten des Pazifiks, insbesondere auf Hawaii als invasive Pflanze und wird unter anderem als Färber-und Arzneipflanze verwendet. First Syrian Rue and Acacia confusa experience: Syrian Rue: 3g Acacia confusa: 5g Lemon Balm Tea: 1g Preparation: Both Rue seeds and confusa root bark were simmered separately in distilled water with generous amounts of lemon juice. Entheonaut 13,631 views. He continuously made non-helpful remarks like "Oh I'm having so much fun" and then pretending to vomit. Amount taken: 1.5 glasses, 1 originally, .5 redosed 2 hours in . My thought patterns were looping very badly but I was slowly gaining more introspective insight. Not ground up just like bits and parts of the root bark ya know. The second part is extracted freebase DMT. Homemade Ayahuasca made with Syrian Rue and Acacia Confusa root bark?