of 13-13-13 fertilizer, then side dressed with 6 additional ounces (177.5 mL.) Just peel and quarter your cucumbers and cut out its entire seed cavity. They have thin skins, minimal soft seeds, and are flavorful. The leaves are green and I have many blossoms and small cucumbers on my plants. No other cucumbers ever grew on my plant, or at least they didn’t make it past about an inch in length if they did. Cucumbers thrive in neutral or slightly alkaline soil with a pH of 7.0, so check your soil before planting. They get watered evenly and all that, but normally, even un-even watering doesn't do quite this. Lemon cucumbers are tasty raw and look positively lovely in salads, but they make delicious pickles too. My cucumbers appear very healthy. However the cucumbers get 1/2 inch to 1 inch long and start to rot. Some are green, but two are big and fat and round and yellow. Having had my fair share of failed vegetable gardening I consider myself somewhat a pro when it comes to fixing these types of problems. Why Do Cucumber Leaves Turn Yellow? What Causes Yellow Cucumbers. Moreover, blossom end can twist or curl producing cucumbers that are short and fat. As cukes get older, the chlorophyll responsible for their usually green color begins to fade, revealing the yellow pigment beneath — just like green leaves that change to red, orange or yellow in fall. I've been gardening for years, but this one stumped me. I’m going to focus on cucumbers specifically for this article. Unfortunately, if the cucumber has turned yellow, you’ll need to dispose of it. I'd never seen that before. My cucumbers look like a gourd, long an thin on one end, and big fat and roundish on the other end. Cucumbers have a very high water content, very few calories, lots of fiber, and a whole range of vitamins and minerals. The most common reason for cucumbers turning yellow is that they’ve been allowed to ripen on the vine. ages ago seeds n plants bloke says: Many ordinary cucumbers mature to that colour. I have cut back some of the leaves for better air circulation and removed the spoiled cucumbers plus removeds some of the cucumbers growing in clumps. Cucumber leaves can turn yellow for various reasons. NYC is not a nightmare , a nightmare is faster. We have three cucumber plants in my garden. When you talk about overripe cucumbers, yellow, or orange cucumbers, you are talking about the ones that are bitter I presume. Female flowers have tiny cucumbers at the base and the fruit comes from the bright yellow flower. every two three weeks once the vines start to run. For instance, you can use overgrown cucumbers for recipes that call for chopped and/or shredded cucumber. Lemon cucumbers are sweet, without the bitter edge that most cucumbers have. Cucumbers are short & fat ??? What’s going on here? The end attached to the plant is long and then and the other end is the roundish end. When female flower lacks pollen, cucumber swells at the stem and fruit doesn’t grow to a full length. The Old Farmer’s Almanac also recommends mixing in … Prior to planting, each cucumber plant should be provided with about 6 ounces (177.5 mL.) They grew fine at first, but eventually, the cucumbers grew into round balls, more of an oval shape. They can be used for creating gazpacho, tzatziki sauce, or a cucumber-yogurt soup! Not all of them do this, but most are that way now and more and more start to do that. All my previous cucumbers where good why is my latest cucumber growing regular size in diameter and short in length it looks like only 2-3 inches long it looks like a jalapeno that its diameter is the size of a cucumber!? Fri Sep 02, 2011 9:05 pm. A good time to start saving seeds from them but too late to eat a decent cucumber. Yellow, round, the size of a generous fist, these cucumbers look like lemons, which explains their name. … Poor Nutrition: Cucumbers are heavy feeders and require a significant amount of nutrition to fruit properly. The first issue we need to clear out is why it happens.